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March 15th, 2016

Knapp till hitch - justerad

Hello Tim!

Follows your site regularly.
Always fun when something new pops up.

Read that an A-TE-A90 Pick Up Hitch – will be added.

Therefore I wish to tell you that I have made new buttons to this implement.

See attached pictures. The new button can be seen next to an original button.



knob2 knob3

Please spread this, please let me know if you are in need of replacement button,
often disappeared from the implement.

Best regards form a Swedish Ferguson fan

Leif Skymberg
Spånga 224
655 94  KARLSTAD

I have no more details I’m afraid. I don’t know the cost or the delivery cost.

Here is the email address of the seller please contact them directly

leif.skymberg(at symbol)thorens-elc.se

New Tools available

March 15th, 2016

I always love hearing about people remaking old Ferguson tools and parts and here is another example.

BPE_Parts1_1 BPE_Parts2_2 BPE_Parts33 BPE_Parts44

May I introduce the handle to adjust the injection pump at the TEF.
(OEM F.T.B.32)
It will be shortly available in UK from, Silverfox Tractor Spares will sell it soon. He is my priority partner for UK and very good Friend.

You will find at his Shop:

  • The Ki-Gas repair kit,
  • The Ki-Gas Pump Gland Nut Rope Seal,
  • The TEF20 Diesel Starting Handle,
  • The Seals for the Banana Loader,
  • The TEF Starter Switch Mounting Nut,
  • The TEF Diesel Reserve/Auxiliary Tank Pipe Extension,
  • The TEF Front Crankshaft Bolt / Starting Handle Dog

Best Regards

Peter Hilje


If the quality is as good as the starting handle it will be an excellent product.

Birthday Brilliance

February 23rd, 2016

Ferguson transporter and ferguson mounted disks.

Ferguson transporter and Ferguson mounted disks. Stacked to save space

So it’s your birthday and you get asked “what would you like to do for your birthday?” There really is only one answer, especially when I looked at the website and realised how long it’s been since I last pasted anything.

Its not that I haven’t been doing Ferguson related things, it’s just I haven’t been writing about them. There just seems to be a lack of time available to do everything.

I have bought myself a birthday present, well two actually. I’ve been on the look out for a set of Ferguson disks for ages and I noticed this pair on eBay some months back. Apart from the Ferguson badge you can tell they are Ferguson disks as the weight tray (item 1, below) is bolted on in front of the implement not on top of the frame (item 4, below,) as is the later Massey Ferguson 722 set.

Inset the Ferguson weight frame. Welded to the front of the main frame the Massey Ferguson weight frame (not present on the earlier Ferguson disks.

Inset the Ferguson weight frame That is bolted to the frame. Welded to the front of the main frame the Massey Ferguson weight frame (not present on the earlier Ferguson disks.


They need some work, and some spare parts but at the price I got them I’ll enjoy hunting out the parts and getting it working again. So if you know of anyone breaking a set of 6ft Ferguson or Massey Ferguson disks (the parts are interchangeable) then please get in touch. Massey Ferguson made a 5ft and 7ft set.

From the same seller on eBay he had up for sale a Ferguson transporter. I’ve already embarked on restoring one of these implements buts I needed to get the disks shipped to me I thought it wouldn’t cost any more to add the transporter to the shipping. Initially I was buying it for the frame that connects to the tractor as it looked in better condition than the one I currently have. I was the only bidder so I managed to secure both items. They arrived in early January. I put them away and haven’t had time to look at them until now.

To save space I dropped the transporter on top of the disks to move them around. Wow the hydraulics on the tractor just about lifts the two and the front wheels without weights bob up and down a bit. But I’m only moving slowly around the yard.

And so to my birthday, I separated the two implements and had chance to really look at the two to survey what I’d bought and what needed doing.




Exploded diagram of one of the disk sections

Exploded diagram of one of the disk sections

The main things to replace or  fix with the disks are the disks themselves (Item 13, above) about 4 are damaged beyond repair. the shaft (item 11, above) is also bent on one of them and on the front two the scraper rail and scrapers is missing (items 1-4 & 21 above).


I don’t know why but the Disks look a “proper” implement to be pulling behind a Ferguson. I’m sure I’ll get loads of comments about how rbbish they were or how rubbish the tractor was pulling them. but at a show they look magic.

MF702 Transporter

Below is a picture of the transporter as it arrived. Its in good condition and won’t take much to get working again. Apart from shot blasting and replacing the sheet metal floor the only major thing wrong with it is the round tube that runs the length of the implement. It is badly corroded is its normally the first thing to get left in the mud to rot.


In the picture below I’ve but away the tube from the main frame. I can now get in with the angle grinder and prep the remaining sections ready to weld in a new tube. I’ll manufacture new brackets to hold the frame as the originals have warn a bit thin and the holes for the pins have become elongated.


