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September 14th, 2012

2nd Local meeting a success.

Ferguson Club LogoThursday 13th September (The Second Thursday in the month) saw the 2nd meeting of the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire Ferguson Club members at the Royal Hotel in Dungworth I was honored to welcome our first guest, Nick Batelle, from Old20 Tractor parts to the event. He bought with him an exclusive offer to members and we also got our hands on the new All Ferguson Parts Catalogue launch.


Members enjoying a pint
Nick enjoying a chat with members and sampling the world famous Royal Pies a hit with all the members and tasting the award winning locally brewed Bradfield Brewery beer

Old20 Ferguson Parts
The cover of the New Old20 Ferguson Parts Catalogue. All members were some of the first in the country to received their copy. The catalogue also includes replacement parts for the Ferguson Plough something that might come in handy with my forthcoming plough match looming!


So if you are a Ferguson Club member + you live in the South Yorkshire or Derbyshire area you can until the end of September get 15% off parts + Free Delivery on Old20 Tractor parts (see below for full details)


For the new area rep within the Ferguson Club I would bid him welcome and wish him well.Old 20 Parts is a long time supporter of the Ferguson Club and has for several years offered members a 15% discount on all of our Ferguson & Massey Ferguson Parts. 

As an introductory offer to the members within Derbyshire and South Yorkshire I would be happy to make a further offer of free delivery on all these products as well as and including lubricants and paint.


It will be necessary to quote the following Order Ref: FC09NB and their membership number. This offer will run throughout September 2012 and allow the members to plan their Autumn and Winter projects.


Ordering can be done in all the usual ways, by phone, on-line, by post.


Finally don’t forget we have an office in The Bakewell Livestock Centre which enables items to be collected on Mondays throughout the year. We do of course need to know what you need on the Friday before your visit.


Please allow 7-10 days for free delivery items

Best Regards


Nick Battelle..

If you’d like to come along to the next get together whether you are a Ferguson Club member or not it will be on Thursday 11th October at 7.30pm, the royal Dungworth. Please get in touch to let me know you are thinking of coming and I can give you more details + the Pie menu.

Thanks for everyone who attended this meeting some great ideas of what to do at future get togethers.

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September 11th, 2012

Normal service may be disrupted.
I’m changing some settings in the background of the website and it may mean the website may not be available at times in the next week or so. Don’t worry all will settle down and normal service will be resumed shortly.
Keep sending me your information and stories and I’ll reply and post when I can. Thanks Tim.

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Harvesting Hell

September 7th, 2012

Red sky at night…….Combines on fire.

I’m just so glad Nic and his dad made it out of the cab in time, a lucky escape

A new engine last season and only 10 Acres left for this year.


First plough match here I come.

September 4th, 2012

D-Day is the 20th October 2012.

I have entered The 121st Norton Plough match near to my home. There isn’t a Ferguson class so I’m entering the Vintage Hydraulic (Class – 4) I’ve been gathering together as much information as possible to make sure I get it right on the day. I’ve found this site very useful. Ferguson class rules (Society of ploughmen supported) I’ve also been studying like mad two sections of this DVD. TE-20 the art of ploughing I find I learn more watching than reading about it. I’ve been offered some sighting poles and a long tape measure. now I need to get some practice in.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Hi Tim

It was nice to meet you at Newby, a face to a name. Your website is a regular.

I was interested in your entry to the ploughing match.  Regarding Ferguson ploughing, I spent a lot of time commercial and match ploughing and later organising matches.  

In spite of this and the ploughing match rules, one point has always left me puzzled.  In the Ferguson ploughing manual and instruction books there was always two wheel marks at a finish, as was with any 2 or even 3 furrow plough.  This is penalised in ploughing matches so therefore one has to move the plough along the crossbar, many match ploughs are modified to make this easy. The Ferguson requires slackening the U bolts and carefully resetting.

Also the match method of setting a rig differs from the Ferguson manual method.

Please don’t let the above confuse you, get out there and do your best. I am sure you will enjoy yourself.

All the very best.



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Grandfather’s TEA-20

September 4th, 2012


Hi Tim,
I first came across your website some time ago and have always found it most interesting.  One of my current restoration projects is a Petrol TEA20 that my Grandfather bought new in the late 40’s,  he used it on his small farm for many many years and then it was used by my father on his farm in later years.  It then sat for many years only being used on one or two occasions to plough and plant the garden round our bungalow etc,  see attached photo.  Anyway it is now under restoration,  albeit a rather slow restoration as I have many other projects – one of my other interests being Mk1 Ford Escort cars.
My reason for writing to you is to enquire about the possible future availability of your remade Rear Number Plate brackets,  my tractor was originally fitted with the Cyclops lighting kit and this bracket is one bit which is missing, will you be getting another batch of these done – I know I should have ordered one when I first saw them on your website but there were so many other bits to buy and being made redundant didn’t help the money flow situation but at least I’m back working part time now so I’m allowed to spend money on projects once again.
All the best,  Neil.
Neil Fletcher's TEA-20
Neil Fletcher's TEA-20 Ploughing
Neil Fletcher's TEA-20 Back Wheels

Hi Neil,

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your tractor story. Everyone is unique. Stop restoring the cars and finish the tractor, you know it will last longer than those thin sheet metal body panels and it will make you feel a whole lot warmer inside!

