Tractors Of Ireland (Donegal)



The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor, The tractor of a Country, well the north east of a country as I haven't been to the rest of the country yet.

Whilst spending a weeks holiday in County Donigal, North West Ireland I can't believe the number of 135 tractors I have seen. Everyone seems to own one and if they don't own a 135 then they own a Massey Ferguson. In fact with all the tractors I've seen this week (and I've seen my fair share) I can count on one hand the number or non MF tractors Zetor or Ford and a John Deere. Just as the French buy Renault and Citroen cars the irish buy Massey Ferguson. Everyone owns a few acres of land, be it for cows, sheep or crops. If you have some land you'll need a tractor to work on it.  The best place to do all this tractor spotting? Rather than heading off down country lanes just head for the local pub, as it seems the only way to arrive for a pint of the black stuff is on your tractor.

In contrast I have only seen one 35 and a couple of 20's diesel and TVO. (watch the video of one very original example) with I believe has some kind of potato lifter. I've been told that people are starting to get into restoring old tractors so maybe all the Fergusons are in barns being restored or just waiting for the next local show.

One person I spoke to had owned his 135 tractor from new February 1977.

So why 135 well, It was the first tractor with a cab. It's small enough to work on the size of farm everyone around here owns 5 to 70 acres. Its good for ploughing, planting and it doesn't churn up the land as I was told. 

I'm glad I've kept my old copies of tractor and machinery magazine as I can now go back and have a look in more detail at this tractor and try to work out why it's so popular?

I have seen two very rare tractors a 188 and a 185

35 serial number SNMY 361754