Keith’s Tractor

March 2nd, 2011

Hi Tim,How are you? Good I hope!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been reading your page on the Ferguson Accessory range ,It is great!!!!!!!,I have picked up a few things since I was talking to you last,I have recently purchased a very very rare Weather Sheild Cab for my Ferguson TEF 20,I bought the cab before Christmas and got new rubbers around the windows for it,it still has the origional brass badge intact,I got a very very early type pick up hitch hook for the Ferguson (1947 type with no pins),I got a new tipping pipe and the hydraulic lock for the arms,I believe there is not too many hydraulic locks around either,if you are interested in the cab or the hydraulic lock I can send you a few pictures of them to show you,
Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keith McGrath

Your wish is my command Keith. I’m sure other readers to the site will be interested in your, Tractor, Cab, Hydraulic Lock pictures.* Thanks for sending them in. 

*Remember clicking on a picture will open it up full size in a larger window.

Front View 1

Front View 2

Back View

Hydraulic Lock

Bars, Stays and Top links

February 26th, 2011

Recently I purchased a couple of stabiliser bars to go with the stabiliser brackets I have also aquired. I bought them on eBay and in the same lot was a top link. I didn’t think much of it as from the picureand the description it didn’t look in great shape and I also already have a top link. Apart from the rack fitted at one end for use with some implements including the rear mounted mower there was a chain fitted to the other end.

Stabiliser Bars

I have been fascinated by the chain as it looks original. It stops you losing from the top link  the top link pin that connects to the implement and latch pin that goes through the pin to stop it coming out. by chaining them all to the top link. It uses a small metal bracket (details below) The bracket is chained to the link at one end with one of the 11/16″ coach bolts that also holds the two top Link sections together at the other end. 5 links along the chain splits into 2 and 3 links along the clevis pin is attached. 5 links in the other direction is the implement pin. Well I think it’s 5 links along as that bit was missing.

To Link Chain 

Chain Only

Chain Bracket Detail
1/8″ is a bit thick and it’s more like 0.1″. on the fold line the shape is bent up by 15 degrees or so.

I haven’t seen a complete chainassembly as an item you can purchase from the usual suppliers. It certainly would add that realistic finishing touch. I wonder if they were no good which is why they have all been lost or maybe they where too fragile?

I’m going to have a go at making a good copy and price it up as to how much it will cost as another item in the shop. Don’t hold your breath.

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TEF-20 Brakes

February 21st, 2011

It was my birthday on Saturday and so I was allowed a pass out for the day by my good lady wife to tinker with my tractor to my hearts content, unfortunatly the 3 inches of snow we awoke to on Saturday morning put pay to my plans.

I did manage to get out on Sunday for a couple of hours. The main aim of the day was 1. swap the wheels onto the 48inch centre settings to see if the tractor would go into the garage any easier and 2. investigate the brakes of my TEF-20 something I have to confess I haven’t ever touched since owning the tractor some 6 years ago.

Things all went well.

I initially used the Ferguson tractor Jack to remove the back wheels. unmelted snow from the day before is still visible on the ground.

One Wheel Off

I started by looking at the right hand brake. the one I thought I would have a problem with. I have seen Hydraulic oil dripping down the wheel centre when the tractor has been parked in the garage for a while. A sure sign that the seals on the trumpet housing are leaking. So I wasn’t expecting what I actually found.

Right Brake Drum

Both brake drums where covered in oil. These are the later Floating Cam type of brakes.

Floating Cam Brake Parts

Rear Axle Parts

On closer inspection something didn’t look right. there was a great chunk of gasket material hanging down inside the unit.

Right Brake Gasket

Righ Brake Gasket Other Shot

What a botch job by a previous owner.

There wasn’t much more I could do at this point. I didn’t have the time or space or parts to fix the problem. This is a job for a warm summers weekend I think. I did check the adjustment of the brakes and all was working fine.

Both Wheels Off

So just enough time to take the other wheel off. A note here the modern trolley jack under the tractor was just in case and took no weight.

The other side was dry as a bone. I opened it up a little and all seemed well. I know this side of the tractor is stopping well.

Left Brake OK

So finally to swap the rims and centres around and put her back in the garage. After all that there is a little more room in the garage as a result. I can’t wait to get new 11.2 x 28″ types on the back once the rims have been painted in the summer.

Wheels Back On

48 inch Wheel Setting

So a shopping list for the summer.

