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Ok So I've got one. Here Are the Vital Statistics.....


Serial No:



Engine No:



Back Casting No:


24 3 4 or 24th March 1954

Build Date:


12th May 1954 (one of 255 built that day)


  501 UXH


I've had a number of people wanting to ask questions or query what I have written. All correspondence gratefully accepted.  send me an email:



In the same format as the Holland-Brand News page, hope you don't mind Graham?


Plough page updated


I forot to check the email for a couple of weeks (its not my only email address) and I found two great letters from people who had looked at my site. Thank you for your kind comments and help.

Hello Tim

I was searching through the internet for anything Ferguson related when I
came across your site - lots of interesting stuff I must say.

You had a question out to people a bit back about your pickup hitch being
for a 35, and you asked if people could send in measurements. Well as I see
no update on these no longer being required I have enclosed some
measurements for you:

MF35 Parts:

Hook Dimentions A 198
B 312
C 127

T-Bar X 610
Y 660 Locked
W 31
Z 13

Stay Dimention R 760
S 32
T 24

TE20 Parts (Hook Only):
A 234
B 332
C 127

These may be the odd millimetre out as I was only using a tape measure and
my eye.

I only have the hook and brackets for the TE20 so I have given those
measurements, but the MF35 measurements I have also are exactly the same as
whats fitted to my Grandads MF35 and he assures me that is the correct ones
as he fitted them new. The easy way to tell is the diameter of the hook as
its slim on the TE20, and much wider on the MF35. The mounting brackets are
also different (obviously?) to accommodate the longer TE20 hook. Apparently
the TE20 hook was narrow as that was all that was required at the time, but
the MF 35 had a wider hook point to accommodate the newer trailers and their
wider ring (only from what I'm told as I wasn't even a sparkle in my Dad's
eye at that time!).

I have attached a couple of photo's of them side by side for you to see, and
compare. Any further measurements or pictures you require then just give me
an email, or feel free to phone me on ********** and I'll do what I can.

On a separate note to the above, if your looking for authenticity for your
TE20 then the TE20 hook and brackets I have aren't in use. And funnily
enough while I have an MF35 hook, I don't have the mounting brackets. If
you are interested in a swap then give me a shout as it'll save me making
ones up.

Best regards
Dennis Brown

Thank you Dennis,
I think I will be ok with the 35 hook thanks for offering a swap. I thought the brackets where the same for the 35 and 20? I can see the hole positions must be different for the two hooks after looking at your pictures. Do you have any photo's of the TE20 brackets please?

Hi Tim

Howís your plough going?

I manage too get the bit for my furrow wheel and new plough bolts from Westlake Collection Got the name from the Tractor & Machinery mag. A good man who new just what I needed. Like you, I have clean all my old bolt and threads to reuse them so the plough spanner fits.

I am still priming mine by hand. I have a lack of space but will spray the top coat. Hope to do this around Christmas, as long as the weather good out side. Have you found any were to get a commissioning plate? I need a new one all but one corner has broken. Sadly to say there is no serial number on it, only a model number.

I see you have a transport box. If you lived closer you could have had the part you needed from my old one. It has the tail gate (very good condition compared to the rest) and the hooks. I need to make room and it has to go. The floor is very rotten and need a lot of work other wise I would keep it.

Keep up the good work.


Hi Colin,

I got brand new bolts and nuts from Fergieland, But I have spoken to Mark Weston of Westlake plough Parts before. You are right he is really helpfull.

Please send photos of your sprayed plough I'll add them to the site.

Regard comissioning plates two names spring to mind, first the FoFH shop, secondly I looked at T&M December 2005 which had a Sherman/Ferguson plough restoration in it. The guy restoring his plough got the plate from Bertie Dunlop of Dunlop Vintage Tractor Spares, Northern Ireland. I mention this one as Bertie was able to stamp the make and serial number on the plate before posting it.

