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All things Ferguson. Ask a question and answer questions from other ferguson enthusiasts. The answer can get you out of a jam or fix a ploblem normally within a couple of hours.
You will need to be a member with a password to get onto this site.
Have a look round the whole site. another interesting I think is the FoFH Market Place, to buy and sell your tractor or parts.

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Main Page: - Mark and Grahams site
Click on the news section to see what restoration jobs Mark and Graham are up to. You can also Buy books or phone Graham for a chat.

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Main Page: - Holand Brand Workshops
Find out what jobs are in at the Holland Brand workshop. The best section is the workshop news. I love the clear pictures. Always something going on in a workshop the size of which I'd love to own.

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A must for all things FE35 /MF35. Steve and his brother have produced a DVD of how to dismantle and reassemble your 23C Diesel engine. I found it great watching as it also shows how to work out when to replace parts, Whats knackered and what's still good. I'd love to see a DVD for the 20C engine. Even if you don't have a FE35 / MF35, the main site also has questions answered from visitors.

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I love this website. I like the way the photo's show the tractors at good angles with a well placed barn or tree in the background.

I especially love the logging section. I can't imagine anything finer than spending the day gathering, chopping and stacking wood. I don't fancy using the Mcconnel sawbench, I thought The Ferguson one looked dangerous but this one health and safety would have a field day. Spring will soon be here and a chance to get out and replenish the wood pile.

Basic website is now up please can you add a link
Cheers James James W. Durrant
Collectors of Ferguson Tractors and Implements, Vintage Agricultural Machinery and Plant.

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Bob McAllister's TEF-20 Restoration site (very professional) shows you what it should look like.


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Classic Ploughing

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Society of ploughmen

Got the link from Tractor & Machinery who ran an article on Mark and his Business in October 2005. Really helpful, but busy guy.
They have quite a lot of new ferguson plough parts in stock and also used parts
No Internet - yet


There are two places that supply parts close to me that I can visit without having to pay for postage & packaging.
The first is Old20 parts, They do parts for lots of different old and new tractors.
The second specialises in just Ferguson parts and is called Fergiland. Good range of T20 parts T20 Parts

Appleby's of Silsden New and Used Parts for TE20, 35,135 etc

The Local MF Dealer. Speak to John He's full of advice and very helpful. They Keep Vintage grey paint in stock in 1litre tins or 700ml aerosol cans.

And don't forget you can pick up some right bargains from eBay Someone got a working Massey Ferguson Combine for 50 (a year or so ago)

Diesel Injectors and pumps reconditioned or replacement.

We are one of the very few left who recondition the old Fuel pumps ( CAV BPE4A60S types) and Injectors for the Grey Fergy.
We have all the fuel pump spares and Injector Nozzles in stock plus Exchange units.
Have a look on our Web Site
Kimd Regards

I've not delt with this company so if you do let me know how you get on. and what you thought about them.


Tim Hawley
Hawleys tyres LTD
53 Bridge Street
S3 8NS
0114 2721096

Tractor Tyres off all types if they haven't got them they can get them.
They also do car tyres and exhausts.


Broadblast LTD
51 Mowbray Street
S3 8EN
0114 275 4764

Shot Blasting, Paint primer straight after blasting and final coat. (I gave them my Vintage Ferguson paint to use)


You can buy fuel in my case Agricultural diesel in 20 Litre containers for 10 (03/2005). Very helpful people. you just have to sign a form to say its for Agricultural use. They also do heating oil so you could get all the items needed to make TVO. I friend has a TVO tractor and I can't wait to have a go at making some.
Peak Oil LTD  

In the same location as above is Aztec Oil for all sorts of oil. SAE40 for the back end gearbox and hydraulics.
Aztec Oil LTD


You can hire a trailer to carry a tractor for the day of weekend.
BDS Trailer Hire Sheffield


A French chap who has completed a restoration already. Not sure of the words My French it not the may west the pictures sure help. A good point of reference.

An American site good for a look. I found loads of links from this page.

The magazine to subscribe to

A rather nice American site, Lots of technical info



BAGMA is the trade association for farm and ground care machinery dealers across the UK, Especially good to look at is the vehicle health check scheme. Link Here where you can download a checklist to go through to check your tractor or trailers safety details. this should be carried out on e yearly basis


Speak to Frank. they can make al sorts in all sorts of styles.


Vehicle Wiring Products LTD
9 Buxton Court
Manner Industrial Estate

All manner of vehicle wiring products.
Cables, sleeving, tools, switches, lights, gauges and fasteners (metric)
They also have an online catalogue.


All manner of things for the restorer, tools, body work, fastners, cleaners.


I got some engineering supplies from these guys ordered online quick delivery. I didn't want a whole set of Tap and Die's so I got just the sizes I needed for the plough bolts.
5/8 - UNF and 7/16 -UNF

Converts Imperial Fractions to Imperial Decimal and Metric.