MF 702 progress

June 28th, 2015

On Friday I ordered what seemed like an unbelievable amount of steel to make the framework up of the transporter I purchased a while ago. The main pieces are away being shot blasted and I can’t wait for them to come back so I can start assembling the box.

Box Frame Info

A copy of the image above as a PDF: Box Frame Info

It took a lot of working out as to how much steel I needed. I’ am having the supplied 6 metre lengths of steel cut into more manageable 2 metre lengths. The spread sheet on the bottom left corner of the drawing is my working out  to tells me what pieces I will get cut from the different lengths and ultimately how many pieces I needed.

I last couple of items to sort out now are the spring that holds the hook in place to stop the box tipping. I have a section of spring I now need to find a company to make it.


and some laser cut parts.





June 23rd, 2015


I got back from a friend on Friday some 10 U-bolts and 20 Ferguson 5/8″ UNF nuts he had blasted for me. My daughter took them out of the box and placed them on the table. I thought she had made a lovely pattern.

But what this does mean is the spring tine cultivator, 9S-KE-20, is nearly finished. I worked out the other day that the 9S-KE-20 has a width of 86″ and a 9-KE-20 has a width of 94″. I know the 8K-KE-20 also had an “S” model with the same measurements so I wonder how many other implements did? Both these implements use the standard Ferguson tool frame used by the ridged and others. Anyone got an “S” on their Ferguson brass information plate?



3rd Annual Road Run

June 9th, 2015


Words By Tim Ray, Picture by all that attended.

Sunday just gone saw the third annual road run for out local tractor club, with me as the organiser. Its not a well publicised mega event just a gathering of 10-15 mostly ferguson TE-20 tractors to have a wonder around the backroads of north east Sheffield with a stop for lunch before home again. Our start point Is The Royal Hotel in Dungworth. This year I’d worked out the night before a route of about 35ish miles on quiet roads with a few sections crossing major roads. Out destination The Barrel Pub at Bretton for a bite to eat and liquid refreshment. Below is an account of the day in pictures and words. I think I’m working my self up to writing an article for the Ferguson Club magazine on how or how not to organise a road run!

We gathered at 10 am at the Royal and I’d had one or two phone calls from people the day before “is it still on”  so I know it wasn’t just going to be me on my own for the day. Ten tractors in all arrived mostly TE-20’s Petrol, TVO and Diesels, an FE35 Diesel and a couple of MF35 Diesels.




Thinks were going well the pace was nice and relaxed and after about half an hour we passed The strikes Inn, I momentary lapse in concentration on my part ended up with me crashing to avoid a collision with a car, My fault entirely. So at this point I thought my Road run was over. The tractor was undriveable and I wondered how I was going to get it home.  Well this is when the Ferguson spirit really jumped into life as everyone wondered how the damage could be repaired suitably to allow me to continue.



you can see below just how bent the radius arm is. It shouldn’t look like a banana.



Someone lived close by and had a spare and we jumped up and down on the tie rod until it looked straightish. Then we wound the track rod ends in to there minimum. So after a 20 minute impromptu stop I, we were off again.


Mind you it wasn’t a bad place to stop and get refreshments and chat.






So off again and all was going well.


Now it’s at this point I should own up and say I had only looked at the route on google maps and it seemed alright. It did get to one point when we had to do a bit of off roading and I hadn’t pre arranged permission for us to use the access path. Luckily either none noticed or we got away with it or they didn’t mind.




At this point we all turned off our engines to let a group of pony trekkers past. After they had passed one of the tractors didn’t start again! It was decided that as the lunch stop wasn’t that far away and mostly up hill we would toe the tractor and see if we could get it going after lunch.

And so we arrived a little later tan planned (about an hour) at the pub and there was a lovely flat grassy overflow car park we lined the tractor up on for a photo opportunity.











The weather was particularly kind to us and lunch was wonderful with something cool to wash it down.

So to the task in hand a none starting diesel tractor. it was turning over but Most people thought it was a fuel starvation issue. again team ferguson to the rescue and many things were tried but unfortunately we did not fix it so one member volunteered to to the tractor all the way back, Thank you F.