On the subject of Numberplate brackets I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you. I can’t imagine when I’ve got the time to get another batch made sorry. There are a number of other companies producing the numberplates now. just be careful on quality and have a look at one before you order it.

Keep us posted on your restoration (the tractor that is) thanks for sending in your story.


Ashover show 2012

August 7th, 2012

Tomorrow 8th August 2012 is the 81st www.ashovershow.co.uk I’ll be driving my Ferguson the 23.1 miles there and back. I’m hoping the weather will be nice as the route is particularly exposed over the tops of the peak district.

Photo’s to follow and I’ll try to remember the tweets!

What a day. I left at 7am for the one and a half hour drive (14mph)to Ashover not wanting to miss the start at 9am. The weather was fab. The route takes you across the exposed tops of the peak district so good weather is essential. For most of my journey the clouds where below me in the valleys with just the ridge I was on visible snaking away in the distance.

The theme of this years show was Massey Ferguson 35x as it is the 50th anniversary.

Front and Back an impressive line up of 35 & 35x’s.

Also on display where FE35 tractors.

As this is a local show the majority of the Ferguson and Massey Ferguson tractors came from local dealers Samuel Wilsons & Sons, LTD and John I.Fearns both added dealer badges to there tractors. Wilsons a riveted on plate and Fearns a sticker.

Fearn Plate

I understand this Fearns example above is a reproduction. I spoke with a Mr N. Fox of Rowsley who said he had an example of an original and had made some accurate reproduction stickers. I will be contacting him.

Entry  No. 50, 1936 Ferguson Brown, Chris Astell of Pilsley.

Ferguson Brown Back

Ferguson Brown Front

No. 49, 1964 Massey Ferguson 35X & MF20 Bailer, A. Hollindrake of Peak Forest This tractor and implement won Best Tractor and Implement in show.

35 bailer 2

This 35 had a monster hitch on the back which should have been on a 135? what a great number plate as well the WJ indicating a sheffield registration in a time when DVLA offices where regional.

135 Hitch

This 1957 Ferguson FE35 owned by Mr. M.Ambrey of chesterfield had a Ferguson winch No. 100 attached to it with the plate below proclaiming it was manufactured by C. M. Hesford & Co. Ltd of Ormskirk  for Harry Ferguson LTD. Coventry


Winch Plate

There where other tractors present not just Ferguson, but I don’t like to talk about those here.All Sorts

I’m looking forward to next year already If only for the drive there and back no doubt I’ll not be able to get my tractor into the ring again.



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Sent to Coventry

July 21st, 2012

I’ve been on a business trip this week and not one to miss an opportunity I had a couple of places ear marked to take a look at whilst there.

I finished a little early one day and as I was in the centre of the city and was able to arrive before the 4:30 last entry, I went to the Coventry Transport Museum. Entry was Free and I had seen picture of the tractors in the museum from Sam Neill on the FoFH Forum. Sam had taken a group earlier in the year and got some great picture. Now it was my turn. Disappointingly the tractors had been rearranged to make way for another exhibit. Two of tractors, an industrial and 35 were under a display sheet!

Banner Lane Tractors

In the picture above you see the 500,000th TE (TEF-20) to come off the production line at Banner Lane in March 1956. Behind that you will see the last ever tractor an MF4345  Tractor number number 3,307,996 to come off the line on 24th December 2002.

I got  some close ups of the TEF-20 in the pictures below.

500,000th Front

Nice plate on the front.

500,000th Plate

You hear stories that the tractors aren’t original or they have undergone restoration in there +50 years since they were produced. So I wonder how original this TEF-20 is.

Also up high was another tractor possibly a TED-20 and covered up I didn’t see the Industrial or 35.

TED Up High


There was also a back end of a 35? and a description of how it worked. The electrical plug wasn’t connected so I could not give it a try, Shame.

Hydraulic Demo

Hydraulic Back



The next evening I took a drive the short distance to….

Banner Lane

There isn’t much there now just a new housing estate where the factory building used to be.

Banner Lane Houses

I had arrived to0 late by a week to see the last remaining part of the site, the tower block. It had been blown up the week before my visit. This is now all that remains.

The Tower


Just around the corner from Banner Lane on Broad Lane is the Massey Ferguson Sports & Social club. It was open so I thought it rude not to pop in and have a pint and soak up the atmosphere.

MF Social

Who wouldn’t want to drink in a bar called.

Fergies Bar

The staff behind the bar were very friendly. They did a great job of trying to sell me all sorts of items. I ended up buying a Second Sight DVD The last tractor the story of banner Lane. They also had a number of books on sale. The lady who’s name I didn’t catch worked at Massey Ferguson for over 20 years but she didn’t want to appear on my picture instead choosing to hold up the DVD.

