Weekend Water Work

October 27th, 2008

Jim The owner writesCalled over to see Roy at the weekend and found him at a crucial point – filling up with water for the first time in ~12 years. A couple of drips from hose joints, but nothing to worry about. Brilliant!The new skins have arrived at work so I will make a start on these this week. Another thing I need to sort is the cowling between fan and radiator as there isn’t one. If we can’t pick one up which I doubt as they are like hen’s teeth, are there any drawings with measurements so we can fabricate one?RoyRoy Filling The radiatorRoy has also been working on the electrics getting the wires from the battery to the starterElectricsRouting of the electricsMore Elactrics

6 hours

October 24th, 2008

Hi all,
had a good 6 hours on the tractor today. The new shells are standard  with aprox 2 thou wear  on the crankshaft journals  with a little oil on assembley no play in the big end not bad for a 1950 tractor. Sump on, oil in the engine, bits needed so not tryng to start the tractor  yet. I also refitted  the half shaft and  brakes  today.  Dismantled the parts 3 times to get the end float sorted. Sorry Jim bought to many shims has Tim got hub end float? need to sort the offside brake out not working correctly,the new [2nd hand ] brake rod went on ok  thanks to Fergiland.

Still need a transmission drain plug may get one at the Newark show.  8/11/08.

Regards Roy.

Big End in placeBig End dismantledMain Bearing

I have been to Fergiland and old 20 today

October 23rd, 2008

Thanks for the picture of the control box in place on the TE-20 I can see on Jims in the same place as the photo that there is an fixed bracket with 2 holes so will fit there.

a list of parts.
Fergiland have a breather bolt plus a petrol pipe.
Rubber for bonnet top of instrument panel.
Rubber curved pipe from the end of the crankcase breather pipe to the air cleaner very short.
Brake rod plus a clevis pin.
Sump gasket.
Battery leads to switch and starter motor x2
5 gall sae 40 oil.
Transmision drain plug.
Half shaft stud plus 6 nuts and washers
Half shaft gaskets [2] plus metal distance shims [3] 30thou [ 2] 15 thou.
1 Set of big end shells plus 4 locking tabs.(I need to confirm but appear to be standard.)

Fergiland told me that best to ring and order then would be ready for collection. plus I could ring old20 and check what they have in stock.

New Parts

Brakes & Halfshafts

October 19th, 2008

First pic looking good reasemble of shaft and brakes.

2nd stiill good the brakes are dry but will still fit the seal.

3rd Bad news the shaft seized on a stud wont move leave until tommorow.

4th Try the big hammer at last off 1 new stud needed.

5 th On the bench.

6th Brake parts seized remove and clear.

7th Not my day a little pressure by hand on the brake lever and the rod snapped had to drill out the clevis pin.

8th Some bearing movement but maybe more shims will reduce this.

Getting On

October 16th, 2008

Hi All

Some good news the half shafts had leaked oil onto the brakes but originally it was a big job but with the tractor, there is a simple way as per photo

Half Shaft Seal

They slip over the shaft to stop oil getting out  as long as the bearing is pre oiled no problem. The next two pictures are a little out of focus. I will try to get some better shots. But I have been looking at the Oil pump

Oil Pump

I’ve also taken the sump off and had a look at the main bearings

Big End Bearing 

Regards Roy.

The Beginning

October 15th, 2008

Hi All
My name is Roy. I have agreed to try to get a friend of Tims TE-D20 running. looks better on the pic than it is  some work has been done. We pulled and  pushed  it up my steep drive in the rain but is now in. The picture doesn’t do justice to the steepness of the drive.

My Drive

Regards Roy.   


October 14th, 2008

Not much happening on the restoration front this weekend as I’ve been away running in the Lake District. Didn’t spot many tractors though.

I put together a drawing of what I think a clutch aligning tool would look like. I know that’s a bit early but I was visiting a company on Friday and thought there might be a chance of getting one made. I was wrong. I still have the drawing for when I need it.

Clutch aligning tool Picture

I’ve created the drawing as a PDF so you can download a copy and have a go at making one yourself. This is for the diesel engined tractor. I don’t know if the clutch is the same for other TE’s (I can’t see why it should be any differen? please let me know, send a comment)

Clutch Aligning Tool PDF


First Class Post

October 13th, 2008

With the site hits reaching the 30,000 mark its itme for a change. This post represents a new time for www.ploughmyfield.co.uk. Hopefully this new wordpress software that this has been written on will allow for greater interaction by you readers and easier administration my me the administrator. All the old stuff will still be available.

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