If you still have the tail I would pay for postage if you wanted to send it ? And the hooks could they be angle grounded off and sent in the post as well?

Thanks for you letter keep us posted on your updated progress I'm making it a new years resolution to finish my plough restoration.

I Like this Christmas thing.
I've had some time today to tinker with the tractor. I've been trying out the newly aquired Autohitch parts. They work a treat, as the photo's below show. now all I need to do is find a place that makes the brass ferguson plates up with the serial number and type. I'll try the FoFH shop first.

The Autohitch in the upper position.

The Autohitch in the lower position.

I've also decided to start the new year with a new page. so I can see all the changes I've made in a year.

Wow I've had a stroke of luck.
I saw a couple of days ago on eBay a ferguson 9 hole drawbar. Not very special. I already have one. The Interesting thing was the stays that where advertised with it. They where not the original ones. From the photo they looked like the stays for the auto hitch.

The photo wasn't that great and didn't show both ends of the items. There was a buy now price so I took a chance and bought them for £30. The seller was kind enough to offer postage so I took him up on the offer. They arrived and Yes they where what I had first thought. They are stays for the furguson Autohitch that go between the hook and the lower link arms. I have been looking for these for so long. I had a pair offered to mesome time ago for £50 trom a reseller. I thought that was alittle expensive so I waited. I'm glad I did. I now have a drawbar to putback on ebay in the summer when I've repainted it. From the photo below you can see the two types of ends and the pin holes where the ferguson brass plate would have gone.

Detail showing both ends of the stays and the pin holes where the name plate used to go.

A couple of weeks a go i started tidying up the garage. I've gathered a lot of ferguson accessories. So I thought I'd try to tidy them up by putting them on the wall. so I could find them when I needed them. I think the results look great. Still a bit of space in between the spanners and the other items


I can't believe its been 2 months.
I've been so busy on the house the tractor has taken a back seat for a while. I am however planning to change that this weekend. I've got to get some lighting in the garage first. I only can do this at the weekend as It's dark when I get home from work.

I had a lovely email from a fellow fergie enthusiast. I thought I'd share it with you.

Hi Tim

Just like to say well ďdone on your web siteĒ. Itís great. I found it whilst looking for some information on parts list for a Ferguson plough. Like you, I am doing one up and was trying to for which bolts are the correct size. I am just about to start putting on the primer before rebuilding. I have all the bit apart from one small piece which hold the land wheel on. This I will have to find.

I have three Ferguson and a number of implements. Which include a winch and a Manure loader (the one that fits on the front axle).

One of my Fergusonís is a Lenfield conversion. This was a local MF Dealer who took 6 inches of the axles so the batteries were put in a v behind the seat (see photos)

Keep up the good work on the tractor and web site

Colin Slattery


Thanks for the Email Colin,
That is a very unusual tractor you have. and I love the winch on the back. Good luck with the plough restoration. Please send in some more pics once you've got the plough looking good. Please pass on any tips or tricks you used to get you a good restoration. or how to overcome any problems.

I have an original parts list for the 2 furrow plough. What bolt informatin are you looking for?


Updates are starting to come in now so the AutoHitch survey [01/09/06], I'll hang on to the results until I have a good sample before post them.

Survey Results So Far click here

Why Am I doing this? has been one question I've had asked. Well Both Graham and myself believe the TE20 and FE35/MF35 equpment is different in size, So by running a survey we should be able to find out. Also if you have mis matched equipment we should be able to work out which is safe to work with which other items and in my case I may have to have custom stays made so a 35 hook works with a TE20 T-bar.

A survey for you out there.
Do you have an Auto-hitch for your Ferguson TE20, FE35, MF35.
The next time your out tinkering with it can you check these dimensions please....

