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Ok So I've got one. Here Are the Vital Statistics.....

Serial No:



Engine No:



Back Casting No:


24 3 4 or 24th March 1954

Build Date::


12th May 1954 (one of 255 built that day)


  501 UXH


I've had a number of people wanting to ask questions or query what I have written. All correspondence gratefully accepted.  send me an email


In the same format as the Holland-Brand News page hope you don't mind Graham.

Plough bracket update.
Hot off the email is this picture taken buy Mike who currently owns a TE-A20 but would like a Porsche (Tractor) I think he has the car already. This photo sheds light on the construction of the bracket. Some paint needed on that part quickly Mike to stop it rusting away to nothing.

Originally I'd got the bend and the weld the other way round making a template like the following.

So I need to redesign the shape of the flat pattern, cutting the triangular sides off at the red lines and moving them to be fixed to the lower section. In another photo it confirms the existence of the hole in the middle of the shape. Possibly for wires we think.

A big thank you to René de Bruin (from the FoFH Forum) for sending me a great email about DC Generators and not the "alternator" as I called it in the entry below. I've had a problem with the battery not charging and I'm not sure if its, battery, control box, wiring or generator. René has sent some help for items to test to eliminate the problem. Copy of the letter below. I have tried to create a diagrammatic example of his words also below.

René's letter Here

Click on image to enlarge

What a great day.
With the bad weather on its way I finally got down to the tractor today to flush out the radiator and replace the anti freeze. The tractor is being stored outside at the moment. The last thing I want is a cracked block!

The tap on the bottom of the radiator was jammed closed. so I took the bonnet off and unscrewed the tap which also has no lever. This is the first time I've ever taken the bonnet off. An easy process. I can't work out why I haven't removed it before. it makes working at the front of the engine so easy. (see pictures below) I topped up the oil. Greased the water pump which was so easy with the bonnet removed, Attached the seat, attached the fixed link rod. I need a new battery as this one is useless. I also need to check the alternator as I'm not sure its charging the battery. Jim and Luke came down to help me drive the tractor around to get the water and oil circulated. Jim has a TE-D20 almost together after 10 years. hopefully coming down and driving my tractor around is the spur he needs to get his own on the road.

-------- A Big Thanks To Richard for the HIGH VIS Jacket    ---------

Would you trust this man to drive your prized tractor!

This fella looks a lot more trust worthy than his dad!

I managed an hour and a half this morning. The main problem is all the stuff I have to get together to go down to the tractor. you never know what your going to need. So I take it all and end up with a boot full. You can guarantee if you don't take one tool, that will be the one you need. The new battery box has been fitted. That took an hour. I wanted to scrape off the paint from were the box connected to the axle and were the positive wire connected to the box (positive earth) to make sure of a good flow of electrons. I really could do with a new battery now. From the MF dealer it  is #641 at about £50.  I still have to add in the anti freeze before it gets to cold.

A right boot full. All the stuff I need to take tractoring.

I'm Gutted!
I've found in our local paper a plough match which was held locally last week. Details and the link below. I'll try to add the paper cutting  when I get near a scanner. I'm going to have to get in touch with the lady who organises it  and find out if there are other meetings at other times through the year.
Link to the Sheffield Today Website article
Link to the Norton Ploughmen website (it's not perfect)

I've been to the local MF site to get paint and plough bolts.

I get to play in a proper workshop.
My Friend Paul shown in the picture below has a fab workshop in Leicester, welding, grinding, drilling, oxyacetylene, loads of hand tools. I wanted to pick up techniques as much a anything some of the tools I'd never used before. Where the afternoon disappeared to I'll never know. we got lots done. Paul showed me how to use the angle grinder for cutting and sanding. we then used them to shin up parts of the plough. I'm going to buy one and do the mouldboards. we also got to work on the bent stays see the photo's from the [06/10/05] they look pretty straight now with just the ends to un weld and weld back on the right way round.

Paul in his workshop and a selection of tractor parts

What have I done?
I had to wait for the electricity board to come and do some work on the house this morning. You know the usual any time between 8 - 1pm and they always arrive 1minute before 1pm totally spoiling all your plans for the day. so I got on with dismantling the 2 furrow plough in the back garden. The Idea is to get the main bits shot blasted and reassembled pretty quickly. From now on all the information concerning this plough will be on its own page which you can access from the top of the page. just click on the name "Plough" above the picture.

