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Ferguson FE35

Great pictures of a restored FE35.

These are more for reference than anything else. They show the differences between the TEF-20 and the FE35. Bonnet, Engine, hydraulics, seat, gearbox two break peddles.<

It also shows the item that are the same, Wheels, front axle, battery box, link arms, wings.

[21/05/07]News update on this subject from René ( a fellow FoFH Member)

Hello Tim,
With regards to the FE35, there is not one 12V battery on one of those !. There are two six volt ones on it, the second one is found here :

You can just see it there, they are connected in series to give 12 V just like the TEF.
With regards to the differences, the engine is quite similar to the TEF engine. The bare engine block differs only in the bore size ,the timing case and the extra injector pump drive unit. The sump is the same, even the rocker cover is the same apart from the decompression bit. Same starter would fit, same exhaust manifold and almost the same intake manifold. Also the same brakes and same front axle bits (except for the support). Also same wheels and fenders. not to mention the footpegs !. There are of course differences to. The gearbox, dual clutch, hydraulics,pto size, length, weight, steering, more power and a better seat(not counting the basic spec models)
Hope this helps,


René de Bruin.

The famous gold belly! This one looks in great condition. I like the idea of the footplates. There is only one 12volt battery with Lucas cover.