Please Download this document to help you

OK so I've got a hook which goes under the tractor Here (Link to Hook pictures). But it is for a FE / MF35, and I have a T-bar but it is for a TE-20. This means the bars that connect the two will have to be a funny size. After speaking to Graham at holland Brand he has said that mark can make a set in the workshop to a custom length. So I need a size for the two holes and a distance apart. I wont know this until I've collected the T-bar.

I'm not sure what the sizes of the original bars where wo this will be a focus of attention over the next couple of weeks.

I Found out today I have won an eBay auction for a T-Bar for a ferguson TE-20 Tractor. Its the one with the button made from the TE-20 and not the later one designed for the 35. And it looks in good condition. now all I need are the two bars which go between this and the hook on the underside of the tractor.

I should have done this ages ago. But with the rims coming back from being sprayed with undercoat it got me thinking about what I need to do next with them. So this is the process you need to through in order to get a paint job you can see your face in.

  • Shot Blast

  • Cheap and chearful auto body filler, put on with a spreader. (His was a yellow colour)

  • 80 Grade sand paper on a disk with an angle grinder

  • 2 pack, polyton rush put on with a roller (Leckler coatings 00 284 - small tub, 04 210 Big 1 litre tub)

  • Shadow coat - Black aerosol then wet and dry

  • Rub Down with180 grade weya and dry + Block by hand

  • Undercoat

  • 400 wet and Dry (wet and Dry)

  • Finish coat x 3
    * Tack cloth inbetween all

Couch Potato Tractor Restorer
I've been getting really enthusiastic about tractor restoring again. It's after reading the workshop diary section of the Holland-Brand website. They have a new Lad! Steve who is writing on the website every day. The progress they are making in restoring a tractor is amazing. In a week its gone from the gearbox to nearly a full tractor. I wonder how much that cost. Well I'm not in it for a quick restoration I just like doing a bit here and there. Keep it up all at Holland-brand it makes great reading

Workshop Diary Page Holland-Brand

I have come up wth an order of things to tackle next. I Find if I don't have a list nothing gets done.

  • Fill, sand and spray the back wheels. get the centres sandblasted then filled, sanded and sprayed

  • Finish the plough, Mouldboards, Skimmers, furrow wheel. They all want stripping and painting

  • Get the wing frames sandblasted and painted. Get hold of some wing skins and add them then final spray

  • Stop the leaking PTO (I have all the parts now)

Summer Holiday
I've taken the summer off. I thought it would be wise to take a break for the summer. I've had the wheels back from the shot blasters. they look great. I could paint them as they are but I'd like to use filler to fill the pits. Then rub it down and spray paint them.

Not really Ferguson related.
Some people from my running club pointed out an article in the Guardian newspaper on Tuesday 18th July 2006 . It concerned a flatpack tractor from China that you assembly yourself. I just can't see them being around in 50 Years time or the parts available for them. The guy in the article already had a Ferguson TE20 and he traded it for this modern thing. I just couldn't.

Link to the Guardian Article

The tractor company in Question Siromer

I Have placed my fist order with Holland-Brand today

I've been having a good old tinker tonight with the finger bar mower I bought of eBay. I wanted to see what was there and what was missing so I hitched it to the back of the tractor. I got some help from the FoFH forum recently on the missing PTO. someone has offered me one which needs separating from the shaft it is seized to. my mind is working overtime on how to free the two parts. Something to do with a lot of force I imagine.

Well here are some pictures so you can see the work that needs to go in to making at least usable.

Nice to see the racks I made are finally coming in handy.

I don't think this chain is as long as it should be. I think another FoFH question coming up.

Organised kayos. The main problem as I see it is the mower section is un supported. I think the chains are not set up correctly.

I think there is a bracket missing from the underside of the right hand bracket bellow the mudguard supports.

I'm off to study my Ferguson on the farm part 1DVD now for some helpful inspiration.

What a day.....
Last night my tractor started without the need for Easi-start. This represents a first in all the time I've had it. There has to be hope for the old girl yet. I still think some time soon she is going to need an engine rebuild

Today I went to my first fell race on my tractor. I hope to make this a summer event going to all the local races. Mind it didn't help my running any, I came last as I got lost.

