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The Ferguson showroom 125-137 West Street, Sheffield 1952.


Find out about the Ferguson dealership in Sheffield in a new history section



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Just to remind myself how little time I've got to get everything done

Degrease No2

Preparations continue for the engine strip down going on later this month. With the bonnet now permanently removed today it was easy to drain the cooling fluid and remove the radiator. The purpose of this was to clean the front end of the engine and also see how easy it would be to remove the radiator.

Before - A dirty engine

After - A clean engine, but now you can see the rust

After - Another view of the clean engine

The front axle assembly has always squeaked whilst I've been driving. I may have found the reason why! The pin holding the front axle doesn't seem long enough. This maybe the reason I couldn't get the starting handle to connect to the front of the engine some weeks ago. There is also no bolt holding the pin in place meaning the pin cold work itself loose at any time. Not Very safe.

Dangerously short pin

More History

I have also had an email in reply to the Wilson section I recently posted. It seems someone who worked at the garage for 5 years has seen my website and sent in a great reply. Thank you Roy. Read his letter in the history section. I hope to interview Roy and a view to adding his side of the story to the page. You never know he may even have some more photo's to share.

Degrease No1

This evening I removed the bonnet, then the fuel tank and applied a liberal coat of degreaser to the parts of the engine I could reach. It looks so much better already. I wish I had done this years ago when I first got the tractor. Once I'd done this I put the tank back on and started her up to make sure I could still start her and dry by heating on and around the engine.

Bonnet and Fuel tank off

You can see the bits I can get to are now grey

I covered all the return tube ends and the breather tube

BritishMac Listeners Welcome
Hello listeners. I know the world of old tractors isn't the same as nice white and shiney aluminium computers but will your mac be arround in 50 years and still useful?

Take a look around and enjoy. We don't bite.

Engine Rebuild

The big news of the moment is two dates have been added to the diary. The first date is an engine strip down (26-27th July) in order to extract the cylinder head and crank shaft so that the items may be sent away for skimming and re grounding respectively.

The second date in the diary is (13-15th Sept) in order that the engine may be rebuilt with new..

Valves and Springs,
Cylinders and rings
Timing Chain,
Oil pump,
Clutch including thrust bearing.

I think I have managed to persuade a semi retired expert Ferguson tractor Miracle worker to do one more job! An announcement to be made soon.

Although I consider myself to be knowledgeable about certain aspects of the Ferguson tractor a diesel engine isn't one of them. So I have asked to spend time with an expert to help me get the job done in as little time as possible. I know I could do it myself but. it would take years. I'd take the engine apart and get some work done on it and something more pressing would come along and it would get pushed o the bottom of the list. This would result in 10 years time would be a garage full of half a tractor (the back half) and a box of bits for the front, not knowing where they go or even if I still have them all! You all know what it's like?

I set myself a goal of always having the tractor running. This way it won't be running for about a month. but that's how long it takes to get the parts machined.

So from now until the 26th I'll be degreasing the engine, reading my manual, examining the parts list and watching the video of the 23c rebuild (closest thing I have to a 20c engine rebuild).

I've added a new section to the website called History. I've been looking at the history of the Ferguson dealership in the middle of Sheffield and with the help of a family member finding out all about what it took to run a successful Ferguson Showroom and Workshop.

New Magazine
There is a new magazine available in England called "Massey Ferguson" Its published by the same people that do "Tractor & Machinery" The feedback from most people is that it was about time and the 100 pages are well written and worth the £3.50 price tag.

It is available from news stands and also for 12 months subscription for £12.60 (UK). Published by Kelsley Publishing group take a look at for more info and europe/world prices.

The new cover of "Massey Ferguson" from Kelsley publishing

Tractor Crisps
Well no quite but asking for a packet of plain crisps in my local pub and I was confronted by the following packet, and the crisps aren't bad. And they're made in Yorkshire.

Nice Packet, Nice Crisps!


I've had a couple of requests from people about the plough lamp bracket I no longer sell as I've run out of stock. It was going to cost so much to produce another batch it just wasn't worth it.

So I make available here the flat pattern template for FREE for you to download and have a go yourselves. Please send me pictures if you get one cut out, folded and bolted to your tractor I'd love to se it.

I intend in the future to add some folding notes but at the moment it's just the flat pattern.

Here is what it should look like once its folded.