I was told that once home to one of the members house and the filters changed and the fuel lines blown through the tractor started and the driver continued home under his own power.


I just want to finish by saying what a great day out it was and a joy to be out on such a wonderful day driving abound the back roads on a Ferguson Tractor. Thanks to all that helped.




Newby Hall – Tractor Fest 2015

June 9th, 2015

I have over 100 photos of the day so I’ve added them to my Flickr site.

Number Plate Modification

June 2nd, 2015

Until now I thought that modifications to the Lucas rear number plate bracket of a TE20 were done on an ad hoc basis. The photo below would prove otherwise. The picture comes from the Ferguson disk plough instruction manual and shows the rear of the tractor. It shows an extra part to the bracket allowing the rear light and number plate light to shine down instead of up. It also looks that the number plate itself has been moved up relative to the supporting bracket on the side of the mudguard.

I have noticed through my own and other peoples experience that if the light was attached below the number plate as is recommended ( the hole can be seen in the photograph) then the mower and other implements hit the reflector as they are raised to the transport position.

So does anyone have any more info or images of what the bracket modification looks like, was it an extra piece of sheet metal or a modification to the existing number plate section?

your thoughts please, better still do you have any pictures?

Until I have a definitive answer on what a bracket should look like I’ve made my own (see the images below). you can also download a copy of the drawings from the link so you can make your own if required. let me know if you make one and send me in a picture. I’ll be posting pictures of mine once it has been laser cut, painted and fitted.



Above showing the assembled number plate bracket



Above showing an exploded view of the new bracket



above A flat pattern template of the new bracket



Above dimensions of the new bracket


Download a PDF of the bracket here: TOP LIGHT BRACKET

[update 07/09/2016]

I’ve been asked for a dxf file of the part so it can be cut out with a laser or plasma. So here you are. I made the original from 3mm steel but I think that is to much. As MKII, I would use 2mm or even 1.5mm.

Download a DXF of the bracket here: TOP LIGHT BRACKET DXF (ZIP)


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A-TE-F93 Hours Meter

May 8th, 2015

Hi All,
In anticipation of a delivery I am looking out for I thought I’d start this article.

I am hoping for a delivery of item 1 from the picture above. A part I’ve been trying to get hold of for nearly 10 years.  The items above make up the combined hours and RPM (in top gear) item A-TE-F93 (“F” = Diesel model, A-TE-F93 = R.P.M, A-TE-F95 = K.P.H.) from the Ferguson accessory range. I’m now on the hunt for items 2-11.

I think I have enough information to make item 2 the bracket that holds the gauge onto the steering column on the tractor.

With the right information I’m sure I can make items 5 and 6.

Does any one have for sale the parts that attaches to the dynamo, this consist of items 7-13? it looks like the picture below when connected to the tractor.


If you have a diesel tractor I’m also looking for the ring item 14 that attaches to the dynamo pulley. you can see it also shown in the top diagram above. if your pulley has a ring not three veins on one side, that is the bit I’m after. I have since discovered from FoFH members that the outside diameter of the item 14 “PULLEY INDICATOR  DRIVE RING” is 2? I still don’t know the width but I’m assuming the same as the veins on the pulley?

Some of these items are available new from Agriline, References below.

Drive Assembly

Drive Bracket

Drive Cable

Mounting Bracket

I await your replies, Thanks

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Newark Inspiration

November 11th, 2014


This was the view as I entered The FoFH tent at this years Newark Vintage event 2014.

It’s amazing what a little visit to a great tractor event can have. Top of the list for this year was a shopping list of things to get. Buying them here saves on the Postage and helps pay for the ticket. I also pre ordered a couple of items to guarantee they would be in stock.

So from the photo below the Cat 1 linkage pins were on the list. I had no Idea I would find a track rod end in the sort out on Sunday. A keen eyed friend spotted the original Transporter instruction book on one of the manual stands, that was a real bonus. I also collected 5litres of SAE40 oil as a top up for the back end of the hydraulics.



It was great to see so many familiar faces and have a good chat. I can see why the group from Ireland come over in a mini bus and stay for the 2 days. I think it went back twice as heavy as when it arrived. How did Sam get those 2 MF65 bonnets back with him?

below I’ve added some photo’s that interested me, Everyone has there own take on what is interesting.