I've seen a great cover for the tractor on the FoFH website time to save my pennies. At £95 its not cheap buy it looks well worth it. I've noticed they also have a couple of Video's about the site at Banner Lane and tractor production. I think I'd like to know more about how they where made. I'm sure there is a lot to be learned by watching then be assembled. one every 2 and a half minutes when in full production.


So where is the year going?
I just happen to be going past Netto and got a compressor and spray gun for £65 another bargain. So hopefully now I can have a go at spraying parts. The gun looks complicated with about 4 things to tweak to get right.

The tractor is taking a back seat at the moment, as you can see by the lack of diary updates. I have 2 wheel rims in for shot blasting. I'm off to tractor club tonight. Found a magazine with dates for the year of when they meet.

Well using a 50 year old switch from the Lucas lighting set and a couple of clips and a 2 watt bulb I have been testing the electrics on the Ki-gass system.

Rene, you'll be pleased to know I finally bought the items today to test the Ki-gass heater and switch. I'll try to do some diagnostics tomorrow.

Been to Fergiland and got the 4 studs that bolt under the tractor to hold the pick up hitch. They are again special with one end being UNC and the other being UNF both 5/8 in Diameter. I also got 4 17/16" (1" 1/16") A/F 5/8 UNF bolts that Patrick has had made. Yippee. Its only taken about 6 months to track some down.

I've washed all the hitch parts in diesel. ~ smelly but it works a treat. I should have used this method before it really works. I then fitted them to the tractor.  (Photo's to follow)

Oh no I bought a mower this evening on eBay. There are a few parts missing.......

  • The PTO adapter,

  • The Swaith Board,

  • Bar with hook for changing the cutter blades.

I bought an American mower instruction book some time ago and its great for reference. The design is slightly different to the later English mower but the concepts are still the same. It details how to construct the mower on purchase.

I've got a pick up hitch and I wasn't sure about what bolts I should use to attach it to the tractor. The FOFH Forum came up trumps again.

Link to Article

The membership is well worth it and I'd advise anyone interested in ferguson tractors to get joining

It's been nearly a month since I have written anything here. Its not that I haven't been doing anything. I just haven't had time to write about it. I now have a set of row crop wheels and another set of rims.  The idea is to swap the current wheels and get them shot blasted and painted. then put back on the tractor. Whilst I'm doing this I can use the row crop wheels (bought on eBay for £20) on the tractor so it can still be moved / driven.

I have also got a pickup hitch. Just the hook and frame part that sits under the tractor. It came with the guard to stop the trailer jumping out . I still need the stays and t bar to make it an automatic hitch then you don't need to leave your tractor seat to connect the trailer. This was another eBay bargain at £38. I've seen then going for over £100 which is crazy. I have a friend Mr Clogger to thank for this as he bid in it as I was out running.

Check heater switch with voltmeter Find out about getting a replacement heater coil. Still not sure what's going on. I have had an email from Rene. I haven't got hold of a 2watt bulb yet! I fitted a new ammeter I have had for some time Vapormatic VPM5504. I will get a bulb and test the switch and heater as suggested.

There are some bolts holding the wing skins on to the frame. They are UNC 14.3mm (.577in) A/F with two lengths the longer is 28mm (1.114in) and the shorter is 22.24mm (.875in) get 10 of each there are also some rivets. these are unavailable so everyone says use coach bolts cut down. And don't forget some packing to go in the 3 rivets on the lower frame between skin and frame. I'm not sure on the thickness of these. All these items where measured using my new digital callipers I got from Netto (£10) what a bargain.

Out for a drive this afternoon. I eventually separated the mudguard frames from the skins. The nuts came undone really easily. New skins to buy. No size given in the parts list for the bolts will have to measure them later.