I've been doing some work on the website over the last week or so. You should have noticed by now? I'm trying to get the look of the implement manuals that Ferguson produced. I have been doing some investigation into the typeface used in the Ferguson publications. (corporate identity you'd call it now) I am also using unusual fonts on this page now. Normal ones will work but to get the best out of it I'd have a look as this page. FontCheck Page below is a front cover of a Ferguson implement manual for you to compare with the top of this page.

I have some lovely shiny painted parts painted and waiting to go back on the tractor. hopefully I will get chance to do this at the weekend. I've been watching the Ferguson on the farm (part 1, 2 & 3) and getting really enthused about doing things.


As mentioned previously I have found some original Ferguson stays. There is a slight problem. The screws are rusted solid and will need an angle grinder to remove them. One of the bars is also quite bent. I'm not sure how I'm going to straighten it? probably with some heat and a vice.

The top link looks fantastic now its been sprayed and new pins fitted. (I just can't wait to get it hooked up to the plough and give it a go.

Well its been a while. I've been distracted with my running.
I've had new enthusiasm to do some work on the tractor. I wanted to drive it to a local fell race yesterday. But it needed to much doing to it to get it working.  I needed a battery tray and with it being the start of the month I splashed out and bought a battery tray from Fergiland.  I just have the second coat of Ferguson vintage grey paint to put on it. Also in the basement is the number plate holder with two coats on it, the seat welded. I finally managed to get the fixed arm separated from the lower link arm. I had to drill it out in the end.  With the nights drawing in I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to fit them in the week. Then my tractor is all road worthy again. I just need to put some oil in it.

One set of stays it a genuine Ferguson set. They are a little bent though and need straightening. If I heat them up and I can put them in the vice to straighten them up.

I've now bought 3x stays for a drawbar, 2 from eBay (waiting for delivery) and one with the drawbar from the auction last weekend. I have a suspicion they are all to short, Oh Well.

I've been rubbing down the seat and the number plate holder to put an undercoat on then.

I didn't think it possible but I've managed to get the seat welded. This means I don't have to shell out £50 for a new one. It needs a coat of grey paint and its ready to go back on. I am not sure what bolt I need to secure it to the spring. I am sure I will be putting a lump of rubber between the seat and the spring to absorb some of the shock. I've also got the number plate holder welded. I can now paint this in Ferguson grey ready to go back on the tractor. I thought I'd bought a battery box on ebay last night but the guy selling it says he's made a mistake and that someone else had bought it. I thought things where going to well!

Its Back together.
I'm really glad, I've spent the day putting the tractor back together. Its taken about 9 hours but the results are ace.
First job was to take out the hydraulic pump in the base of the casting. It was filthy and I wanted to clean all around it  and in it. There is no way I could clean it all whilst in place. I had no luck removing this item last time I went. I asked the FoFH Forum on how to remove the pump. I wasn't being hard enough with the hammer and a block of wood to break the gasket seal. It came out eventually.

It then took a couple of hours and a whole bed spread full of rags to clean the pump and the housing. After that I stuck my hand where the PTO shaft used to be and cleaned inside that fully. I couldn't get into the gearbox as it was sealed. I replaced the new PTO shaft the previous owner had added as he wanted to drive a larger diameter implement. I would eventually like to get a finder bar mower which uses the original size. There was a slight leak from the seal to start with so I will have to keep an eye on it to see how much it leaks. I greased the everything before replacing it I don't want to be unable to remove it all next time I need to take it apart.

These are now working wonderfully. I was worried how much I would have to screw in the end. The hydraulics now work correctly. i.e when the lever is moved to the forward position the link lowers. When the lever is raised 1/4 of the way up the arms start to lift. I'm sure this is the way is should work.

Up early and off with Jim Elliott to Peepy farm for the FoFH Northumberland and Durham area Rally, Ploughing Match and Vintage Auction. Peepy Farm, Stocksfield, Nr. Hexham. (look at the for other events)

Click here to get a 360 degree view of the site. As you can see the two horse drawn ploughs took all the glory and no one was interested in watching the tractors ploughing.

I attended my first auction 150 lots of stuff laid out in a field. Some of it was a load of rubbish and some good stuff. I bought a drawbar and stays. I think they must have seen me coming as the stays aren't the proper Ferguson ones. They are not long enough at there longest they should be 10" from the floor and adjustable to 23" above the floor. but the longest this one can go to is 18" which isn't to bad as that is the optimum height according to the instruction book.

This is the drawbar I bought, At its full extension 18" high. Note no bent up section where it goes through the pin.