A. Brake lining kit.

B. 2 x item 29. pinion Adjuster from the brake parts diagram both are a bit worn

C. In the instructions on refitting the brakes it says replace items 9, 7 & 27 the springs. Does anyone do this?

D. I’m hoping it is item 2 gasket housing outer from the rear axle housing part list that needs replacing and none of the shims as I understand they are expensive but also a set amount of shims is on each axle to allow the half shafts to float (not touch each other)

I already have the inner seals item 18 as my tractor is later than 325,000 when inner seals where added to trumpet housings. I am not going to replace the outer seals without first looking at the condition of the bearings.

Some black spray paint.

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February 16th, 2011

In my next article I will be trying to answer the question what was originally supplied with a TE-20 tractor? I’ve had an email from a reader asking what was originally supplied. This photo from the Newark show is my starter. I also know items where listed in the parts manual. Hopefully I can get to to bottom of it. If you know leave a comment about this post.

Ferguson Supply Original

Shown in the photo above are the contents of an original Ferguson toolbox as detailed in the parts manual.

Common For TE-20, TEA-20 and TEF-20 Tractors

Part Number Description
1395 Wrench – 5/16″ x 3/8″ Hex. open end
1396 Wrench -Adjustable
1398 Bar – Tommy
1399 Driver – Screw
1401 Pliers
1449 Spanner  – Tube 7/16″ Hex
4161 Wrench – 7/16″ – 5/8″ Hex. open end
4164 Handle – Starting

For TE-20 only

Part Number Description
1397 Spanner – Tube – Plug and 7/16″ Hex (TE-20)
4315 Gun – Grease.

For TEA-20 only

Part Number Description
1814 Spanner – Tube – Plug (TEA-20)
4315 Gun – Grease.

For TEF-20 only

Part Number Description
2481 Wrench – 5/16″ Socket Screw
103626 Spanner – Open Ended 1/4″ Whit x 7/16″ American. Hex.
103627 Spanner – Open Ended 7/16″ Whit x 5/16″ Whit. Hex.
105137 Tube Extension – Starting Handle
107613 Spanner – Special Ring
201410 Staring Handle Assembly
59429 Gun – Grease.

TE-20, TEA-20 info from Tractor Parts List 1949, TEF-20  info From FP321/1955

Also what does an original Ferguson tool box look like. What did the dashboard of a TEF-20 look like.

Here is a great Link from George Radion at OzWrenches.com It has information on Ferguson spanners and original equipment supplied with your tractor including the tool box. Thanks George. Great website Very clear, very informative.

[25/07/2011] update

Hi, you brought your injector spanner of me earlier in the year, just
wondering if you could let me know some details on the screwdriver
that was in the kit? Make, Length etc.

Hi Neil
Sorry Neil I don’t have any further information on the screwdriver or the Adjustable Wrench or pliers.

Would anyone else like to comment?

Sorry to bother you yet again, I bet your getting fed up of hearing from us, but I thought this photo might be of interest. I read your article on what tools originally came with a T20 and thought “I notice some of those tools”, I was soon down in the garage and found some. I know the grease guns are not correct but they are the same make and era, all I need now to complete the set that came with the TED 20 is the Ferguson spanner (7/16″ x 5/8″ I think) and that’s on the way.
Ben's Ferguson Tools

Hi Ben That’s looking good.
The Ferguson spanner is normally quoted in Across Flats A/F sizes and is 11/16″ x 1″1/16. I hope it is a Ferguson spanner you have purchased as a normal 5/8″ spanner might not fit a ferguson bolt head.

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Bars, Stays and Arms A-TE-59

February 16th, 2011

In a continuing bid to collect Ferguson accessories this time I’ve turned my attention towards A-TE-59 the stabiliser brackets and stays that bolt to the under side of the trumpet housing (back axle) with longer (6 1/2″ x5/8″ UNF) bolts.


More detail.

The Stabiliser brackets
I am reliably informed where originally cast. They have a pin for a standard Cat 1 connection 7/8″ diameter. When fitted under the rear axle trumpet housing the pin should be in line with the pin for the lower link arms. The Pin is offset in the bracket and should be forward not backwards. Failure to do this will result in twisted stays.

chain diameter, chain length. linch pin of pear shaped type.

The Stays
31 1/2″ centres and a 7/8″ hole at either end. Thickness , Total Length, Width?

The standard is 6″ long so new 6 1/2″ long x5/8″ UNF thread bolts where supplied. Remember the head of the bolt should be 1 1/16″ in diameter to fit the Ferguson spanner.