Spent a couple of hours working on the ki-gass system! Managed to juggle all the parts around enough to get then all in! photo to follow. Everything was there except the tank. (got from Fergiland at the Tractor World Show in March)

The pump seems to be working ok, not sure how to test it. I have the springs + ball bearings all in tact + filter. I don't think the heater coil is working as it doesn't get warm and there is no drop in current when I pull the switch to activate the heater coil either.  I haven't checked the switch is working though.

To Do

  • Finish the plough, Mouldboards, Skimmers, furrow wheel.

  • Get hold of some wing skins and add them

I acquired a part of the transport box. (the central strut with hooks to connect to the lower links of the tractor) as mine is not original. from Mr Wainwright of Bolsterstones. Thank you very much. Its going to take a lot of work to get the whole box in a good working state. Its well down the lest of this to do.

Web Shop page added. I have finally got the number plate holders folded and for sale one the website. More items to be added soon!

I've finally got the tractor in the garage. Now I can work on it more as I don't have to keep on going to Tom's (where it was stored)

I've looked over the Ki-gass system and the only thing missing is the tank. Its only got a primer coat on at the moment so once finished it can be added straight on.

Added the breather filter to the engine. I haven't started the tractor since so I don't know if it will have much effect controlling the smoke given off. I think it points to a lack of compression in the engine with pressure escaping down through the cylinder rings.

The bonnet at the front has been pushed in. The whole front is flatter than it needs to be. this was discovered after trying to fit the casting for the Cyclops headlamp. I'm not sure about this one. I think it may take quite a professional to straighten it out.  

Lost going on.
More painting. I'm really trying to concentrate on one think at a time. The item of the moment is the alloy bonnet bracket for the Cyclops headlight. I've wet & dried it and given it a primer coat. It needs a little more work.

The clocks have changed and I can now do some stuff in the evening.

Fit ammeter, Oil filter Ki-gass tank

Has it really been a month!
Plough page updated Great News and pictures.

eBay has been a bit Manic lately. I've got an original front casting for the bonnet to cover up the holes in it. Yippee, an original part of the lighting kit and only £10 you can't even get the repro ones for that. So I've got two items now the switch and this casting. I'm still on with making the number plate holder and the plough lamp bracket.


 I've got two 7" Lucas lights on the way I don't think they are the FT57 model but they will do. One for the back and one for the front.


I've also managed to get hold of the rack for the top link. It's a bit bent but I've managed to straighten it out. I've recorded the measurements and have got them laser cut. I'm hoping to sell them later this month on this website. Watch this space.

And finally on the eBay front I've picked up a short PTO cover so I can use the transport box without it fouling the current long PTO cover I've got.

The Tractor world show at the Malvern show ground was great again this year. I got hold of some Items I'd been after.

I got a Ki-gass tank so hopefully I can try to use the cold start method as outlined in the TE-F handbook. I'm not sure about attaching it to the tractor using those two hooks at the top. I think they need to be bent so they are parallel to each other.

I also got the seal and ring for the PTO. After putting the original back on it leaks like crazy. Mind it it 50 years old. I also need to get some modern circlips. for when I do the job. I'll check on the FoFH site to find out the sizes.


*********Add here the information about Painting**************

*********Add here the information about tyres*****************

Plough Page updated

The story today is Chuffing Bolts.
I've been trying to get hold of various bolts for the tractor. It really difficult. They all seem to be specials. I'm building up to replacing the tyres on the back wheels. but at the same time I need to do a bit of restoration on the rims as they are completely rusty looking around the 12 bolts that connect the disc to rim will cost £24. I also need tyres. I think I've talked myself into the Goodyear ones. I've then got to get the rim and disc blasted and primed. I'd like to get some sort of finish on them. Not sure of the best way to achieve this.