I didn’t pick up a program but can anyone please tell me who was the owner of tractor 200 and does anyone have any contact details for them. Its not the 135 I’m interested in but more importantly the implement behind the tractor..


Behind the 135 was a very original looking transporter.

I’d love to get some pictures of the underneath of the box if at all possible.




and yes I know its been far to long since my last post. sometimes life just gets in the way of the things you would rather be doing.


T-JE-21 (MF 702), Ferguson Transporter, Update1

August 15th, 2014

Fresh from my Link box restoration I’m keen to get started on the bigger Transporter whilst I’m willing. Tonight I’ve spent a couple of hours cutting away the rust to get back to metal that will be useful and I can use as a basis for welding new material onto.


I think I’ have a lot more cutting to go until I get to a point I can start adding new material.


Look at the pile of rust on the floor as I started hitting the metal with a hammer. The big task of the evening was to remove the rotten tube that runs all the way along the base of the implement. Secondly separate the box from the tipping section. I have now achieved that. Still lots of rubbish to remove before I can get the whole thing sent to the shot blasters. I am very happy with the progress so far though.

DSCN0029 DSCN0025 DSCN0026 DSCN0027 DSCN0028


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A-TE-109A, Wheel Girdles 11″ with Lugs

August 15th, 2014

Apart from exhibiting my tractor at a show, something I have never done, I have no Idea when these Ferguson Wheel Girdles will ever come in useful. I wonder what they are like in the snow?

I bought them from the great Auction site as they where going for a song. I did have to collect them from Norfolk some 4 hours drive away from Sheffield. So I coupled the collection with a visit to some friends who lived locally. More than anything its a tick on the list of another Ferguson accessory to add to the list. One slight problem these 11″ girdles are meant for 11×28″ types as fitted to MF35’s. I have the smaller 10×28″ tyres fitted to my TEF-20. Anyone have a 10″ set in as good a condition they would like to swap?

DSCN0019DSCN0020  DSCN0021

strangely included with the girdles where these two pieces of metal that the guy said came with them when he bought them. I wondered what they are for, Anyone know?

I thought at first they may be the tool to tighten up the girdles once in position on the tractor but the two bars don’t fit together.


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T-JE-A20 (MF 701) Link Box, Transport Box, finished

July 27th, 2014

I am so pleased with the results  of this project. It’s taken ages and in the end it took much longer than I ever imagines it would. Its like an Oscar speech, I have so many people to thank who have helped.DSC_6738 DSC_6742 DSC_6743

For thoughs not familiar with the Link box ( and I can’t imagine that is many of you) The implement connects to the two lower link arms and has nothing to do with the top link at all.


Two brackets then swing over the middle of the lower links and stop the box from swinging off the back. The brackets then have two clips which keep the brackets in place.


The final part of the jigsaw puzzle was a reproduction implement plate from Chris at Vintage Brass Plates. I didn’t know the serial number of my box but I knew the implement type, T-JE-A20. I recorded from the original box the position and size of the plate as all that was left of the original plate was the 4 rivet holes. I contacted Chris


Above the reproduction plate cupplied by Chris in the position the original plate was located.

Chris Let me know the details of a sitable plate “For a standard 4 rivet Ferguson implement plate the price is £30 The plate  includes adding implement type and serial number, if known. Rivets and postage and packing (within UK) are also included although a bag of 10 rivets can be purchased separatly for £3. Many customers may not know the serial number, but they nearly always want a model number adding. Regarding numbers, the numbers on the new plates are not stamped, but instead are etched into the plate when it is made. This allows me to match the style and size of numbers / lettering with those on the original plate I have more than 20 different styles of 4 hole implement plates on file. See some examples here. Most of them are brass but I have also seen a few originals made from aluminium

As everything is made to order, turn around in about 2 weeks. If you can send a picture of you existing plate I can match the new one to it.”

I ordered from Chris 4 plates in total. As you can see from the image below I have purchased two different styles, one with the original black background and one to try to make it look older without the black inlay.


I can’t imagine calling any Ferguson restoration complete without the addition of one of these plates. It’s just a shame I didn’t know the serial number of this implement.


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