Pattern of the Plough Lamp Bracket.
I've included this as A PDF document.

Once downloaded you should print it out on an A4 printer FULL SIZE don't scale the image. There are a couple of dimensions on the drawing to check for scale.

Plough Lamp Bracket Template



I've had a bit of a spring clean over the weekend. I got rid of the mower that was taking up the patio. I've kept the mower stands and a universal joint.

I bought this link box for £10. I noticed that it had had non original arms fitted in order to attach it to the tractor.

A farmer gave me this original ferguson one you see below. It was all that was left the rest had disintegrated.


I now have 2 pulleys. The one on the left works and is the new one. the one on the right is the existing one. you can see how the one on the left, the centre of it sticks out of the seal. the one on the right does not. Now I have the one on the left I can make/have made a collar to go on the right one .


I had this great email in from Peter. I'm sure it's something That will be useful to readers. I'll pass on this email to FoFH and the FERGUSON CLUB as I'm sure there members will also be interested in your detail Peter.

Hi Tim
I would like to be included in your links.
We are one of the very few left who recondition the old Fuel pumps ( CAV BPE4A60S types) and Injectors for the Grey Fergy.
We have all the fuel pump spares and Injector Nozzles in stock plus Exchange units.
Have a look on our Web Site
Kind Regards

One project which is continuing is my investigation into The Sheffield Ferguson dealership. I will be adding all this information to it's own page soon but for now take a look at this advert I found for the company from 1954.

Thank You René for your comments on the TEF-20 page I have added those comments in the appropriate place.

Ploughing feedback

Hi John Thanks for the feedback, it always looks easier than it actually is!


Hello Tim. Great to see your plough working. You may remember my tractor is the green one at the start of the FOFH section. Shall we see you competing at the FOFH match this year? Looking at the pictures I don't think your furrows were exactly even, next time you are in the field measure the width of the front furrow slice and adjust the cross shaft if it is not the same as the rear furrow. Then try the top link a bit longer than the standard setting in the manual and finally adjust the lift rod down until both furrows look the same. I too, have read the books and watched the videos but it does not happen the same when you get into the field
.I have just seen the latest plough item and I don't think you will have a problem with lack of "suck" unless shares are badly worn but agree that any sharp edges need to be ground off as they will encourage the soil to stick. Most parts are available from "The Westlake Collection" Peterbough He can be found at major tractor shows and via adverts in tractor magazines
John Morris

Ploughing With A Ferguson
After my recent ploughing experience I thought I'd put a page together to with my tips but also a record so I don't forget next time I go. It can be found in the left hand bar under "plough - Ferguson" or it can be clicked here Plough - Ferguson It's meant as an addition to the two manuals available from ferguson on the subject of Ploughing. Those publications are meant for brand new ploughs I'm trying to add something for the owner who's plough has been sitting in the barn for the past 20 years. or that new eBay or farm sale purchase. Please Please get in touch on the subject of ploughing it's all new to me. Watch out for the movies on the page the largest is 13.5mb.

Sales Manual
I've bought from Graham a 130 page book issued to all ferguson sales people. It's fab it's got listed a load of implements and loads of accessories including the ferguson 3rd furrow adapter and the furrow width adjuster. well worth a read

As a Joke Graham included a pair of white gloves as used by librarians looking at priceless antique books!

It's only taken nearly 3 years from buying my ferguson 2 furrow plough, but this weekend I got to use it! Not with my tractor but with a borrowed ferguson TE-A20 and a IH 414. I have been in the north east of the country this weekend at Beamish open air museum ( . I took my plough to use on a field there. The museum has also recently acquired a ferguson tractor So I went to have a look at it with it's new owners and maybe help with any problems they where having.

Here you can see I was leaving for the field with the plough behind the 414. Jim and I had spent a couple of hours the night before assembling the plough as I had transported it in the back of my car. The mouldboards and shares where also given the angle grinder treatment to get them shiney enough to start ploughing.

Once at the field we hitched the plough up to the ferguson TE-A20 (TVO conversion) ready to start ploughing. This is a field which had turnips in it last year and needs to be cultivated before planting a crop this year. So there was no possibility I could do much damage.

Here I am under way on my opening furrow. The right hand share and moldboard have been raised as much as possible using the leveling screw on the right hand lower link of the tractor to only cut a shallow furrow.

