* MIL Loader Fitting

Posted on March 15th, 2010 by ploughmyfield.

Fitting a Midland Industries Limited (MIL) Model H Loader to a Ferguson tractor.

So this is what it should look like when it’s all assembled and working.

This fine axample of a MIL loader belongs to James at Rhodds’s Farm. It is fitted to a TE-F20. Speaking to James he bought the tractor with the loader already attached. This is the best way to buy a loader in my opinion as all the parts should be there.

Beamish Museum have bought a MIL Loader.

The idea is to make the Ferguson tractor they have more useful by fitting the loader to it.  The Ferguson TE-A20 tractor they have although converted to TVO has an engine built by the Standard motor company,  this is important as you will find out later.

So I went up to Durham to look at the pieces they have and see if the loader could be assembled. Before I went up north I looked on the internet for an instruction manual, I could not find one.  So the helpful people on the FOFH forum came to my rescue.

I was kindly sent  this 4 page document which after a little reading you will see gives you all the information needed. Most interesting was the parts list and exploded diagram. Many thanks to Gary Downes who owns the original document and very kindly has allowed me to have this downloadable copy on this page.

MIL Loader Manual

Initial investigations

With all the parts laid out on the floor in the shed I could see not all the parts where right. I forgot to take any more pictures of the MIL loader so you’ll have to take my work for it. From the diagram below you will see items 73, 74 where included in the loader. Now looking further these items are for a Diesel model. I was trying to fit this to a petrol/TVO and should be using items 5, 6.

Also from the parts I had items 30, 31.  These brackets where home made and I couldn’t make them fit the tractor. Maybe the loader was originally fitted to a Diesel as the items 30, 31 would have been replaced by 85, 86 for the diesel model.

I also needed :

4 longer bolts (5/8″ UNF  x 6 1/2″  Long) to attach the frame to the trumpet housing and then the mudguards on top.

4 bolts (5/8″ UNF  x 3 1/2″ Long) to attach the brackets to the front of the engine.

So with limited tools available I didn’t do much that day other than, start the tractor up and run it for a bit then inflate a flat front tyre.

First task then was to make up some brackets item 30, 31 to fit to the tractor. This didn’t prove too difficult and I’d like to thank Bob Nix for the dimensions to make the brackets.

I’ve produced a drawing here so anyone else wanting to make some can. It should be pretty self explanatory.

Download as PDF

Here again courtesy of Bob Nix is a picture of what the brackets and spacer look like in place.

I still have  more info to add to this page and need to sort out……….

The control valve isn’t original on the beamish tractor (it’s Painted Blue and has a lever instead of a handle) and I don’t have a connector to screw into the front corner of the hydraulics housing onthe tractor.

So this is what the original valve, pipework and connector all look like. Thanks here to Chrostopher Smith for supplying these photo’s. He just happened to have an old MIL loader lying around that he had removed form a TE-D20 he was restoring and kindly offered to take some pictures for this article. Thanks Christopher.

Here you see the Valve with shut off tap that bolts in front of the seat. the pipe attached goes down the side of the gearbox casing to the front corner of the hydraulic pump.

This view shows an up close view of the valve and bracket. it is slotted so you don’t have to completely remove the bolts holding the casings together. just slacken the bolts slot in the bracket then tighten them up. Very well thought about.

Another shot of the valve from the side.

And here is the connector that screws into the tractor’s Hydraulics.

Christopher Thinks the thread is 1/2″ BSF. I’ll confirm this once I have a connector.

I need to buy some 5/8″ UNF bolts for the mudguards and also to attach the front brackets in place. I also need to see if the Diesel brackets items 73,74 will work on a TE-A 20 engine. I’ll keep you all posted. please feel free to add comments the more the better.