Had a wasted journey this morning to B&D bolts to get some 5/8" - UNF bolts and nuts for the plough. The heads are all special sizes I presume to fit the Ferguson spanner. The guy at B&D was very helpful, even ringing me back to let me know there was no way he could get hold of any. He said I could have them made but they would cost a fortune. SO the £2 for a bolt above is starting to sound a little less to swallow.  I'm off to try the Local MF dealer tonight I hope you can help John?

Tractor and Machinery have got it wrong. The South Yorkshire Vintage Tractor & Machinery Club (SYVTMC) don't meet in Wadworth but in Doncester. Actually better to get to for me. I arrived at 9ish and was there over an hour. I was made most welcome by the retiring chairman (I think chairman) Phil Green. Watched a couple of films on early tractors. I'll be there again next month. I got chatting to a couple of the Ferguson guys. they sent me a picture of there tractors the day after. I'm scared. There is no way mine will ever look that shinny. see for your self. Thanks Richard and Len Beckett for your help.

Richard and Len's tractors a mighty fine restoration job. Will mine ever look this good?

Plough page updated. Its February already! A month until Tractor World 4/5th March Malvern showground.

To do.

  • Fit New Ammeter

  • Fit oil breather filter (wash in diesel first)

  • 12 x Bolts for back wheel dish to rim

  • Sand blast and paint back wheels

  • Get new tyres for the back wheels + inner tubes

  • Get seals and bearing for the PTO shaft + PTO cover short


Well the mudguards should be on there way on Tuesday 31/01/2006 and should arrive on the Thursday/Friday.  I ended up using parcel2go.com. a recommendation form Graham Holland on the FoFH Forum site. The Kitchen is finished so the garage is getting clear and I can get in to paint the plough. Not long now and the tractor should be in the garage.

Today Iím a frustrated painter. The garage is full of kitchen parts and there is no room to paint. But once the kitchen is done it should leave a lot more room for the tractor to fit in. Iíve set myself a date of Sunday 19th of Feb (my birthday) to get the tractor home!

Not sure where the plough will go? Going to email the guy about the mudguards tomorrow, see if he has got them packed yet.

- No plans arrived from America.
- Been looking at some ace websites lately about tractors, thanks to Jim Fulton for the link. I must add the links to the website.

Well I've found out the milk man has got one the lady next door learnt to drive on one and the kitchen joiner also had one, Fergies get everywhere. Managed in the failing light to angle grind the 3 parts  needed to to start to be able to reassemble the plough. I did forget that I need to cleanup and paint the bolts! Might get a die and re do the threads at the same time.

Nothing done this weekend. I realise I need to use the angle grinder outside as it produces to much disk inside. So I'll have to wait until the weekend to rub down the next lot of parts. The current painted parts look fab.

Well no working on the tractor directly this weekend. I've been rewiring the Kitchen. I've also been ripping out the old kitchen units ready for the new ones to be fitted. This means the old ones can be re used in the Utility room and garage as a work bench and storage for fixing and working on tractor parts.

Two exciting things have  happened regarding eBay. I've got two mudguards. One skin at least will need to be replaced but I think it will probably end up being both. I fully understood this when bidding and I'm not to worried it means if I buy new skins I can try to get the finish very shiny with a proper paint job. This is all in the future. For now I've got to think about how I'm going to get then back from Chelmsford, Essex. One solution could be Freight Force a highly recommended company on the FoFH Forum. Or I could try a company they use at work. I'll give them both a ring tomorrow. the mudguards measure 42in by 25in and can't weigh that much 5kilo's each. I'm really pleased as I was informed some time ago that the mud guards I have are not the right kind and where fitted to the tractor at some point in there past. they are an all in one Item not frame and skins (I'll try to find a photo).

Two views of the new Mudguards and frames

Current mudguard (no separate frame)

The plans I ordered for a small desktop bending machine have been shipped from America. Once I've got them I'm going to have made all the parts and construct it with the purpose of folding the number plate holders and plough lamps I had manufactured recently. Then I'll be able to sell them.