This one at Peepy farm the stays are no where near there max and the bent ends at the top. What a great looking tractor as well.

I helped Jim unload 2 horses and a plough as he was demonstrating ploughing with horses. The bigger one is called Lion and the smaller on prince. It's great to see him in action. He gets very focussed on the job in hand and the results are fantastic.

He was demonstrating the high cut

I've spent the day at Beamish Museum watching 7 teams of horses compete in a ploughing match.

I've been painting over the weekend. I'd like to get everything back together this week. I started assembling the lift assembly casting and all its parts together. remembering to paint the bolt heads once the parts are together and the bolts tightened.

I've got the parts I need from B&D bolts. There seems to be a world shortage on grease. I've tried a couple of places to get the grease cartages for the grease gun and no joy. I've also ordered a grease gun from Looking in the Classic tractor magazine they used copper grease to assemble all the bolts back together. not sure if this is a good idea especially if the grease could go into the hydraulic chamber. I will use general purpose grease.

Morning- All I seem to be doing is buying parts! I am getting more and more pieces. and less and less assembled back end. Hopefully these items im getting tonight will be the last parts I need to complete the re assembly of the back Hydraulics!

Lunch - The world seems a better place after calling Patrick at Fergiland. Its not going to cost as much as I thought. I can get a Plunger (P. No 4257) new and Patrick will tap out the existing yoke I have. This means I only need gasket, levelling box shaft, pin and rivet to buy Ace.

Evening -  At last things are starting to go right! I've started assembling the parts back together. I've got to go back to B & D Bolts as I'm a couple of parts missing.
354 047 X1,cotter pin, 3/32 x 5/8 (2.38mm x 16mm) 1off
354 048 X1, cotter pin, 3/32 x 3/4 (2.38mm x 19mm) 2 off
195 648 M1, cotter pin, 1/8 x 1 (3.18mm x 25mm) 4 off

Asked  a question on FoFH about how to remove the bottom gasket of the hydraulic pump. and got a reply of sticking a lever through one of the inspection covers and levering against a bit of wood in the base to release it. But do it really slowly!

I worked on the hydraulic cover casting tonight. Mostly cleaning and dismantling the plunger and fork spring control tonight. Off to Fergiland tomorrow evening to get new parts.

Went to Makro they have a compressor for £70 with 5 air tools (Blower, Tyre inflator, Spray gun) It says the spray gun will only work for a short times. The compressor s 24L, 8bar and very noisy. I'm hanging for the minute.

Makro here I come.
I've got all the paperwork so I'm off on my way home tonight. a couple of weeks ago they had a compressor in for £50 I hope they still have them.

At  long last I've found a place to get nuts, bolts split pins etc. And it didn't cost the earth.
B & D Bolts LTD
Central Warehouse,
WF17 6JL
Tel: 01924-470331

Its all falling apart.
What a night. With the back end looking so clogged up with dirt I decided to remove the cover to the hydraulics back section of the tractor to clean it out and replace the oil. It would also give me a chance to replace the PTO shaft with the original smaller one I have. I would like to get a mover and this needs the smaller size along with any other Ferguson implement. Well I'm glad I have stripped it down. It looks in a right state. There is a thick black sludge in the bottom of the casting. This can't be good! The manual is wrong as well and I needed to remove both side covers to remove some bolts to remove a plate which goes under the main drive shaft. with the plate in there is no way the top cover will come out (needs explaining with photo's). I have discovered the reason the PTO has been leaking oil. there is no gasket between the two castings. It was the last owner who fitted the larger size shaft so it is him who has not replaced the gasket. I wonder what else he hasn't done? I forgot to take the camera so no pictures as yet. I covered the back end in cling film whilst I've got the cover removed I've got a lot of parts that need painting and replacing now. I'd like to start putting things back together whilst I still know where they all go. In order to clean the base of the back casting out I need to remove the hydraulic pump assembly. I didn't buy a gasket for this as I didn't think I'd be removing it and will need to get one. I can do this next week when I get the levelling box shaft from Fergiland. I've been given the details of a bolt company in Batley called B & D Bolts. So I'm off as lunch time to have a look and get some split pins.

Someone on the FOFH site asked a question about painting bolts and nuts. the reply was, the best way to do it is on the tractor once assembled together.

Didn't go tractoring tonight although its Tractor Tuesday.

I've been to Fergiland this morning before work to buy some parts. He opens at 8:00am.