The only thing I’m missing now are the bolts. I have to get the brackets shot blasted before painting and new pins.

Shopping list
2x Cat 1 pins (see link for Cat 1 info) 5/8 UNF thread – Have these
2x Linch Pins to go through the end.
2x Chains to connect Pin to bracket + split pins to hold in place
4x 6 1/2″ long x 5/8″ UNF Bolts with 1 1/16″ A/F Head size.

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Change to access .co.uk

February 3rd, 2011

If you access www.ploughmyfield.co.uk it won’t be available from later today for 24hours whilst I change service providers. It’s all a cost saving exercise but normal service should be resumed by Saturday 5th Feb.

You will still be able to access www.ploughmyfield.com so change your shortcut.

If you didn’t notice any difference then you won’t. The changes have been completed

Ferguson Accessory Range

January 27th, 2011

As most people know by now I just don’t have the space to collect all those lovely Ferguson implements, or another tractor for that matter. Not wanting to miss out on the buzz of search for, discovering and obtaining Ferguson items I’ve decided to collect as much as possible from the Ferguson Accessory Range.

Below is a list of some the Part Numbers and Descriptions that I have found so far

Part Number Description
A-TE-59 Stabilisers
A-TE-61 Hinged Seat and Feetrest Assembly
A-TE-65 Rear Wheel Weights, Set of Four
A-TE-66 Belt Pelley
A-TE-68 Tractor Cover
A-TE-70 Tractor Jack
A-TE-74 Steel Wheels, 40″ x 10″
A-TE-77 Tyre Inflation Kit
A-TE-78 Dual Wheel Attachment Kit
A-TE-83 Vertical Exhaust Pipe, Diesel
A-TE-87 Lighting Set Full (cyclops)
A-TE-90 Automatic Hitch Assembly
A-TE-103 Tractor Seat Cushion
A-TE-113 Tyre Tracks
A-TE-118 Epicyclic Reduction Gear
A-TE-128 Tractor Brake Latch

If you can help by adding to the list with a part number and description then please get in touch, check the full list from the link below.
What was A-TE-1?

The Full list can be found at this Page I’ve created Accessory List

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Ferguson TEF-20 clutch problem

January 26th, 2011

You have a very interesting web page here and may be able to offer some insight to a problem with one of my tef 20’s. I have recently acquired a tef with various problems such as sticky fuel rack, pulsating hydraulics and so on. However the one I haven’t got to the
bottom of yet is the clutch. When you push the pedal down the tractor sometimes keeps going. The clutch only decides to disengage when you are half way through the fence or have destroyed the washing line. I’m sure all will become apparent when I open it up but any insight to the cause of this problem would be appreciated. 

John Macleod

John, Thanks for getting in touch.
The only thing you can do is open your tractor up by splitting it.
from a mechanical point of view I would say the clutch plate is sticking or the fingers are not disengaging the clutch far enough. I’ll throw it open to readers who will most certainly have a much better idea of what is the problem than I will. I’m sure once open the problem will be clear.

Great Reply here from René

Hello All,
This will for 99% sure be a oily plate sticking on. It will judder when put in reverse and moving off, there will be oil dripping from the clutch bell housing but only when engine is stopped. The culprit will be the gearbox inputshaft seal.
Doesn’t realy matter, the only way to find out is to split the thing. While you are in there check and replace the following :
– Pedal returnsprings. The pedal should “bounce” of the footrest several times if you depress the pedal and let it go in one blow. If not the springs are weak. Landrover series drum brake springs will fit in their place perfectly.
-Thrust bearing
– clutch driven plate, should idealy have at least 1mm left above the face of the rivits. If oily clean with brake cleaner, heat it up (oven), clean again etc. until heating no longer makes oil ooze out. Or pop it in the dishwasher when your other half isn’t looking.
-Clutch cover for worn fingers and broken springs
-Gearbox input shaft seal. Also clear out the hole in the tube of the bearing carier. Fit new gasket of same thincknes. While shaft is out use it to align the clutch !
-Rear crank seal
-Reverse/start shift rail seal
-Coreplugs for the other rails
If in doubt replace, splitting it again to sort out the next problem usualy isn’t worth the savings.