On the second furrow the front wheel was riding on top of the first furrow. The front furrow was still high.

Even with all the angle grinding to get the mouldbourds and shares clean earth was still sticking to them. Especially the front one. So here Jim is following behind getting ready to clean the earth off. By the end of an acre the earth was not sticking at all. Going faster and shallower also helps stop the mud from sticking.

I don't think I'll be winning any competitions just yet but the more I did the straighter it got.

I was quite pleased with my efforts by the end of my time. I just wished I could have spent the next week ploughing up and down to get the hang of it, and with my tractor!

This was the plough after the day. It needs a good greasing to keep the boards looking as shiney as they became, then it wants to be stored away inside ready for the next time.


I had a couple of emails last week but was so busy getting ready to take the plough up to Durham I didn't have time to add them.

You seen to have a really unique tractor Martin. lots of item's I've never seen before.

Hello Tim

I've got some more pictures here for you. The first is of the number plate bracket, I forgot to get one of the plough light bracket. These lights were new in 1958 and were fitted first to a TED which was traded in for 51 BOT in 1961, and the lights were transferred to it. The number 51 BOT also dates from 1961 as the tractor was not previously road registered. The long wings and foot plates were fitted in the late 1960's to comply with safety regulations. They look better than bits of tin riveted to the originals! The foot plates make a more comfortable place for your feet too.
There is a picture of the tractors unusual lift lock which enables an implement to remain lifted with the PTO out of gear, ideal when transporting PTO driven implements. I have seen other lift locks but never one the same. You can see the operating lever for it beside the seat in the picture of one of the 6 volt batteries.
There is a picture of old and new battery covers. The new ones from the Ferguson Club are apparently made from original Lucas moulds and do appear to be identical, except you have to cut out the centre section for the battery fillers. Also they are made from a different material and so have to be painted matt black though I'm not really sure what paint to use as I don't want it to crack. I don't know why they cant be the correct colour and have the centre pre cut out. I'll let you know how I get on.
Finally there is a close up picture of one of the brake adjusters and it is fitted with a locking plate to prevent the brakes adjusting themselves in use, this was a common problem on some tractors and this was a dealer suggested solution.



Hello again Tim

I've read with interest your page on the Fergie cordwood saw, i have enclosed two pics of our Fergie saw, feel free to use them on your site if you wish. Pic 1 is an original pic before i restored it and pic 2 is after i restored it. I disassembled it, striped it to bare metal, gave it several coats of red oxide primer, then repainted it to match of one our fergies in fergie grey.
Upon inspection i noted that there was very slight wear to the shaft but not enough to justify replacing, new grease nipples were added, and i changed the compression springs and bolts to make the table spring back with ease.As i mentioned in a earlier email, it is a good little saw, but with limitations, we have a Mc connel table saw bench which gets a lot more use, it depends what type of timber your cutting into logs, but for most applications you need a table saw.

Keep up the good work


Ps I've attached a picture of our David Brown and trailer from last saturday, we had the job of clearing piles of fallen timber from a local wood which had been replanted. We loaded the trailer about 2 foot higher than the sides, around 4-5 tonne in weight, the db pulled it out of the woods with ease, we traveled back around 6 miles to our wood yard, i followed back initially in my pickup, i was sitting at 20mph and the db was pulling away from me very slightly, not bad for a tractor over 40 years old pulling that kind of weight!!!

I have also had a kind offer of a chance to buy a Cordwood saw, Thank you Paul. But the item is a bit far away and with shipping costs a little out of my budget. Oh well the search continues for something a little closer to home that I can collect my self.


News from a reader of a trailer socket that fits the ferguson numberplate bracket I have for sale in my webshop. Now all I have to do is find a cargo stockist.

Hi tim ,two things, Firstly I bought a no plate bracket off you via ebay a couple of months ago well it looked good before but now its painted and on it looks great i will send you some pictures soon .also the electrical socket ,i got one of these off ebay too but couldnt get it through the hole without the insides in ,let alone complete ,So because we want to use the socket for powering a weed wiper ive been looking for a suitable socket,Anyway ive found one .its made by a company called CARGO. the four screw holes line up as near as makes no difference and the centre hole just needs a couple or ten thou out.not bad looking either .

Thanks David Osborn.