I got,
PTO shaft gasket,
Side plate gaskets,
Sump plug gasket,
Top cover gasket,
Rather than 4 bottom link ends I got a good deal on 2 new bottom links complete.
2x Centre pins for bottom link arms.
Hydraulic fluid 25litres of S.A.E. 40
Haven't got any levelling box shafts in until next week.


What a night.
I've been speaking to Graham at Holland Brand. He said the only way I would remove the back link was to heat it up with oxyacetylene. You need to get it read hot! Well  I went to B&Q and got a blow lamp. it did the job eventually Both Tom and I put all our effort into it and shifted it. Now I've undone it I can see behind and it looks dirty. I've been looking in the parts list and in the User manual and you can take off the top cover without to much hassle! I think I should drain and replace the hydraulic oil at the same time. I just need to get a list of possible parts gaskets etc.

Parts Needed,
hydraulic oil (20/50w),
PTO shaft gasket,
Side inspection cover plate gasket,
Sump plug gasket,
Top Cover gasket
4 ends for lower links,
Lower link mid pin,

popped down to tinker on the tractor for about 2 hours . Managed to remove the top bolt from the back triangle. Removed bottom link arms and attaching uprights. I didn't realise what a state they where in! I also need new pins for the middle of the bar.

I worked out why I like restoring it! when I'm tinkering my mind clears and is focused and everything else just fades into the distance. Its just like playing with Lego when I was a boy. I love the challenges the restoration throws at me. I love learning all the new skills needed to get the job done.

I've had a 24 page brochure arrive from the US on the ford Ferguson mower. it was cheaper than trying to buy a f

Ferguson on. I think the principles are the same.

I've had some pictures of a Ferguson crane from the internet. Included where some dimensions. I'll try to get them drawn up sometime soon and add then to the web.

Items needed for lower links,
Weld on Ends 4x
Seat +Bolt

Have posted a question on FoFH Forum on bottom links.

I have still got the problem that I can't unscrew the end of the top link connector. From where it screws into the shaft that goes through the spring. See attached link to a copy of the FoFH forum. I think I will get a bag and tie it around the shaft (liquid tight) then fill the bag full of diesel and tie it up and leave it for a while. Then try all the things mentioned in the forum. Its becoming really frustrating now. I've got tot get it shifted as I am unable to plough until its been dismantled. The triangle replaced and all put back together again.

I collected the two front types and rims from Tim Hawley at Hawleys tyres see links page for address. He has fitted new 3 ribbed tyres for the front. A company called broadblast has shot blasted and sprayed the wheels. I am left with two dilemmas. Firstly when I get the back wheels blasted and sprayed should i try and give the rims a mirror finish like I have seen at the shows. When you speak to people some say yes make them as shiny as possible others say no its a 50 year old tractor they should be rough. Second dilemma, should I get what ever tyres I can for the back or go for Goodyear or Firestone? I will have to investigate cost and tread pattern at the time. But for now I can fit these wheels and go for a drive its been over 2 months sense the engine has been started.

Tim and a tyre.


New Lassa front tyres and painted rims

I had a call from Broadbast and the wheels are ready. I don't know if there is any of the litre of paint i supplied to them left. Tim From Hawleys types has picked them up and is fitting 2 new 6.00 x16 tyres as I write this.

I've been to see Patrick at Fergiland and got some parts from him. The main items where the plough skimmers for the 2 furrow plough I've got. it was the only thing missing. now I've got them.

New/ second hand plough skimmers

I also picked up A fan belt and brushes for the dynamo. The battery is not being charged correctly and I think its one of those two.

I also picked up pins to finish the toplink restoration off (of which I'm really pleased) and other pins for the linkage system to connect the plough or any other implement to the back of the tractor.

Parts obtained from Fergiland

Top link restored and ready for action

Spoke to Blain at Broadblast and the wheels have been blaster and primed and they are just waiting for a final coat.
Also spoke to Patrick Smith at Fergiland he has a set of skimmers for a Ferguson 2 furrow plough in stock for £45+VAT (£52.88) Hopefully down there later this week so I can Pick them up. There is a set on ay for £28+£15p&p (£43) not sure.

Some information on Washing Soda. I'm having trouble getting hold of washing soda. I think it goes by a brand name. You can use it to remove rust from ferrous metal items. See Link
A chemical neighbour of baking soda, washing soda (sodium carbonate) is much more strongly alkaline, with a pH around 11. It releases no harmful fumes and is far safer than a commercial solvent formula, but you should wear gloves when using it because it is caustic. Washing soda cuts grease, cleans petroleum oil, removes wax or lipstick, and neutralizes odours in the same way that baking soda does. Don’t use it on fibreglass, aluminium or waxed floors—unless you intend to remove the wax.