Fitting The Loader at Beamish

Below are links to videos of me fitting a MIL loader to a tractor at Beamish museum.
part 1 is here,
part 2 is here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maNTH3BTYco
Additional Items Needed:

You will also need a T-Bar for the back of your tractor. The T-Bar locks the lower link arms and stops them from reaching there maximum height. This has a knock on effect of not then allowing the hydraulics inside the tractor to dump the fluid under pressure back into the reservoir and the pressurised fluid passes up into the MIL valve mounted in front of the drivers seat.

It is also a good idea to have a heavy load attached to the back of the tractor to stop the back end from lifting. I found on the Grey Fergie Forum these plans to make an original ferguson concrete block. you will need to supply the steel hook shape and the concrete after making the box.

Additional Information From:

http://www.rhoddssfarm.co.uk/loader.htm James’s MIL Loader page, Lots of great pics. I’d love to see more pictures of the control valve and closer on how the frame is fixed in place.

Website Feebback:

Hi Tim, apologies for not getting to this sooner, but things are a bit silly here. I have sent some pics from when I fitted the loader, as you will see the front brackets fitted on without spacers but I had to grind the edges of the engine mounts because the angle iron bracket wouldn’t fit square. I have also shown the difference between the 2 sets of rams I have, and have also included a pic of an unknown linkage that came with some stabiliser arms and other stuff. Finally I have sent some pics of the pins, I have some measurements for the pins but they are on a scruffy piece of paper so I will sort that out and forward them too, regards Steve

Mil Loader Pins

Mil Loader Pins

Mil Loader Bracket Fitting

Mil Loader Bracket Fitting

Mil Loader Rams

Mil Loader Rams

Mil Loader Rams
And Finally the mystery bracket. Leave a comment if you think you know what it is. I thought maybe Mil’s version of the T-Bar to lock the lower link arms below top position?
Mystery Bracket

38 Responses to “MIL Loader Fitting”

  1. Gary Downes Says:

    I have no problem with you using the mill loader fitting instructions(I have the original) which I have emailed to a few people on the FOFH forum but as you have put everybody elses name who have helped you may wish to add my name as your forum gives the impression you own this
    I have if you know anybody who wants it the future the fitting nstructions fr the hornraulic as well

    All the best Gary

  2. ploughmyfield Says:

    Hi Gary,

    First my sincere apologies for not giving you the credit you truly deserve. Without people like you this site would be nothing.
    I think the confusion came as I had the same pages sent by Bob Nix from the forum. You must have sent a copy to him. I did not fully appreciate it was your original copy.

    I have updated the website and hope it meets with your approval.

    I would not want to upset the relationship I have built up with contributing fellow enthusiasts as the website would be a poorer site.



    p.s. a hydraulics manual for what?

  3. Scott Stephenson Says:

    Excellent page… But i’ve just fitted a MIL Loader to a TED 20 and the damn thing won’t push the MIL Loader up unless the rear lift arms are down…. So if you put some weight on the rear lift arms… it raises! But as soon as the rear MIL Loader has lifted to full height the rear lift arms push up and then the MIL loader looses pressure. I put a draw bar and stays on the rear lift arms and it’s just bent them once it finished raising the lift arms at the rear… Any thoughts?

  4. ploughmyfield Says:

    It sound as though all is working correctly you just forgot one thing. You need a t-bar to make the arms lift. The t-bar stops the lower link arms from lifting fully. If the link arms reach the fully raised position the hydraulic fluid is dumped out back to the tank and no pressure will ever be raised.
    A drawbar and stays is not strong enough to hold the arms. I hope this helps

  5. john Says:

    I have been fitting a MIL loader on a friends TED20 today and found that the front brackets fitted straight on without the spacers shown in one of the pictures (we did not have any with the loader supplied) so i cannot see what advantage they give you if fitted, surely, a stronger attachment is given without them, i noticed also that the curved section is adjustable if you need to move them backwards or forwards to line up with the engine bracket,if i could workout how to upload a picture i can show you the finished loader.Regards John.