Previous transporter articles:

MF702 Progress

MF702 Progress II

MF702 Progress III

MF702 Massey Ferguson transporter

MF702 Massey Ferguson Transporter Update1

Transporter Order of things

  • Prepare for tube, cut out + grind out old Material
  • Measure existing brackets (4 to check)
  • Make 4x new brackets – Matt
  • Cut out old base and back sheet, document before hand
  • Create new sheet, one piece, weld in place
  • tidy up bottom rails – decision can they be reused?
  • Attach new brackets underneath, 2 either side
  • Create new cross members if needed underside, potentially 4
  • Create new handle
  • shot blast
  • Create sides and back


A-TE-118 Ferguson Reduction Gearbox

November 18th, 2015

Parts Needed

This is a real long shot but I’m looking for parts for a ferguson Reduction gearbox, can you help.

please get in touch. Take a look at the picture above. I’m looking for the items in the circles.


11, ATE 19675, DRIVE SHAFT

12, ATE 19670, COUPLING

13, ATE 19696, BOLT




58, ATE19636, BEARING

Ferguson Spanners, Other

October 11th, 2015

Everyone knows what a ferguson spanner is, you’ll find pages on this site written about them but… There are other spanners needed with some of the ferguson implements. I’m not sure if this should be a post or a page. My intention is too document these spanners here.


The above spanner is needed for the Low and Medium volume sprayers. The small end is used to adjust/ remove the spray nozzles.


The above spanner is from the MK1 trailer



What other spanners are available?

Norton Plough Match 2015

October 11th, 2015

As I post this we are in the middle of ploughing competition season. Norton Plough match is probably my most local match. I can get to it by driving my tractor, which is good as I don’t have a trailer. This local event got better a couple of years when they introduced a Ferguson class (TE20 tractor and ferguson 2 furrow plough)

The date: Saturday 17th October, Sheffield

download the application for here. Class 5 is the ferguson class.


A-TE-F93 Hours Meter III

August 5th, 2015


The final piece of the jigsaw puzzle has arrived. I’ve cleaned a layer of mud off it and the grey paint underneath is looks good. I won’t do anything with it now other than ad some grease. I’ve had to find a bolt to hold the ring onto the dynamo and an o-ring to go round the wheel.

It looks fantastic and the inclusion of an original spring still attached it a bonus. Looking at the fitting instructions it sits lower than I originally thought on or around the dynamo.

This project wouldn’t have been completed without help from Fred and his lathe. Thanks so much for making the ring for the pulley and fixing the pulley.

It was to late and dark last night to record a video and go out on the road and test it. I will be doing so at the weekend. Initial testing proves it works as I increase the throttle the dial increases to the corresponding number.


Below are some image of how the arm arrived before cleaning a fitting.

IMG_2399 IMG_2400 IMG_2402 IMG_2406 IMG_2407

I’ve had to improvise with the connecting bolt for now. It’s Metric!!! The cardinal sin for a Ferguson tractor owner. My intention is to replace it when I find out what it should be.


I still have to make a clip to hold the cable in position and away from the exhaust manifold.

Jobs to do

Make bracket to hold cable away from exhaust manifold

  • Tighten nut at the back of the arm (grease) it is very tight
  • Add grease to the nipple on the arm
  • Modify dynamo bracket to accommodate the band around the dynamo
  • Twist the arm slightly as it looks as though its been slightly bent in the past.
  • A bit more cleaning, to remove any remaining mud
  • Source correct bolt

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Lathe Required

August 5th, 2015


This is my new favourite website http://lathes.co.uk/ I’m looking for a Lathe to go in my new workshop so I can make more stuff.  Have you got an old Boxford, Colchester, Myford lathe you want to get rid of?


Fab Ferguson Photo

August 2nd, 2015


I had to share this idilic ferguson shot from the road run I organised at the start of June.

The award winning tractor belongs to Tim Chisell who is pretty good at restoring ferguson equipment and he’s also pretty handy with a welder.

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A-TE-F93 Hours Meter II

July 30th, 2015

Well it’s all coming together nicely. Tonight I’ve been in the garage finishing off the bracket that holds the hours meter onto the steering column. I couldn’t resist a trial fit. I also tried the routing of the cable and tested to see it would spin with the radius of the bends involved.

Below shows the view from the drivers seat, nice. I’ll have to remember the dial shows 2049 hours before it was fitted to my tractor.


A side view of the meter before the cable was fitted. The bracket holding it is almost invisible.

Now with the cable fitted

Link to a test video here

I’m anticipating the arival of the part that connects to the dynamo in the next couple of days. And I should be collecting the dynamo pulley with the 2″ diameter ring on at the weekend from a friend who has a lathe. So early next week I should be testing a working example. It’s only taken about 10 years to gather together.


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