Meeting of the South Yorkshire Vintage Tractor & Machinery Club
Monday 6th Feb, 8pm in the Fox and Hound Wadworth, Contact Phil Green 01302 864 816.
Directions From Sheffield:
Off the M18 at Junction 1, Follow A631 to Tick Hill, Turn left and take the A60 Doncaster to Wadworth.

Jobs This week

  • Continue painting the plough parts.

  • Assemble old Kitchen units a cupboards in the garage as work benches / storage.

  • Go to Machine Mart 15% discount day Thursday 12th  (remember card)

Done - Contact Local MF Dealer regarding Cellulose thinners for paint (collect Monday night).

Think I've found it (www.parcel2go.com) about £10 if things wrapped seller on holiday now until 22nd so I will contact then- Find out how to get the mudguards to Sheffield.

Happy new Year. I've done my first lot of tractoring in the new house. Yippee. After getting the garage to a sorted state. After putting up the florescent tubes I was able to do some painting. I've finished off the under coat for most off the main parts and I've done the final coat for the two main legs.

Took some photos of the tractor parts I had made with the lights in place they fit although the two holes for the cross over switch need to be bigger. I've now got to buy a banding machine to fold the parts up. I'm looking on eBay for some plans.

I have picked up the box. It is going to be great for just carting stuff around. Its not in great shape but worth a £10 I think it could be used as a template to make a new box. I picked it up in the dark so I will have to have another look at it in the light tomorrow.

You can still get bargains on eBay. I ended up the winner of this Ferguson link box. Admittedly it needs some work on it. but for £10 you can't go wrong. I know I've seen a repro  rear doors on sale somewhere. Was it Fergiland or was it the FoFH store?

Words of wisdom from Graham as usual.
"I have looked at your web page. The 288 is the one which is road legal today and the 288a is the one which was fitted at the time"
Thanks Graham. See [26/11/05] to know what he is on about

Plough page updated

The light parts arrived today. I was a little disappointed. there was no bulb in the back light holder! There was a crack in the lens. and another one has been despatched forthwith. Note - the bulb type is Lucas 335

Mind they are going to look great when they are fitted.

I've had an email to say the lighting parts I ordered see [26/11/05] have been posted. Yippee.

I finally got into the basement to paint the plough lamp. The lamp is a genuine ferguson part just painted yellow. I have added a new top coat of grey.

I've been spending my money again! I've bought a.......

Plough Lamp change over switch

and a Rear light and number plate light all in one. This was a choice of 2 and I'm not sure if I've bought the right one but it was £12 cheaper. So it's bound to be the wrong one. I bought the 288 and not the 288a.

Type 288a

Type 288

Now the Number plate holder is completely painted and bolted back onto the tractor I am keen to add the finishing touches.

See the lighting page for more info on where to get all theses parts.

Well I've got one.
Lets hope I know what to do with it. I've got hold of a can of Ferguson Vintage grey from my local MF Dealer, that's John over in Barnsley (see previous page for info) they now have a stock as I pointed out the paint was available in a can and some was due lie ordered. I'm going to paint the light I picked up some time ago but is yellow! Its going to look great on the plough lamp bracket. when I get some made.

Original paint in a can

The yellow lamp I intend to give a grey topcoat to.

Plough still in a state of appartness. I must get on tomorrow and sand it down and apply a primer coat to at least some of it. I'd love to spray paint the plough but as I don't have the facilities. i.e I don't have a compressor its going to have to be hand painted.

I re modelled the flat pattern for the plough lamp bracket last night. somehow it looks so much more right now the changes have been made. I am endeavouring to get a production run going as a couple of people are interested in buying them.

People have been complaining that this page was getting slow to load so I've started a new page the old one is still available below. The previous page represents a whole years worth of finding out and learning.

Previous Page -  [14/10/04] to [15/11/05]

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