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Head stripping
Tonight I have stripped down the head ready to have it skimmed, New valve guides added and valves seated, as well as carbon deposits removed from the exhaust side

A couple of valves left to remove and all the studs

Note to self: remember when putting this nut back the copper washer goes on first

Thanks to Roy for the loan of his spring compression tool

Although this picture is a bit blurred you can clearly see the inlet valve on the right and exhaust on the left. Notice the exhaust valve seat is full of carbon deposits I'm sure this must result in bad seating and maybe lack of compression. Which could affect the starting and general running.

I've never thought about having good quality tools before. I started looking at my original copy of the Ferguson service manual. Section U tucked away at the back contains a list of all the service tools available at the time the tractor was in production. A couple caught my eye.

The first was this box set of Britool tools.
(this is a scan from the original manual. It looks so much better than those dodgy CD's you can get on the Internet with all the tractor manuals on them as PDF document. You can never ,make out what's in the pictures).

The second are these two items. I wonder what the Britool part numbers would be for these items.


Well I though I'd like to start building up a collection of these original tools. So I started looking on eBay. I found a lovely box of tools not unlike the one in the first picture.

It went for £132 more money than I have. But I did come across one item . A Britool stud extractor mentioned in the list above as stud extractor FTB 10. So I Made a bid. At £10 I didn't think it was bad. especially when a new one costs about that from a cheaply made china example from present day.


Things are starting to gather a pace with the rebuild. The pistons are cleaned, The cam shaft is out. Just the diesel pump drive gear and the bolts for the galleries that the oil flows through to remove from the block. The block will then be ready for cleaning.
I have found a place that seemed passionate about grinding the crank shaft, so it's gone in. If they do a good job I'll be sending the head there and I know other people who want to have work done as well.

Speak to: Dave,

Ashby & Anderson,
Engine Reconditioners
Prospect Works
191 Whitehall Road,
LS12 6EW
0113 387 5951

I've been looking at what needs doing and what I need to do to get it done. There seems so much I don't know where to start so as ever I've made a list. I'm concentrating on the bottom part of the engine first. Then when that's together work my way up and out.

To Do:
Deconstruct -
Remove Diesel pump drive gear,
Remove bolts from block,
Degrease Block,
Remove paint from the outside of the engine,
Clean block thoroughly
Measure and check all major parts are within spec/tolerance

Reconstruct -
Cam followers,
Cam Shaft,
Piston Liners,
Pistons, (from below)
Build up Crank shaft
Fit crank shaft,
Back crank seal

So I've been looking at buying replacement parts. There is quite a variation in price and parts included in the TE-F engine kit. The front runner at the moment is a kit from Southern County Tractors. which comes in at £270 but includes valves and valve springs. all the others seem to be about the same cost but don't include the a for mentioned items. on top of that there is still main and big end bearings timing chain etc. I have been informed the parts are Sparex Which seems on the whole a respected make for the mechanical components.

I hope this answers your question Jerry. I did send you a lengthy reply to this email but the computer ate it before It could send it to you. Sorry. Anyone else want to comment on this subject? Parts quality and suppliers please email. I know this is a subject that has been heavily discussed in the FoFH Forum. If your not a member then join. £15 a year for access to the best Ferguson tractor forum in the world.


Hi Tim, I'm watching your progress on the overhaul with great interest!. One question comes to mind , and that is the quality of replacement parts, as on any job you only want to do it once. Looking at various websites , there is a large variation on prices for the same(?) product, e.g clutch plate from £29 up to £53. If the higher price is the cost of genuine quality, then so be it , but there is no obvious way of knowing before purchase/fitting/use ,except perhaps by word of mouth.
Any thoughts?
Best of luck, and no skinned knuckles!
Jerry Galvin

I have had a couple of emails from, huseyin karsli,

my name is huseyin karsli. I am from turkey. I love ferguson tractors. I have 2 ferguson TE tractors. What type an oil do you suggest me to use in steering gear box on my fergusons.
Best reagards

I could answer that one but this next one I haven't got a clue as I don't have a spark ignition engined tractor. Can someone please help with an answer.

Dear tim... I need your help again...would you tell me what type spark plug I need to use on my TE 20 grey ferguson..

Finally added the photo's of all the wonderful Ferguson, Massey Ferguson Tractors from our recent holiday to Donegal Ireland.
Holiday Photo's Donegal 08

Even More Cleaning
I cleaned the 2 remaining cylinder assemblies, removed the camshaft from the block and measured the crankshaft tonight.

From the ferguson Service Manual the main bearing sizes should be between

Mine are coming out at 2.745" thats .005 undersize. I wonder is I get them ground they can be ground with .010 undersize.

Also from the Service Manual the Big end Crankpin Dia should be between

2.3110 "

Mine are coming out at 2.310 again I may get away with them being ground 0.010" undersize.