Some dates for the diary
After saying I really didn't want to go to these things there are a couple coming up that really look interesting.

on the [20/08/05] Cheffins Auction, Great Yorkshire showground, Harrogate. A  program is available after the [11/07/05](

on the [27/08/05] A vintage plough match as Beamish horses only (

on the [28/08/05] FoFH Northumberland and Durham area Rally, Ploughing Match and Vintage Auction. Peepy Farm, Stocksfield, Nr. Hexham. Charlie Halliday: 01434683626 (

on the 01-02/10/05 FoFH plough competition at Catthorpe. £5 entry send an SAE to R.L.Thulbourne. Fergie Place, 6Lynn Road, Southery, Downham Market, Norfolk. PE38 0HU. closing date 01/09/05

After driving to the wedding one of the front tyres has got a puncture. its past fixing so time for some new ones. The rims need blasting and spraying before I can replace the tyres.
I dropped the front wheels of at Hawleys Tyre this morning. A good friend Tim (who owns the place) is removing the tyres from the rims for me. he has very kindly taken them down the road to Blain at Broadblast LTD see link. There they are being blasted and priming and then finished in Vintage Ferguson grey as supplied by Holland-Brand.

Tim Hawley
Hawleys tyres LTD
53 Bridge Street
S3 8NS
0114 272 1096

Broadblast LTD
51 Mowbray Street
S3 8EN
0114 275 4764

A chance in a lifetime.
I spoke to my dad who said there was a great film on the TV the other week this is what its about. Dad said it was full of Fergies and implements. I'm trying to get a copy.
13:35 on Tuesday 17th May on Channel 4.
Independently-produced drama about a group of workers who agree to swap places with their stressed factory owner, and take over and run the plant. Also starring Bernard Miles, Niall MacGinnis, Geoffrey Keen and Kenneth More, Chance of a Lifetime proved controversial on release.
Director: Bernard Miles, Alan Osbiston
Starring: Basil Radford, Niall MacGinnis, Bernard Miles, Julien Mitchell, Kenneth More, Geoffrey Keen
(Subtitles, Black and White, 1950)

Tom gave me a hand last night to unload the plough from the car (all 165Kgs of it) It slid down the makeshift ramp and into the garden without to many problems. And now comes the difficult task or restoring it. Its in great shape and Jim who bought it on my behalf has done a great job.  The only parts missing are the scraper on the furrow wheel and the two scrapers on the skimmers. Hopefully I can pick these up from somewhere. There is still a lot of paint on it in places. Its been well looked after and there is lots of grease on it. For more pictures have a look here.

Here is Jim just shining up one of the mouldboards to show me what it will look like once I've got the angle grinder on them.

A view from the other side.

I've finished painting the top link and the results are not to bad. Jim gave me some bolts at the weekend which will fit. I'm going to try and get them un rusty using the process described below.


Read a great article in this months Tractor & Machinery on how to make small parts unrusty using a chemical process and a battery charger some soap powder and a tin can.  I'll I've got to do now is get a battery charger and I'll be able to tackle the nuts on the top link.

Paint my top link ready for The plough. 1st coat applied I think it will need another couple.

Well I'm back of my Honeymoon, 5 weeks in New Zealand. The land of Tractors and Pies. Highlights of the trip tractor wise........

I had a text message on the 4/06/05 to say a friend Jim had bought on my behalf a Ferguson 2 furrow plough. which I will be collecting on the weekend of 26/06/05... More to follow on that one.

A visit to a tractor breakers yard. See panoramic photo here. Link to the Company's web site here. I couldn't understand why they call the Ferguson TE20 a TE24 or a TE28. Is this down to horse power? petrol and diesel?

Seeing lots and lots of tractors. Photo's here. Lots of Massey Ferguson's, Lots of Case and Fords. They Call the TE20 a TE24 or a TE28 but I'm not sure why, Yet.

The day of my wedding and the day I drove my tractor to the church.

Well I have fitted the number plate holder to the tractor today. I needed to drill some 10mm holes in the wing. I couldn't get hold of UNF bolts so I used metric for the time being.


The 2 furrow plough parts list 1947 I bought on eBay arrived this morning and its great. all 12 pages of it and in great condition.

