This section of the website looks at the lighting aspect of the Ferguson tractor. This is a subject which fascinates me. I have gone to great lengths to try to get hold of factual information about the lights. I am mostly interested in parts for the cylops lighting system fitted to ferguson tractor whose parts are shown below. These consist of a single bonnet mounted headlight, two side lights on swing out arms, a bracket to attach the muberplate to and a bracket to attach a plough lamp to the right hand mudguard plus all the clips, brackets and wires to hold them in place. The kit was supplied by Joseph Lucas and was an optional extra. This kit was replaced in the early 1950's (Ministry otf Transport act 1st October 1952) with a version consisting of two headlights containing sidelights mounted on the side of the bonnet. So why am I particularly interested in this configuration? This is the lighting kit I believe was fitted to my tractor and I have the holes in the bonnet to prove it.

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Here is some general Information about the Lucas Lighting systems added to The Ferguson TE20 Tractor.
List of Lighting Items available
List of the two side lights with dip and main beam
List of three lights
List of single headlamp and side lights (Cyclops)

Wiring Diagram for Cyclops system -Ferguson manual
Positioning of side lights -Ferguson manual
Photo of side lights
Positioning of rear lights -Ferguson Manual

Information from the ferguson service manual concerning assembling these items can be downloaded below

Section H Lighting System

Where to buy items for the Lucas Lighting System (Cyclops)

Number Plate Bracket

This can be purchase from me buy here
Look around for an original on eBay. From £70

Rear Number Plate Light
Mounted at the base of the number plate bracket. This is the same as an Austin 7 rear number plate light. It can be bought from Classic automotive suppliers.
item: 500

Look out for an original on eBay

Rear Number Plate Change Over Switch

Mounted on the top of the number plate bracket, and controls light to the number plate light or plough lamp. Its referred to as a dip switch Lucas model FS22-1

Movie of the switch working on my tractor.

Pough Lamp Bracket

Not currently available to purchase.

I have made some in the past but its difficult producing one at an economical cost.

If you would like to have a go at fabricating your own plough lamp bracket you can download a template here. Once downloaded you should print it out on an A4 printer FULL SIZE don't scale the image. There are a couple of dimensions on the drawing to check for scale.

Plough Lamp Bracket Template


A lovely original example of the bracket with original lamp. I especially like the way the cable is run through the copper tubing.


Fold out side light arms

I bought an original set from eBay. I have seen that Patrick at is selling a reproduction pair. In the two lower photos you can see the arm folded out then folded in. The arms where able to fold in so the high lift loader if fitted wouldn't chop them off as it reased and lowered.

My arms where supplied without the lights on the end of them.

Side Lights (2 needed)

These fit on the end of the fold out arms. They are still available brand new boxed, but there not cheap roughly £40 each light!

Search For: Lucas number LD109

Search Sparex

Front Single Headlight

Search For: Lucas number FT57

Bulb For Lucas FT57

Bulb for above Bosch BA20S

Front Single Headlight(reproduction)

Bonnet Casting

This casting is used to attach the single front headlight to the bonnet.

a copy is available
Original Search eBay

Information about the light switch for the lighting.
Search for Lucas PPG1

Information about the screws needed to secure the swing out side arms.

I have had these clips made after seeing them advertised on the Holland Brand Website. They are to hold the wire in place as it gets routed around the tractor. Jeff at Holland Brand has made a jig and can quiclky turn round an order for some. You can also pick which type you'd like as they came in deferent configerations.

Holland Brand Workshops website

Lighting Wiring loom Front Section.
I've spent quite a lot of time recently trying to reproduce the wiring loom that came as part of the Joseph Lucas lighting kit. With the side lights I purchased I have one length of original wire which I have measured. I have then compared this against the wire in this picture.

I have then with the aid of a bit of string made a wire harness to test on the tractor.

This shows one example of running the cable through copper tube. It looks like 10mm heating tube to me.

Some examples of the lighting kit on a tractor.