  6. Steve Says:

    Hi there this has been very informative and a great help. The T bar you refer to is this the one shown on the trailer page? and is the hyraulic take off achievable on a te20 continental engined fergie? I understand the early pumps only go to 1,500psi as opposed to 2,000psi on the later ones, would this pose a problem? thanks Steve

  7. Tom the Hamster Says:

    ive fitted one of a ted20 to a tef and you have to mod the front brackets to go round the oil fillter housing and things all in all not a bad thing to fit

  8. Roger Says:

    Hi. I watched Your youtube films about assemblig the MIL loader to Your Ferguson. Last autumn I bought a MIL type F3 loader for my Volvo 230 “Viktor”. Unfortunately it was loaded, transported and unloaded in almost total darkness so I haven’t reaaly yet been able to inspect what I bought. According to the guy that sold it to me all parts should be there. Now it’s covered by snow so I´m still not able to look at it. (Yes, the rams are inside not out in the snow…) Now to my question: Is it any chance to get more information about my loader in any way from Britain? As You understand it will be assambeled to the “Viktor” as soon as the spring arrives and it would be nice to know more about it to be able to tell interested people more about the history. I’ve also got a Volvo T22 1948 and in our village there is a Museum that shows farming equipment, so on our island there is a great interest in tractors. In fact I also own 2 Jaguar Cars, one 1990 XJ40 Sovereign and one 1991 XJ6 (+ my 1970 FIAT 850 Special)
    Roger, Störlinge Borgholm Öland Sweden.

  9. Patrick Says:

    Hi, fantastic site – well done. I am fitting a MIL loader to my diesel TEF-20 but and in a similar position to you: I dont have the front brackets and need to make some up. I don’t suppose you have any photos of the 2 sets of front brackets or the diemensions?



  10. Jon Says:

    Hi, does anyone know roughly what the lift capacity of a mil loader on a TE20 is?
    Cheers, Jon.

  11. Guy Says:

    Recently bought a TE20 with MIL loader fitted. I’m losing a lot of hydraulic fluid out of one of the pistons. I’m assuming a piston seal has perished and therefore leaking. Any idea of where to get new seals from? Silver fox tractors do seal repair kits for banana loaders. Do you think this will be compatable?

  12. ploughmyfield Says:

    Hi Guy,
    Thanks for getting in touch. No I don’t think the Banana loader kit will fit. If you can find a local Seal/ Bearing supplier take the dismantled and cleaned up piston in and see what they say. You did see the parts list to download on the MIL loader page? was it any help. look for some more rams on eBay?

  13. Ian goodhead Says:

    Hi fitted a Mil to my t 20 the one ram leaked. I found a place in Coventry to re seal the ram, not cheap but great job

  14. James Coomer Says:


    Wouldn’t it be great to have the link box fitted at the back as well as having the front loader on? That’s what I’d like to do, but I need to find another way of locking the rear hydraulics whilst the link box is on…

  15. Doz Grassick Says:

    Great topic now I have or am about to commit to a Massey Ferguson 735 loader which will fit my TE20 with a modification bracket. The spar that runs left to right under the fe35 is fixed to casting threads under transmission housing, but my fergie needs a bracket which fits I think to front of trans housing and rear of it then the spar just bolts to the bracket. Does anyone have one? Or any plans around to manufacture it?
    Thanks in advance

  16. bart Says:

    Hi Daz grassick, I’m facing the same problem, I have a te20 and a 735 loader and am trying to combine them. Did you find out more about solving this puzzle?

  17. Howard Says:

    Fantastic page, thank you all for the info. I have a Mil loader for my TED but both Rams are scrap, well one is without doubt, does anyone have any spare ones or know where I could find some.

  18. Richard Says:


    I was wondering where you came by the hydraulic connector. I am fitting a mil loader and mine is missing. Any idea where I could get one?

    any help would be greatly appreciated



  19. Terry Says:

    Hi. I remember when I fitted my MIL loader brackets to rear axle I had to also alter wheel settings to stop the tyres rubbing on the frame. Is there an easy way to connect loader as it has to be supported to clear front beam axle then manually lifted onto frame, are there any supports that allows it to stand clear of the axle and wide enough to clear the front wheels then maybe able to lower onto frame? At the moment it takes lots of levering.