I have finally got the number plate bracket bent to the right shape. all I need now is the Ferguson paint I ordered from Holland-Brand. This means I'll have the number plate on the tractor for the wedding.

Another Saturday on the tractor. Mostly I was driving around. I had a go at a bit of off roading. It was ace! I've taken a couple of pictures of the underside of the tractor. I never realised there was so much going on underneath there! See the restoration pictures section Fifth. I've taken my first movie, a general overview of the whole tractor. Check it out in the downloads section. The main tinkering was with the relief  valve on the oil filter. I reduced the spring tension allowing more oil to bypass going into the engine and it will go back into the sump. I unscrewed item 20 and took off the whole unit I then undid item 19 the nut that stops the screw 18 undoing. I then loosened the spring retention screw (blue) by 1 complete turn at a time. whilst monitoring the oil pressure gauge on the dash board. This will reduce the pressure of the oil going through the engine and hopefully mean less oil coming out from underneath. I really do want to rebuild the engine to see what state its in and stop having to use easy start to get it running. that way I can use the KI-gass system instead.

Bolts - I've got one of the bolts for the top link. The other one I had to cut off to get the two parts of the link apart to paint. Only now I need to get hold of two more as I'd like to replace both or them.

I am famous - Have a look at this  Plough Lamp Bracket - Holland-Brand - 14th/04/05

Shinny Spanner - Thank you To Darren who sent me this one. He said his dad worked on the production line of MF and picked it up. Made from EN5C metal its kept its shininess even after all this time.

Parts arriving- See the post 22/01/05 about the cardboard templates. Nev Carter (Australia) Very kindly sent me some jpg file with drawn around shapes of the plough lamp bracket and number plate holder for the lighting kit. I converted these in to CAD files and got a friend (Thank you Barrie) to plasma cut them for me. I got them back from him today. 7 plough lamp brackets and one number plate holder. I have sent two to Graham at Holland brand for all his help and two to Nev for supplying the drawings.


I've been stripping the paint off the top link and applying an undercoat. Guess what the Ferguson spanner fits the nuts on the top link. No surprise there then.

The first day of fun. I got the tractor our of the shed for the first time this year. As I now have Insurance, Tax and a number plate I can drive the tractor on the road. So that's what I did. It was fantastic driving around the streets of Sheffield. I got some funny looks. Rain stopped play.  I am now storing the tractor outside under a cover. I bought a couple o days ago a Ferguson top link on eBay. It arrived today. I didn't think the post office delivered packages on a Saturday.

I must have done something since the last time I wrote its been nearly a month! Well its the Easter weekend, and a big one. I've bought 40Litres of Agricultural fuel (red diesel) from a company called Peak Oils. They sell 20Litre containers for £10. that's 47.5 pence per litre plus a little tax. I have the Keys to the shed from Tom and hopefully the tractor should be getting its first outing of the year. I'm off tomorrow to drive it about a bit on the roads of Sheffield now its all street legal. I'd also like to get some pictures of all the nuts you can undo with a Ferguson spanner (see a previous post) and record on a special page on the site. No news on the plate work yet. I had to redraw the templates in mm as the machine didn't work with inches. Not long to the wedding so I hope I can get them folded and sprayed before then.

I've been to to purchase some sheet mild steel 2mm thick, 1off 15x25.5in and 1off 15x16.5 in. This is to be plasma cut next week hopefully into 4 plough lamp holders, 1 for me, 1 for Nev Carter, one for Graham at Holland Brand and one to keep as a sample to try to get an order to produce more to sell to resellers. Also being cut is one number plate holder for my tractor. I have the number plate all I need now is the holder to put it in. Southern county tractors want £40 for one. So far this has cost £19 for the material.


Well I thought it was going to be simple just connect the electrics and get the air out of the fuel line and away she goes. After help on the FoFH forum today I need to start at the main tank and check all the connections and items to the injector pump. Needless to say I didn't get very far. The lift pump was in a shocking state. How this tractor has kept going I'll never know. There was more dirt then fuel in the pump. no wonder it wasn't priming correctly. (See photo's)

After dismantling and cleaning and rebuilding and refitting to the tractor i could get on with the job of getting the air out. I did this and the tractor turned over for a short time but as the battery hasn't run for so long it was flattened quite quickly so it needs to go on charge. Apart from that I feel confident it will start first time next time I go down to work on it.

Filter removed from lift pump.

More dirt than fuel!

Dirt inside the pump.