The cargo number is 180306 .Its like a small version of a seven pin trailersocket only having three pins though, i cant see me getting anything better anyway.i got it from ND HAIGH in Huddersfield 01484426479 .Cargo have a web site and no doubt have suppliers abit nearer you ,I think it was about £5.00 ish plus a bit of p&p

Cordwood Saw Bench
I've been researching the Ferguson Cordwood Saw Bench as I'm thinking of buying one. Thank you to all those who have sent me pictures, hopefully you'll see them on the page.

I've added a link to the page on the left panel and you can also get to it here Cordwood Saw


Hi Martin,
Thank you for your kind words.
Love the photo, can you please take some more? I'd love to see what's going on at the back end with the number plate, plough lamp and lights. I also like the safety mudguards you have and foot rests. Please send one of the batteries and covers too. I don't think you should do anything to your tractor apart from keeping it running. It looks great, far more valuable in its current clothes than if you'd re sprayed it, cracking number plate too.

First email

have recently discovered your site and have enjoyed reading it. I was interested to read your problems with the starting handle. I wondered if it doesn't line up because your pivot pin is worn or it has worn its holes in the font axle support housing. If it has become loose it would quickly wear and get more out of line.

My father has started his TEF once from cold with the handle, but he says it is easy when the engine is hot. I think it is probably easier to have a good starter and battery!

If you are interested I will send you a picture of my TEF, I have recently bought two new 6 volt batteries for it and some battery covers from the ferguson club.


Martin Cull

second email

Hi Tim

Attached is a picture of my TEF. As you can see it is in its working clothes but I think sometimes its nice to see them like that.
My father has owned it since it was a few years old and while he still uses it occasionally I seem to get to do the repairs! We have quite a bit of other Ferguson equipment too.




Hi Tim,
First of all can I just say well done on a brilliant website, I'm a TEF owner myself so I can relate to all your posts. Like so many other readers I find it an inspiration to make me get to work on my own fergie! I’m very impressed with your collection of implements and bits and pieces that you’ve amassed over time, I have yet to get myself a new pair of lift arms!

At present I am probably at the stage you were a couple of years ago, I was bitten by the bug during summer 2007 and was lucky enough to purchase a TEF in pretty good nick from a man who had simply lost interest. It’s in much the same condition as yours was.

Slowly I’m learning all the time and sites like yours are certainly a great help. I’m joining FOHF next month also so hopefully that will be a source of help. Alas like all things in life, time is the issue, I only have the odd weekend to do bits and pieces but I’ll get there!

I’m eager to build a little link box to look like the original ferguson one, do you know of any site that has CAD plans or detailed dimensions of one, they look easy enough to build. Its hard to come across an original in good nick, although you didn’t do to bad for £10!

Also is there a possibility I could get the E-Mail address of the Irish Gentleman who sent you the pictures and video of the strip down restoration he was carrying out in his spacious workshop! I’m an Irishman myself and would love to speak with that man, I find the only way to learn about fergies is by talking to people who know about them.

Hopefully I will hear from you if you have time. Best of luck with your TEF and Keep up the great work with the web site, I look forward to any new posts you will have, Very interesting! Included are some pictures of when I first got mine.
Damien Healy (Ireland)

Time for a new page
I've had trouble working on the last page as I think it was getting to big. It's still available below as Previous Page 4

One thing leads to another
I picked up a starting handle for my TEF-20 last week from eBay. I went to pick it up and had a chat with a wonderful chap called Mr Smith. He was moving house and had to get rid of a load of Ferguson stuff as there where 3 tractors in his garage and "two more in bits round the back" He said. He's going to be doing a lot of selling on eBay.

I don't really need a starting handle as I don't ever intend to start the tractor using the manual method. (well maybe give it a go one day just to say I have). And that's where the trouble has started. The starting handle looks in great shape, but then how much use will it of had over past 50 years?

The problem started when I tried to stick the handle in the hole in the front of the bonnet of the tractor.

It goes in so far but doesn't engage with the cog as the end of the crank shaft. It looks as though the two are not in line! How can this be? The handle's shaft goes through the pin going through the front axle pivot bearing. So what isn't in line? does anyone have any experience of this? It does look as though the radiator had had a bang on top some time ago, but surely this can't be enough to bend that whole front section. Anyone with any thoughts please email in. I think I see an FoFH Forum topic coming up.

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