Newark Tractor Show 2007 - Review

I thought I'd share my thoughts and inspiration from the Newark show. If you have any comments or can add anything to the background of the pictures please get in touch


The weather was good on Saturday 10th November 2007 I had got there early.

This was the scene with all the auction items set out for the sale at 11:00. There didn't seem to be a lot I knew there would be a loads of people and prices would be high. I was right.

One item that caught my eye was this ferguson one furrow reversible butterfly plough. It reached £350 in the bidding but didn't reach its reserve. I have seen advertised in this months Tractor and Machinery the same item (maybe not as good a paint job for less than £150. Still a lovely item to look at and in very complete condition.


I came across this next item on a 2 furrow plough. I've never seen another disc like it before. I'd love someone to email me and tell me more about why its the shape it is and what it was used for.

And also I got a picture from above.


Moving inside the first thing I came across was the tractor reassembly challenge. I have no idea what the record is to put this back together but I wish all my restoration efforts where as quick. Do they start it up and drive it round when its finished? I didn't stay around long enough to find out.


The paint man
Wondering around I then found Alan Davies who I fist met at the Malvern show some years ago. I think he is one of the hardest working people at the show. I wonder how many times he gets ask the same questions. I see from the program he is currently making a DVD in conjunction with Old Pond Publishing, Available next Summer. It will be on my list of Items to purchase in the coming year. Its also nice to see he has got sponsorship from Vapormatic and Tractor magazine, he deserves it, and the finished product, well, spectacular.

And here is one of the wheels he has worked on. This shows the process of taking a shot blasted wheel centre and transforming it into the finish you can see your face in on the right.

I asked Alan how long it would take to get a wheel looking like that he said about 8 hours. He uses an orbital sander which sands in 2 directions at the same time. he said this was the best thing to get. I've seen an electric one on the screwfix website and think I'm going to get one. it's going to come in handy for the ferguson centres I have.

Number Plate Holder, Plough Lamp Bracket
You will know if you reading my website on a regular basis I have an obsession with the Lucas lighting kit supplied as an extra for the ferguson tractor. I've got some pictures at Newark for reference. i think the example below is an original.

This looks a very original item a couple of things to note.Iit has the rubber plug for the trailer. I have found a copy of these now from a company selling through ebay once I've got one I'll right a report on it. The flange the plug is mounted on is straight and not at an angle of 30 degrees. also there are no holes in it for screws. But apart from that my copy is near perfect.


I also checked the plough lamp bracket that fits on top of the right wing. The plough lamp looks great in position. I notice a second hole must be drilled through the skin and the frame.

Very Original Favourite
Possibly my favourite tractor at the event was this very original TEF-20 with optional Smiths speedo and hour counter. It just looks the part with the sack on the seat. Shame the mudguards have been replaced.

Here is the owners info on the tractor. No your eyes are ok it is a little blurry.


This seems Like a fantastic Idea to get a lifting /towing eye fitted to the front of my tractor. Its easy on the Back you just use the 9 hole drawbar. This might come in handy if your tractor needed to be towed or you need to tow something backwards.


This next couple of pictures has nothing to do with TE20's It was on a MF90 A huge tractor.

I thought this was a great piece of design. With the cover down the lights act as rear Red lights whilst driving on the read. But with the cover up the lights are white and could be used for ploughing as night or just seeing what you are doing around the back of the tractor at night.


I wonder what stories this chair could tell? It lloks so much more comfey than a Ferguson seat. It was on a DB crawler. It looks like an arm chair.


I Moved into the George Stephenson Pavillion. This area contained all the concourse tractors and the Ferguson Club stand. It was very popular and nice and warm. There where all makes represented in this building.


The first tractor to take my eye was a ferguson with some great modifications, Equal wheels, front mounted fram oh yes and a Whitlock Dinkum digger fitted to the rear. Not much of a turning circle with those hugh front wheels.


Pictures now of some other fine examples.

Look at the finish on that bonnet. I love the stick on clip to attach the number, a nice finishing touch.


A bit out of focus but I've never seen a high clearance 35 before.


Not a ferguson But what a machine not 2 but 3 tractors in one.


I think this is a nice touch, producing the history of the tractor on a board with graphics to represent the look of a ferguson tractor serial number badge

I didn't realise all these items where supplied with a new Ferguson. Checking with the parts manual It all seems to be in order.

I presume this item sets the tappet gap and on the spark ignition engin the rotor arm gap.

The final set of pictures from me is this again original un restored Industrial version of a TE20 with cab, front spring loeaded bumper and front and rear mudguards.