* TEF-20 Torque settings

Posted on November 4th, 2008 by ploughmyfield.


These are the major torque settings for the Ferguson TE-F 20 Diesel.

There are not a lot of torque settings, so for the other bolts the second part of this table is useful as it gives general torque setting for the smaller bolts

12/12/2008 – Updated list with more settings

Torque Settings TE-F20 Engine
Main Bearing Housing 5/16 Allen Key 25-30 Ib. Ft. (3.5 – 4.1 Kg. M.)
Centre Bearing in Housing 39 – 42 Ib. Ft. (5.4 – 5.8 Kg. M
Back End oil Seal Cover 15 Ib. Ft. Minimum
Piston Big Ends 65 -70Ib. Ft. (9.0 -9.7 Kg. M.)
Head Bolts (in Order) 75-80 Ib. Ft.(10.4-11 Kg. M)
Front Bearing Oil pump housing 16-18 Ib Ft. (2.2-2.5 Kg. M.)
Injector nuts 12-14 Ib Ft. (1.6 -1.9 Kg. M.)
Oil Pump Attachment 16-18 lb Ft (2.2-2.5Kg. M.)
Cylinder Head Nuts 75-80 Ib Ft (10.4-11.1Kg. M.)
Clutch Fixing Screws 26-28 Ib Ft (3.5-4.1 Kg. M.)
Flywheel Set Screws 90-100 Ib Ft (12.4-13.8 Kg.)
General (if no other Available)
1/4″ 6-9 lb. Ft.
5/16″ UNC 12-18 Ib. Ft.
5/16″ UNF 14-20 lb. Ft.
3/8″ UNC 22-32 lb. Ft.
3/8″ UNF 27-36 lb. Ft.
7/16″ UNC 40-55lb. Ft.
7/16″ UNF 40-60 lb. Ft.
1/2″ UNC 55-80 lb. Ft.
Clutch plate For Diesel
Borg and Beck Plate C.G.14322

comment from Jón (FOFH forum member)
In the Massey Ferguson TE-20 Service Manual. Engine section page C.1 says: “Screw threads should always be lubricated before tightening” i.e wet torque.

comment from Elevensixteenths (FOFH forum member)
Going on from what Jón correctly said about wet torque, it’s wise not to fill the head stud bolt holes (or any other stud hole) with oil lest, on tightening, a hydraulic lock occures which can split a casting. I mention this just in case an inexperienced reader tries the ‘flood it’ wet torque method.

5 Responses to “TEF-20 Torque settings”

  1. declan hayes Says:

    what setting will i set the tappets on a tef 20c diesel 1952

  2. Badgo Says:

    What torque should the back and front wheelnuts be set to?

  3. ploughmyfield Says:

    For any bolts that haven’t got a specific torque use the general recommended settings at the end of the article.
    i.e. front wheel nuts are 7/16″ UNF 40-60 lb. Ft back wheel nuts are 5/8″ UNF 60-90 lb. Ft.

  4. Rohan Says:

    What is the minimum torque required for ploughing

  5. Thomas Says:

    What torque would be suitable for the manifold nuts on a ferguson Ted 20

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