I will have to wait and see as I'm off to meet a man called Dave who says he can regrind the crank for me.

I made a stand to support the crank shaft it makes it easy to measure + I have to transport it in the back of my car and I don't went to damage it

Not a great picture but a reminder to myself. The lower bolt on the cam shaft is wired to this oil squirter pipe

More Cleaning
I've been buying again. I bought a cheap set of allen keys from screwfix as a 5/16" key is needed to undo the bolts in the crankshaft main bearing housings. I bout a cheap set as I will saw off the end of the 5/16" key to go in a socket to be used with a torque wrench when it comes to assembling the parts as the screws are a long way inside the housings.

A diagram to remind myself which way round the centre bearing sections go together

I managed 2 of the piston assemblies with 2 to do tomorrow

With the bearings removed I could see the condition of the crank and its surfaces

On the whole not bad I have to measure them to see if they are within tolerance

I've been cleaning parts tonight. I've been using an engine degreaser an it's working wonders. then I read the side. Dilute 10% fluid 90% water. whoops, I've been using 100% fluid. no wonder it was coming off easy. Then I noted that the parts should be washed with water once degreased. After that I sprayed the with D40 and put them away in boxes, tins and bags until i need them.

Cancelled event
Sadly I don't think this will be the last event to be cancelled this winter due to the extra rain we've been having. Great news about the AGM though, This Year it was Devon, Much to far to travel for the weekend.

Hi Tim

I think I may have told you about my Fergie. Club working weekend at Humberton near Boroughbridge.

It was to have been held on 13-14th ( Sept.) but sadly we have had to cancel . The field is stood in water and the wheat hasn't been cut.

You may be aware of this from the Ferguson Club website but I'm trying to prevent anyone turning up in vain.

By the way, the 2009 AGM / AMW will hopefully be held in West Yorks. That's still unofficial but I will be able to confirm after the committee meeting in October.

Best regards

Brian Pickering

The cylinder liners, retaining rings (which no one told me about) are out.
The crankshaft is out,
The pistons are out.
The diesel pump, fuel pump and cover to the top of the cam follower chamber is also off.
All that is left to remove is the camshaft and followers.

Now comes the problem of trying to get this lot clean. The suggestion I have had is Paraffin in a bucket then put the parts in. This will work for most parts except The crank is 600mm long. I was planning on letting it soak for 24 hours before doing anything with it. It seems finding a container to put it in will be a problem. Paraffin is about £1 a litre from peak oils (see links page). Still looking for a container big enough.


More Undoing
I have been away this weekend to my brothers wedding so no engine work at the weekend I'm afraid. I have done some more tonight. The crank is nearly out. I just have to get the liners and pistons out first. The timing chain and connected gears (including the oil pump) has now been removed from the block. I have nothing on tomorrow night so I'll be on with it again

Ex tractor Fan
I am now an ex tractor owner. All I have is a collection of parts in the garage and a lot of work to do.
The good news is it’s in better shape than I originally thought at this stage with the main bearing still to extract. Which means less new parts needed, which means less cost.
A big thank you to Roy and Mark for there help. We got more done than I thought we would. There is still more stripping down to be done on the engine block. With the removal of the crank, cylinders and liners still to be undertaken.

Engine Rebuild Photo's Here


Donegal, Ireland
I've spent the past week on holiday in Ireland. I've taken a couple of hundred pictures of the tractors I've seen. I'll be adding then as soon as I've sorted them all out.

P P P P P P P or the 7 P's
"Proper planning and preparation prevent Piss Poor Performance" With the strip down looming next Sunday I have the rest of this week to get everything sorted out in the garage.

Longshaw Sheepdog Trials
Before next sunday on the Saturday, I will be driving out on my tractor (weather permitting) to Longshaw to take part in the sheep dog trials fell race.

Ferguson Club Journal
I received my Ferguson Club journal this week. I've read it cover to cover. I noticed Brian Pickering made a comment about the 2009 AGM weekend being closer to him, he lives in York. This will be good news for me as I'd like to go. This year it was nearly impossible to go as it was held in Devon! I've read the magazine again but I couldn't find any mention of the exact location for the event. If anyone knows please get in touch.

Ferguson Club Website
The club website seems to have ad a make over
Most interesting is the newly added gallery section

One Idea I had was to make the FoFH Forum available to the Ferguson Club Members. I thought this could benefit both clubs, a whole new membership list to ask and answer questions, Less administration and shared costs between the two clubs. I'm going to suggest the idea as something the Ferguson Cub look into.

Ashover Show
A great time was had by all and I do have a couple of photo's I will be adding soon. This has been the first show I've really enjoyed. I can only put it down to the fact I was meeting people who where exhibiting and had also arranged to meet people there.

Day Off
I've got the day off tomorrow to go to Ashover show hopefully I should be meeting up with Roy (see the local history page) and there should be some tractors from the old Sheffield showroom there. I'm praying for good weather as its rained a lot today, so I'll be taking my wellies.