A great night of cleaning and assembling. I can't work out how my tractor has kept going with all the abuse it has received over the years. I finally got round to cleaning the fuel filters this evening having bought some more cartridges last week. All the manually I have read have said how clean the fuel system must be, so imagine my horror on opening the fuel filter casings an finding so much gunk! one of the filters is show below before cleaning it out.

he state of the fuel filter housing

well the tractor is still in bits. I've been making a wiring loom after reading Adrian's instructions on making your own (have a look at the FoFH Forum for more info. They can cost up to £70 to buy! Again I've had the help of a great friend Jim who has supplied most of the stuff I needed. Now all he needs to do is finish his own tractor restoration. Its only taken him 10 years so far. I ordered some stuff from Old20 as Holland Brand have stopped selling stuff online. I've got fuel filters, Primer (grey) and a rocker cover gasket. well with the fuel tank off the tractor its not much to take the cover off and have a look. 

The new wiring loom

I've bought a Massey Ferguson lamp of eBay for £10 its yellow buy I'm going to get it sprayed grey using an aerosol from a MF dealer. Its even in the original Box. I'm sure its not an originally fitted Ferguson part but with original front lamps going for £120 I'm happy with this one for now. 

Recently purchased Massey Ferguson Lamp

I'm trying to get some of the lighting kit sorted out for the Ferguson. I'm going to have made the number plate holder and a plough lamp bracket. I know southern county tractors do the number plate holder but they want £29+£8P&P. I'm sure I can get it made fro less than that. No one anywhere sells the plough lamp bracket. I wonder whether I should investigate getting a batch done and try to sell them to people.

Close up of model number plate holder in position

Right hand wing with number plate holder and plough lamp bracket

Well I've had a bit of a break from the diary.  I had a break over Christmas and have now started again. I've been stripping more of the tractor and as it stands at the moment it's not going to run for some time. I've been dismantling all the parts between the steering wheel and the engine. There is a lot of cleaning to do here. Third restoration pictures

Yes. My registration information came through from the DVLA along with my tax disc which is FREE. I can't believe it something out of the DVLA for nothing. And the registration 501UXH.

Well The tractor has been registered with the DVLA today and they say I should receive the new number in the next 5 days, so it should be here by Friday. Now my mind wonders to what the number could be TIM123, TEF202. all I can say is I hope its a good one. I've still got the Auxiliary tank and air intake in the basement at home. Both still need cleaning. I think I'll try and have a go tonight.

Not much happened this week. I've been running instead. showed some friends the tractor on Saturday they thought it was cool can't wait to have a go in the summer. I've got the Auxiliary tank to clean this week and I'm not sure how to get the oil and rubbish from inside the air intake. Hopefully a friend is going into the local DVLA office tomorrow to apply for my Age related number for me. I phoned them and they said it would be a 5 minute job and someone could do it for me. They also said I would need an MoT for My tractor (totally untrue) so we will see what happens. Anything if the DVLA are concerned. I'm trying to put together a guide for someone registering a tractor as I've found it a nightmare I can't believe someone out there hasn't produced a document for this. You can get everything else on the internet.

Saturday: I changed the Oil filter and topped up the oil. I dismantled the air filter, cleaned it and replaced it with new hoses and a new oil bath. Pictures

Great news on the paint for my tractor. The following was posted on the Holland-brand website today.

"If the label on the can says Harry Ferguson Ltd, Banner Lane, Coventry, the colour is right. This vintage Ferguson grey comes in a 1-litre can, product code 3931028M5 and a 400ml aerosol, product code 3931928M7. Available from Holland-Brand and from all Massey Ferguson dealers. "

I've added this so I remember the number of the paint. I think I'll get in touch with my local MF dealer.

Have spent the evening cleaning up the Air intake bulb, tube and the auxiliary fuel tank. All need a rub down or a sand blast and a paint. have posted question on FoFH site how to clean the inside of the auxiliary tank.

A spot of polishing. I've been cleaning up the fuel shut of valve taken off below the auxiliary tank. Its all brass and looks really good now its clean. below is a picture of the tap on the main fuel tank still to be cleaned and the polished one for comparison. Also yesterday I have had the letter back from the FoFH registration section so I can now send off for an age related plate. Copy of letter sent.

Still on tractor


placed an add on FoFH website for a back number plate holder. So that when the registration comes from the DVLA I have somewhere to put the plate. The Southern Counties tractor people 9see suppliers on the FoFH site) have had some made to the original design. They are available for £29+8p&p. I'll be adding it to my Christmas list.

