Ashover Show 2016

August 12th, 2016

It was Ashover Show on Wednesday 10th August. A 26 mile drive for me across some of Derbyshire’s fine moorland roads, the heather is starting to turn purple.


Oh and my drive (26 miles there, 26 miles back) was of course on my Ferguson tractor in the glorious sunshine, why would you want to be anywhere else?

Far to many photo’s for me to post here so they are on my Flickr site. Two beautiful original examples a TEF and a Continental converted to TVO with an official Ferguson kit!


Link to look at all the photos here


TEF Battery Cable Clip

August 12th, 2016

Cable Clips

I made a drawing for this clip back in 2011, so that I could get a friend to make one for me. I had a request for a drawing the other day and I couldn’t find it on the website. only a picture. so I’m adding the drawing new just in case anyone else wants to manufacture an authentic clip.


To download a PDF file of the image above click on the link below

Download a PDF of the TEF Battery clip here


Languishing Mower, 5A-EE-B20

July 31st, 2016



As much as I love collecting Ferguson implements I love to see them working even more. So when I had the chance to put back to work a rear mounted Ferguson mower 5A-EE-B20 (Sometimes referred to as the Bagpipe mower, as it looks like a set of Bagpipes when not attached to the tractor) I jumped at the chance. So when a friend said he needed to cut down the thistles in a couple of fields he owned and did I know anyone with a mower I stepped in. Luckily I had such a mower stored in a barn in Durham.

IMG_0614 IMG_0615

No wonder these mowers got replaced by a better model, this one was a nightmare to setup. I should imagine once it was on the tractor you’d leave it there as long as possible. It was definitely NOT a 2 minute job to attach it to thew tractor. But saying that it was probably much faster than the alternative a horse powered mower or even worse hand powered scythes.

Mower Blade

A blade on the mower kept catching on the shim at the near end of the bar. We discovered the blade tooth was cracked and was catching. Roger found a bag of original mower teeth and rivets. Soon the offending tooth had been replaced. the mower ran smoothly after the fix.

You can see in the picture above how much the tooth on the left has been warn or sharpened compared to the now tooth on the right. The new mower tooth had originally been manufactured in Sheffield as you can see from the box. I bet that company is no longer in existence?

Mower blades

A couple of pictures below of the mower in the vertical transport position. I have left the swath board in Durham after removing it before transporting back to sheffield. Next time I’m up I’ll fetch it back and attach it. Still for cutting thistles I’m sure it isn’t an essential item.



Here is a Video of the mower being tested in the workshop, then out in the field.

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Brakes – That work

July 24th, 2016


Over a year ago I fitted new brakes to my TE-F20 tractor as the old ones were saturated in hydraulic oil from a leaky seal on the trumpet housing. Don’t worry I replaced the seals at the same time and cleaned the whole break area of oil. Today I finally fitted new brakes and they work a treat. the old liners I originally fitted were bonded to the shoe and the material they are made from seems very hard. Last year at Newark (November)  I picked up from Sam Neill (The FOFH area representative for Northern Ireland) some really soft liners & copper rivets. He had bought them over from Ireland on the Tour bus. (leaving more space for them to take purchased items home with him) I found on eBay 4 brake shoes for £10, they actually included all the parts for the brakes apart from the drums. Next step was getting them shot blasted, painted and the new liners riveted on. The riveting process was a learning curve and the last shoe was better than the first!

As my family is away today and I’d completed all my tasks, shopping, mowing the lawn, washing etc I had enough time in the afternoon before going to the cinema to fit the new brakes. I used the trusty Ferguson jack to lift the back end up using the ferguson hydraulics and removed the wheels. I had help from Roger and Fred and the job was achieved in no time with a bit of friendly banter. I am super pleased with the results  as the tractor now stops within about 2 tractor lengths whilst driving in 4th gear at full speed, Result. Just in time to drive to the 85th Ashover show at the start of next month.

IMG_0601 IMG_0602

To fit and adjust the brakes I followed the section P information in the Ferguson Manual, Invaluable.

The main area of adjustment once all was back together was stopping the tractor pulling to one side. This is achieved by slackening off the side that the tractor pulls towards, then have another go


Eventually I could lock the wheels of the tractor and the front didn’t pull left or right. Another job sorted and I feel much happier that the tractor will now stop when I put my foot on the brakes!