Bakewell Show
And on the subject of Roy. He was the ploughmyfield roving reporter at the Bakewell show held last week. Some fine examples of Ferguson tractors and one with a Wilsons name plate. In years gone by Wilsons used to have a stand at the Bakewell show. I will try to get a picture for the history page. Anyway for now enjoy the great restorations and just dream yours could look that good.

Second Sight Productions have a new DVD out showing the progress from TE to FE. I'll be adding it to my Christmas list.

Wise Words

I had a question form a reader yesterday about painting my plough. I answered as I try to with all the emails I get. "If someone can be bothered to write to me the least I can do is reply" I think.

So upon giving my advise I asked, what advise the reader would give to a new restorer? I didn't expect such a fantastic reply.

Well if it was someone's first time restoring something. I would say these 8 things to them.

1. Do some preparation. Have a decent set of tools, not a 5000 quid snap-on set but a decent large enough set so you don't have to drive to the motor factors every 2nd day.

2. Don't just jump in and think your great. plan it out in steps what your going to do and might need.And if you need a big and expensive item like a engine hoist. Find one that you can borrow. Never ever spend unnecessary money

3. Budget how much your project will cost you ( if it has a factor ). Don't go mad spending money

4. If some parts on the tractor are working, refurbish them don't pay for new ones when the one you have is perfectly working.

5. Have a big phone book of contact in your area with services that you might need, like electrical supplies, paint shop, machine shop and sandblasting. Have a least 2 of each. They will come in handy.

6. If you have a small workshop don't waste space plan it out well where you know where everything is.

7. I think the best tip is have a big workbench where you can lay out parts. and examine them to see what's good and what's not.

8. Get to know your local mechanic real well and if your in doubt about something ask him. I you never ask you will never know that my motto.

Cormac (Age 16)

Wise words indeed. From someone so young. I thought tractor restorers where all retired! With someone so passionate about restoring, old tractors will live forever.

If anyone else has any pearls of wisdom on restoration I'd be happy to receive them and maybe start a page of advise.

Phone call

I had a great chat with Roy tonight (see history page) I might have persuaded him to come to the strip down day on the 31st of August to say hello.

New Page

I've added a page on dual wheels and a download to get the template to make the spacer yourself. Let me know if you make one.

Dual Wheels

Schedule slips

As you can see from the timer above the date of the strip down has changed. I've moved it to the 31August 2008. I haven't got time now to do it. I also want to drive to the Longshaw sheepdog trials on the 30th Aug, an event I drove to last year.

Mark Seymour, get in touch you are quite welcome to come along and take a look at the strip down.

Happy Ending

I've had this fab email in from Colin who bought his second and the last number plate bracket of the current batch. I am to busy with the engine strip down to think about getting more made. This it the first tractor colin has with the first number plate bracket he

Hello Tim.
Here are a couple of pics of my 1948 TEA TVO conversion, complete with number plate!

I've had an email from a reader wanting to come and watch me take my

apart! I wonder if I could sell tickets....
The time scale for the strip down is slipping. The usual story Life getting in the way. Ahh well there is always tomorrow.

Kid in a Sweat shop

I have purchased some original Ferguson parts from eBay. They are items I think I would have bought new new for the engine rebuild. Mostly seals and gaskets.

1170 Gasket Gearbox inspection cover or Gasket hydraulic pump drain, 1943 Gasket gearbox, 2424 not on a Diesel model, 58763 Bush - Little Eng , 61373 Gasket Decompression housing, 40-002-M1-copper washers.

Even if I don't ever use them and never open the boxes It's just nice knowing I have an original piece of history! And the packaging Just looks FAB. Why can't all modern things come in little cardboard boxed like these. I must admit I was a little puzzled when I saw PPQ1 on the side of the box. I worked out that it means Per Pack Quantity 1.

I just love the packaging.

All the items here are nearly twice as old as me!


At over 23000 hits its time for a new page. The old one was getting slow to load anyway. You can still find all the previous diary entries justto the links at the bottom of this page.

I bought some clips from Jeff at (he makes them up) The clips are to secure wire conduit from the back mudguard to behind the dashboard. I'm not sure what was originally used but in the 2008 version I like the idea of 10mm central heating copper tubing pained grey. You can see how well Jeff has got on with it from the pictures below.

Copper conduit and clips in place on the mudguard

Copper conduit running along the back housing. On Diesel models its the lft side.

So these are the clips that Jeff made for me...

Clips for the wiring loom

And here is where the clips should go (for the whole tractor).

Looking specifically at the back wing.

And what does it all mean.

As you may be aware, I'm stripping the engine down later this month and rebuilding it, so for now I'm not going to fit the clips. It was to good an oportunity too good to pass up. so I'll wait and fit them in september once the engine has been rebuilt.

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