I was down in Derby today and in my lunch hour went to the old 20 parts company. incidentally they have moved to there new site now. much more room. I wanted a couple of parts. and the trip was mostly successful. Fibre washers, rubber hoses for air intake, oil filter, wire hose clips and some gaskets for diesel valve shut off

finally got to the bottom of how to register my tractor with an age related plate. It is clear on the fofh site I just couldn't see it. I've sent the details off to so he can write a letter confirming the age. Then when this is returned I need to send it off with me form V55/5 (of which 3 arrived in the end) together with my cheque for £38 for admin. Thanks to Mom A dad for the Christmas present. Once this has been returned I then need to get a plate made, get it taxed, insured and a number plate holder for the back mudguard bought. You only need to display the number on the back. I think I will get the stick on letters for the front though as they look quite good.

Hurray, I finally managed to get the tractor started not once but 3 times. I think the starter button was stuck. after operation the starter switch with a screwdriver I could turn the engine over with the gear stick as normal. I've spent many hours today taking photos and looking at the work needed to restore the tractor.  Discovery - the small fuel tank isn't being used the main tank goes straight into the engine bypassing the tank. The Ki-gass tank is an old oil can with has been lovingly converted. The oil in the gearbox is in need of being replaced. First set of restoring Pictures

Investigating the starting problem. First on the list is the starter switch on top of the starter motor. if that's ok thin its the solenoid. Also on the top of the starter motor I think. Although in the diagrams its behind the dash. Phoned the DVLA and asked for form V55/5 again.

Got the battery tested its fine. Got hold of a can of easy start with the intension of just getting the tractor started after failing at the weekend. Tom was working late so I had an hour well the problem has got worse. the tractor wont even turn over. I tried to take the starter motor off. I only had a socket set and an 11/16" spanner is needed for the top bolt nearest the engine. On later reading of the manual the first place to look when the starter motor is not working is the starter switch mounted above the starter that is pressed by the gear lever.

7/11/04 What a weekend.
I couldn’t get the damn thing started again Alan made it look so easy. The missing ingredient I think is a can of easy start he sprayed into the air intake. I ended up flattening the battery. It’s on charge for 24hours after toping up with De-ionised water from the local supermarket. 55p for 1 Litre.

Repair Strategy
Get it running. – charge battery, - get the battery tested at Halfords,  - get a can of easy start. I’m not sure where from. Carry out all the maintenance for 10hours of running as detailed in the user manual. Including Top up air filter oil, clean filter. Change Engine Oil and Replace filter.

What a Day...Well I've got her. After a cock up with not picking the trailer up until this morning. I managed to get down to Nuneaton and back before 1pm when the trailer and van had to be back. It's £200 to get a tow bar fitted which is what I think I'll do next time it needs moving. Less hassle than hiring a van. Then it will only be the trailer hire cost. Another trauma was the fact that the tractor wouldn't start then dropping it off in Sheffield. A big thank you to Tom & Ed At HRS Services for the warehouse space. Alan has always used easy start to get the tractor going and its something I need to investigate as to why it won't start without it.  It was easy enough to push it into position and thanks to Bron for helping. Some initial thoughts. The oil leak on the main housing between engine and clutch looks worse than I remember. Its a seal that's gone I think but how much work is involved to change it I'm not sure.

                         **************************** 05/11/04 Pick up  date **********************************

Ok so I haven't got the tractor I'm waiting to pick it up from Alan the person I bought it from. But there are some things I can be getting on with.

Still no form V55/5 or V765 from the DVLA you can get one of them Online look at the Registration Page.  I have spoken to Alan and all is well for This Saturday when I go to pick up the tractor. I asked Alan about the previous owner to try to trace the history through the people who owned it. I've got a trailer from BDS trailer hire in Sheffield see the link page for details.

I noticed the oil was low when I went to have a look at the tractor so I've bought some from Screwfix after a call to Holland Brand I was informed that 15w40 Quote 41692 was suitable so I purchased some and a cover to keep it safe over the winter even though its going to be kept inside.

Bad news the search from Worcester County Council records office has come back. The registration JWP351 is registered to a Ferguson tractor on the date 11th October 1951 my tractor wasn't even made then so the bonnet isn't the original or mine. Oh well £16 wasted

They are sending information on how to obtain a search.
Cost:£16 (per hour, one hour minimum) + 60p certified microfilm copy + sae envelope supplied by me