Transport Box

This page is dedicated to the restoration of a Transport box I picked up for free. also known as a Link Box


Transport box Information to find
Sheet, thickness - 1/8", shape angle of sides, radius at base
Frame members, profile shape , length, radius, spacing
Top angle section, lengths, end detail profile section
Front, bracket shape, bracket position, catch detail , front plate thickness & size
Name plate, position, style, shape, Ferguson number
Back Door, Fabricate, catches, - now have sizes
Rivets or weld? - seems as though the early ones where riveted, later ones welded


Hi tim,
firstly well done on a great and informative web site.
when I'm looking for real world info its now one of the first places I head.
I have a tvo version, best described as in working condition as it certainly isn't show condition.
We use to top the paddock, pull out roots, and generally move stuff about the place.

Right, on to the reason for this email, and my question.
I have recently purchased a linkbox off of ebay.
It is apparently an original and still has the name plate on the side, although I can't really read much off of it.

It doesn't however have the front latches, or even the brackets for them.
I asked the guy selling it, who seems to be pretty clued up. He said he'd seen a number without the catches and the farmer just use a loop of wire.

My question therefore is, any ideas if this was a modification, or only on later boxes ?
Also, do you have any idea if they are available anywhere, or possibly have a drawing for these parts ?
Also, were there any documents relating to this at all ?

Looking forward to your reply.

all the very best,
John Webster.

Hi John,

Thanks for the kind comments. I'd like to know what other sites are on your list to look at informative content.

First of all well done for getting hold of a transport box with a copper badge on. you'll probably find a bit of brasso and elbow grease will find some thing under all that grime!

There is only one kind of box to my knowledge that was produced, I can't imagine they made a second type with out the latches on.

I have also had to reproduce the front end of the box I picked up as it had rusted away. I have measured a couple of original transport boxes and come up with some dimensions. see below.

Finally there where a couple of documents about have a look at the FoFH archive section if you are a member where you can download a copy for your own pleasure.

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File


I see that one of the tractor parts suppliers if selling the latch arms but they just don't look 100% right. they also don't have a pin going through to stop you moving the latch to far over as the originals did! What ever you do don't put round springs in the holes at the end of the latch (as in the picture above) they just rotate out. You want to use the pear shaped clips.



Using the computer software at work I've been putting together a model of the Link box. I've used all the dimensions from the original box I have to construct the computer model. I now think I have all the dimension I need to construct a box, or in my case reconstruct a whole box from the few parts I have.

I prefer the second picture of the rusty one.


Transport Box info
I’ve been updating the link box page as I’ve been sent information/pictures about the barrow conversion from James, the barrow was part of the the Ferguson accessory range and converted the transport box into a Wheelbarrow. Phil at the is also reproding the barrow conversion.

I’d like to put together some drawings myself for people to have a go at making there own, It doesn’t look that difficult! A project for the new year.

[01/12/2010] WheelBarrow attachment for the link box.

I was having a read about your latest project - the link box. Attached some pictures I thought may be of interest of the link box I had with the rare wheel barrow attachment.
Kind regards


Close up pictures from Newark Tractor Show 2010


[19/10/2010] Helpful reader

A lot of my questions have been answered by this post from a reader.


From: Lee Bowers

I saw transport box page. In the USA there is a very good web site
that covers the Ford N tractors. They on occasion have Ferguson stuff,
this page shows dimensions for the transport box:
Myself, I have a TE-20 that we use on a very small 5 acre place. We
grow half in corn and run 4 steers to eat the corn. It's too much fun
working a 60 year old tractor. Thanks for the informative web site.


Thanks Lee, I've looked at the link and the dimensions seem close to the ones I took from the transport bocx I have. one of the later link on the same page is a bit suspect and the dimensions don't seen right. I think it even says "like a ferguson box" so isn't actually giving dimension for a real one.


Reference pictures.

The frame is in good condition but the sheet has a lot of holes and need removing and replacing.

Well this is the start point for this page. This is the box as I picked it up.