MF Social Bar


One super thing about going I had to become a temporary member of the club to buy a drink. So for my 50p charge I can say I was a member of Massey Ferguson Sports and Social club, albeit for one night.


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Inaugural meeting

July 17th, 2012

Ferguson Club LogoOn Thursday 12th July 2012 the inaugural meeting of The Ferguson Club, South Yorkshire & Derbyshire (SY&D) Area, took place at a pub just outside Sheffield. An agenda was drafted and it took the 5 assembled friends over 2 and a half hours to discuss. The Pies and chips where great and the beer better, so we have decided to meet again on Thursday 13th September (The second Thursday in the month) Please get in touch if you would like to attend and I can give you directions. You don’t have to be a member of The Ferguson Club to come along, although we’ll give you a leaflet.

As well as the agenda I also gave a talk on the recent 7th annual Newby Hall Vintage tractor show. There was lots of feedback and debate as to what will be going on at future meetings.

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New Old Goodyear tyres

July 9th, 2012

Goodyear logo

Upon hearing a rumour about a new/old tyre being produced by the British Rubber Company, Shipley I gave them a ring to find out more.

“Yes it is true we have commissioned a new tyre mould to be made from Goodyear tyres. In fact the mould is complete we are waiting for a slot in production so the new tyres can be produced”. a representative from the British Rubber Co told me yesterday.

So why are they going to all this trouble? Well it’s all to do with the tread pattern on the tyres. Originally when your Ferguson tractor came off the production line all sorts of tyres where fitted to them as you can imagine in the height of production some 300 tractors a day rolled of the line that is a supply of 600 tyres each day. No one supplier could match this production so a number were used. Popular seems to be the goodyear tyre with the diamond pattern on the side. The tread pattern of then saw a diagonal lug of even size all the way along.

Today the pattern is more flared, triangular fatter at on end and thinner at the edges.

So the British Rubber Co is produced a new tyre to look like the old one. It will only be available in one size only  12.4×28 (equivalent to 11×28 back in the day) as fitted to a 35 as standard. It will not be produced in the thinner 11.2×28 (10×28) fitted to a Ferguson TE-20 as standard. Although the 12.4×28 does fit on a ferguson TE-20 rim and is the current tyre size fitted to my Ferguson. I will at some point be changing to the 11.2×28 as I think they look better on a TE-20 tractor.

When I know more information and have some better photographs I will of course post them here.

Pricing of the new tyre will be equivalent to what is currently available.

The tyres will be available in Ireland through J. B. Tyres Londonderry, www.jbtyres.com

This is all great news but they will not be producing the 11.2×28 which I will require for my TEF-20.


July 4th, 2012

Finished From Above

Ferguson Accessory A-TE-61 “Hinged Seat and Feetrest Assembly” is the subject of this post and one mans generosity.

I bought on eBay last summer a pair of footrests some people call them footplates. http://www.ploughmyfield.com/2011/07/21/footplates-yes-or-no/

The front had a straight sheet of metal sticking up. On other footplates I had seen folded over ends that attach to the foot pegs that stick out from the side of the tractor. http://www.ploughmyfield.com/2011/08/04/bakewell-show-2011/

Upon further investigation I learned these bought footrests belonged to an MF65 tractor. I also found out that by removing the front section (attached by two rivets) I could replace them with the curled over fronts.

Rather than making them myself I contacted Phil Kolbe of www.fergietrailershop.co.uk to see if he had a pattern and could make me the front sections. He could if I could send him a drawing, which I did.

But then I discovered the footplates in the picture above weren’t originally fitted to a TE-20. The first footplates had ridges diagonally along there length and no holes. The type in the picture above were more commonly fitted to FE 35 onwards.

I spoke to Phil Kolbe again, “Yes” he could make me the items from my drawing but did I know he already made reproduction versions of the footplates fitted to a TE-20! “No” I said what do you mean mine aren’t originals. I did some digging around and he was indeed right.

I enquired how much it would cost to have a set made. Phil Very kindly offered to give me a set on the understanding that I would write an article about them.

I saw Phil at the Newark Tractor show 2011 and collected the footplates in person.

Phil Kolbe

I requested the footplates without any undercoat (undercoat normally added) as I wanted to prepare the footplates as best I could to get the best finish possible. Even without paint I got the wire brush on them to remove all blemishes, Oil and grease. Then a coat of etch primer. followed by 3 layers of Ferguson Grey.

Don’t they look sensational. My four year old son loves then as it’s much easier to step up into the seat now.

A big thank you to Phil Kolbe of www.fergietrailershop.co.uk for giving me the footplates. Phil also supplies parts for Ferguson Trailers & Link boxes as well as Footplates for TE-20, MF35 and MF35 (Duel Clutch)

Now I’ve got to start investigating the second part of the A-TE-61 Ferguson accessory, The Hinged Seat.

From the comments on this post. YES the front section should curl backwards and not forwards as it did in the later model. I have seen many examples of this type to support it’s shape.

Hinged seat info now coming in thanks to Alistair (TEFBodger from the FoFH Forum) my plans to add a section on the right to a page about the seat. Thanks Alistair.


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