  20. David Ferguson Says:

    Hi, I recently got my 2 rams serviced, it is possible to get new ones made if you have all the ends, I do have some spare rams, but they will need an overhaul, from time to time I see them on ebay.Do you know of anyone who has fitted a double acting ram to the bucket / grape ? I am doing this, but need some guidance on the hydraulics layout.

  21. Nick Says:

    I am in need of a mil loader -I have the fixing frame and rams fitted to my furgy but someone pinched the loader!! – does anyone have a loader with no rams or fixing frame
    That needs a new Home – I live in South Wales would really appreciate an e-mail!!

  22. Nick Says:

    Sorry forgot to tick box saying notify me by e-mail

  23. David Ferguson Says:

    Hi, sorry I cant help with a loader, but I suggest you put an advert in one of the classic tractor mags, I always get a good response from ads in them.
    I have seen loader assemblys in ebay from time to time.
    Regards, David

  24. David Ferguson Says:

    Hi again, there is one on ebay right now, do a search for mill loader

  25. James Holland Says:

    Nick, funnily enough I have the loader you need! Mine was removed as Rams were scrap. Someone left them out for 15 years!

  26. Richard Gedge Says:

    The link for the PDF of the bracket measurements seems broken. Is there another download or does anyone want to swap my set of Diesel brackets for the standard engine brackets as shown in the drawing?



  27. Nick swettenham Says:

    Hello Dave
    I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you – I had no idea that there was this thread of communication – I know it’s 3 months ago
    Do you still have the loader – I am still without and missing it !!
    I would appreciate if you e- mailed me directly as it took me along time to find your reply!
    Thanks again hope you get this e- mail

  28. Nick swettenham Says:

    Sorry again I should have sent a thank you to Dave and my previous mail to James !!

  29. nick swettenham Says:

    Hello James I am trying to contact you – unfortunately
    I didnt see your reply last october !! do you still have your loader ? could you e-mail me direct on
    so sorry for not replying before
    thank you

  30. nick swettenham Says:

    I am still trying to contact James Holland to see if he still has his Mil loader – I cannot believe I didnt find his reply for 3 months!! I hope you see this James my e-mail is
    Sorry for the delay!!

  31. Mike Hill Says:

    Anybody know where to get a ram seal kit for a MIL model H? Mike

  32. John daley Says:

    I am trying to fit a Horn draulic loader to a Dexta. Its an early loader which is mounted at the front and attaches near the bell housing

  33. Julian Says:

    Can you provide the pdf for making the brackets for TVO models please. The link doesn’t seem to work.




    I live in Denmark. I have a tef 20 and I need to Know about the hydraulik on the tractor. There is allready 2 Outlet for hydraulik Oil. 1 mere to pto and 2 up to the seat . Up to seat there is a valve. Down to pto its a 2015 year model. Fast click on. Me qouistion is…is bouds Running forward ???? Where Goes retur Oil back to tractor ?? I really cant See Where Oil Goes retur to gearbox after it have been jused …Please Help me ..Best Gerard Michell fiorini in Denmark.


    Hallo. I live in Denmark and I have a tef 20 with a hudraulick Outlet at the back with a New 1998 meby fast click on system. Now I have look everywhere on Google and you tube and cant find about Where is the retur hudraulick olie is Going??? Where is Tue retur “spot” on my tef 20 ??? How for å og funktion ??? Meby Some off you can tell me that one ..Best regard Michell fiorini Denmark.. tanks so much.

  36. Henry Banks Says:

    Hello, can anyone help me with plan/drawing for a type “H”Front Mil Loader bucket showing dimensions, curvature etc please. I have tried in vain to purchase one and would like to make one now to complete the project.
    Regards Henry

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