Restoring An Old Ferguson Tractor (Diesel) TE-F 20


Tractor Jack (My first Ferguson accessory)

I couldn't resist this Ferguson tractor jack I saw on eBay I paid 20 and it needs a lot of work. The main think is it still has the copper ferguson plate attached.


This is what is should look like when its restored.
(its the red item under the tractor. It allows the  tractors wheels to be changed)


Restoration Notes


The back wheels of the tractor need sandblasting and spray painting. But thats another story altogether (see the download page and the question on paining the wheels)  a good way of getting the wheels off would be to restore the tractor jack. Once restored I can use it to lift the back of the tractor off the floor and remove the wheels. From the pictures above the main supporting steel has been bent or broken. It is my intension to cut the frame and replace the two damaged sections with new pieces of steel. I can use for the steel.


Other Links

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