Restoring An Old Ferguson Tractor (Diesel) TE-F 20


The Ferguson Spanner

I've had a Ferguson spanner as a birthday present. I couldn't work out what I was going to do with just one spanner. Its only after watching the Ferguson on the farm DVD's that I realised HOW useful the spanner is. I've up to now been mostly working on the tractors Diesel engine. This has all number of different size nuts and bolts UNC UNF.  Its only today after trying the spanner that you can see that most of the other nuts around the tractor can all be adjusted with the one spanner as the pictures below will show.

The spanner can be used as a fuel level indicator. By dipping the spanner into the tank and then pulling it out the level is shown on the spanner.


Then when you pull it out the inch measures on the spanner indicate roughly gallons of fuel left. in this case 2 1/2 inches = 2.5 Gallons left.

Next the wheel nuts can be tightened and undone using the spanner. both front and back.






Next to the back end of the tractor. and the start with the PTO cover.

And to the front of the tractor.


I was looking at your article on the fergie spanner which is very good , there are many uses for it, one is if you remove the pto cover with the spanner of (course) and put the large end of spanner over the pto splines (Standard 1-1/8" shaft),it should be a neat fit unless the shaft is worn, then put pto out of gear and put hydraulic lever up and rock the spanner from one side to the other without taking it off the shaft your arms will raise (rather quickly too) ,its handy for lifting without starting tractor or if it needs a tow when your plough is in the ground. Another use for the great fergie spanner ,Try it till you see

Colin Taylor


Here is a great link from George Radion at It has information on Ferguson spanners and original equipment supplied with your tractor including the tool box. Thanks George. Great website very clear, very informative.