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Brake Latch Upgrade A-TE-128

January 14th, 2011

Parking Brake Latch

Brake Latch Fitted
I first saw the above Brake Latch modification about 7 years ago on a friends tractor. Later TE-20’s where fitted with this from the factory. It is possible to buy a kit to change the latch from the more common version that was fitted to the majority of Fergies. Originally to operate the brake you have to using your hand hold the latch in place as you put your foot on the brake pedal to take it off it’s a reverse of the process. Using the modified latch you flick the spring operated latch with your foot and then as you apply the brake the spring keeps the latch in place. To disengage use your foot to knock the latch off and away you go.

(picture of common latch)

I mistakenly bought just the spring (Sparex Part S.1766) 5 years ago on the internet without the latch and pawl thinking I’d bought everything I needed.
Sparex Spring Kit

Full Kit (Sparex Part S.43249) Latch, Spring, Pawl, Pin

My interest in the easier to use and safer brake latch was reignited recently with a post on the FoFH forum from a member who had been given one of the kits for Christmas and didn’t know how to fit it. There was advice and banter from the FoFH members on how to fit the kit.
There is a hole that needs to be drilled in the foot brake pedal to accommodate the spring and a diagram was used to demonstrate the location.

Hole Size
Image curtesy of René de Bruin (click to enlarge)

Having some of the parts I thought I’d have another go at making it work on my tractor . I have a friendJohn Gunnee with a big pillar drill so I took the brake pedal to him and he accurately drilled the 3mm hole in.

Then a couple of nights ago I spotted this on eBay as I was doing the usual Ferguson searches.
Foot Brake & Pawl

It says in the description it is an  “original MF Latch and Pawl”
It looks good and the only problem maybe how worn the pawl is. So when is arrives and I’ve sourced a pin I’ll let you know how I get on fitting it and how good it is.

19/01/2011 -Update

The eBay item arrived. when I opened the packet it looked way to big for my little tractor, but holding it up it appears to be the right size. I have to get a new pin to go through the centre as the existing one is to small. Where do I get a Pin from?

Hopefully this will be one of many articles looking at meaningful improvement you can make to your 60 year old tractor.


Clevis Pin Inches

The pin from above is a Clevis pin and they are readily available from a number of online places. The imperial equivalent is 5/16″ diameter x 1 1/4″ long.

I’ve assembled the upgraded latch with the old pin in for now to test how good it is. It’s good and it now needs a fresh coat of paint before I attach it back onto the tractor. Below you can see the latch inoperation on the tractor.


Brake Latch Upgrade. A-TE-128
Looking through the archive section of the FOFH website (only members of FoFH can browse the Archive section) I came across a brake latch accessory article (FP591) which was printed in June 1955 stating that “Now a standard fitting on all new Ferguson tractors this accessory is available as a kit for easy fitting to older tractors” The kit was Part number A-TE-128. So when did all new Ferguson tractors start to be fitted with the parking brake latch?

Readers Testemony
Hi Tim. I’ve just watched your video of the brake latch, I fitted one last year and it’s one of the best things I’ve fitted. With mine all I have to do to release it is flip it back and push down on the brake pedal. The spring then flips the catch back and you are away. I fitted mine because I had a slight run away with my Fergi when I inadvertently pushed the pedal down when I was getting off one day. Fitting the latch has cured this because if I tread on the pedal with the latch locked it just puts the brake on harder. I am also restoring a Link box but mine started off in better condition than yours. Keep up the great work with the website it is brilliant.Best wishes.Bob

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Roy’s TED Update

January 12th, 2011

Since Roys last post,

He and Ted, another Friend, have been busy. Ted has been working on the cylinder head, which looks so different from a TEF cylinder head. Ted has bought a tool to re-cut the valve seats for the new inlet valves that Ted managed to get hold of for Roy. He has then re ground, by hand I think, the valved into the seats.

Roy popped round with the head to say happy new year and I had a chance to take a couple of pics.

TED Head

Side of cylinder head

Cylinder Head With Valve

Roy then got busy adding the valve springs.

Head with Springs

Roy’s tractor is located some distance away at his Daughters house so he doesn’t get chance to work on it all the time. Instead he unbolts what he can and brings it home to his garage and does what is needed on the parts then returns it. In this case it’s the radiator. Now Roy has the head back together it’s off to his Daughters to work in his shed for a couple of days. Hopefully by the end he should have a working tractor.

Roys Painted Radiator

Was down with the Tractor late Thurs to Friday finished the painting, apart from under the bonnet.  Reassembled the head but no time to set up the carb and ignition to run smoothly will be down again near the end of the month.


TED Together

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