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Road Run 2016

June 30th, 2016

Road Run 2016 report and Photos
The Sheffield Tractor Club had it’s annual road run earlier this month.

As I pulled into the farm these two where waiting.

An unscheduled stop.


Most definitely a great place to stop. just above the Cement works at Castleton, the peak district.






And to finish the day off we went to look at a private collection of stationary engines. This isn’t a stationary engine but about the newest thing in the owners collection. I’m glad I don’t have to go through this every time I want to start my Tractor!

West Street Project, TE-20 at 70

June 30th, 2016

14 Fergusons on West Street

14 Fergusons on West Street and a Wilson's van

You all must have seen these photos, posted on this website a number of years ago? They have also been in the Sheffield papers and on the FOFH forum. It shows 14 Ferguson Tractors outside the Samuel Wilson & Son LTD office on West Street, one of the main roads into the centre of Sheffield. Looking at the tractors we think the photo was taken in 1448-49 ish as the tractors all have closed front wheels. At that time there is no way one company would have sold 14 tractors at once. The conclusion we’ve made is that the picture was a publicity stunt to attract attention to the tractors and the dealer selling them.

This year sees the 70th year (1946) since the TE-20 tractor started production, the 80th year since the Ferguson A or Ferguson Brown started production and the 60th year since the FE35 (later the MF35) was introduced. A group of us that meet regularly thought it might be a good idea to celebrate the above anniversaries. Although the dealership on West Street has long gone the building is still there. So what better celebration than trying to reproduce the line up of tractors on west street. The date Sunday 15th May 2016 was decided upon and 8am was thought a good time to gather before the rest of the city woke up.



We where very lucky that on the day that the grandson of the original owner was able to attend bringing with him the original pictures taken nearly 70 years ago.


We were also joined on the day by one of the sales men and one of the mechanics who used to work at company.



Here is a you tube video of the day. Thanks to Peter for getting up early to capture the event on film.

Cordwood saw A-LE-A20 guard

April 21st, 2016


Harold Beer, a hero of mine hitching up a Cordwood saw to his tractor from the Ferguson on the Farm DVD Part 1

I’ve had a question from John Wales in Australia.

Greetings from Australia !
I have just been lucky to buy a Ferguson A-LE-A20 cordwood saw at a farm clearance sale and understand there was a pulley guard recommended for use. I have not been able to locate an image of this guard, are you aware of this and /or do you have a drawing or image that I could use to fabricate a guard.

I look forward to hearing from you.”


Apart from the picture above showing the metal rod going over the pulley I don’t know of any guard that was fitted to the saw bench

Can anyone help with answers or pictures please ?


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Reproduction Ferguson Implements

April 15th, 2016


I came across this site earlier this week and though they made some interesting ferguson things


Willie Young’s Pictures

April 5th, 2016

I had an email from Willie in Australia and the pictures he included where so nice I thought I’d share them.

I was checking out the diagrams of PUH assemblies
I have one of the early ones with leaf spring and dog stowage systems. Dog lugs a little worn and the hook tends to “unstow”.
I attached  couple of small “D” shackles to the sway chain anchor brackets and 3 links of chain then  larger “D” shackles which with a tiny bit of filing fit the lynch pin ends of the hook. Works a treat.
Glad to have it as I have it fitted to a 1949 TEA20 and I drag a Aussie made 2 ton K-JA-20 trailer
Attached pictures:
Fergy 2 ton trailer.
Aussie Fergy jib crane
Aussie made spray pump
MF 17-7 trailer
MF weight transfer attachment. Think brought out to suit MF165
Willie Young
2 disc plough 001

2 disc plough 002

Copy of IMG_0020

Copy of IMG_0021

D series painted 002


K-JA-30 final 002

Sewell pump 001

Sewell pump 002

Uncle Robin's Visit 001

Spinner Broadcaster Help

April 2nd, 2016


Hi there Tim I was wondering if you could help me with getting some info on how to set up and use a Ferguson spinner broadcaster as the manuals seem very hard to get hold of (I am after info on the mounted version)
Many thanks


I’m afraid I know nothing about the Ferguson spinner broadcaster sorry. Have you looked at the Ferguson on the farm DVD (part 1) as Harold uses one in the video to spread lime.

I hope by adding this post to the website we might get some feedback from others. does anyone have a photocopy of the manual they can send to Adam as I don’t.

Adam I hope this helps.

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