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Posted on July 27th, 2011 by ploughmyfield.

This page follows on from my first investigation. http://www.ploughmyfield.com/tag/brakes/

Before the iminent arrival of my second child and I have no spare time I thought this is a job I should complete now. Time to fix the oil seal leaking and the brakes not fully working. I don’t want to paint the rims or add new tyres until the oil leak is fixed

Day 1.

  • Strip down the tractors brakes and half shaft on the Right Hand side.
  • Send the brakes away for re lining.
  • asses what parts will need to be replaced.

Home for the next week

Home for the next week. A big thank you to Sheffields Premier Electricial for the use of the corner of his Yard, Thanks  Jim. I don’t have enought room in the garage at home to remove a half shaft, my drive slopes and didn’t want to leave it out on the road.

The idea was to strip the brakes on Monday night, have them relined and refit them on the Friday. In those 4 days I could also repair any damaged items and order new parts.

First was to use the Ferguson jack to raise the back of the tractor and remove the rear wheels. (I’ll make a post of this soon as you don’t need the tractor’s engine on in order to do this)Cool. The left hand side was first to be looked at as we thought the half shaft would not need to be removed as there are no leaks on this side.

Left Side Brake

Left Side No Brakes

Dry as a bone inside. it needs a good clean but is sound. The Adjuster pinion (item 31) was seized and requires some grease before reassembling. The brake shoes (item 1) looked good on this side but you should never replace just one set so both sides will be relined and refitted.

Floating Cam Brake Parts

This is the later floating cam type brake fitted from tractor 200,001 which are fitted to my TEF tractor.

1. Brake Shoe

2. Self Tapping Nut

3. Washer

4. Steady post, 3/8″ BSF thread x 1.5″ long

5. Nut  3/8″ BSF

6. Backplate

7, 9, 27. Return spring

8. Control Shaft

10. Dust Plate

11. Spring

12. Nut 1.1/16″ AF

13. Spring Washer 5/8″

14. Anchor Pins

15. Strut

16. Retaining Washers

17. 0.25″ dia ball bearing

18. Crown Wheel retining washer (

21. crown wheel


Right Hand Wheel Leak

In contrast to the left side there is the right hand side showing the leaking seal.

Right Side Back Plate

With the brake drum and oil soaked shoes removed you can clearly see where the oil has seaped through the gasket.

Right Side  Split

Lots of grease inside which means the seal hasn’t been leaking a large amount. Notice the stud at the top on the trumpet housing that just won’t screw out. A little heat persuasion might be needed after trying my Britool Stud extractor first.

Right Side Seal

Just the seal and one stud remaining now. This will get removed and the housing cleaned up on Friday before replacing the half shaft.

Half Shaft Snapped Studs

Here is the removed half shaft. It is in good condition dispite the look. the bearings run smoothly and the seal appears to be OK. I just have to remove those 3 studs. 2 broken off and 1 standing proud. This could be the reason for the poor mating of the two items and the leak of the hydraulic fluid.

All Stripped

The end of the night with the light fading here are the components I need to take away to clean and check also the brake drums. The brake shoes will go to a specialist to have the linings replaced. when I got home I placed all the small parts in a cleaning /degreasing Bath.

Day 2.

Ordered 6 replacement studs. Second hand for Patrick at Fergiland as newstuds not available to buy from anywhere.

Purchased grey undercoat and black enamel.
3 studs still in half shaft. 1 turned out OK. 1 drilled and final part to remove/tap out. 1 with stud extractor now broken off inside the stud!
Cleaned all the small parts. They are now ready to refit.
2 x 6.3mm (.25″ ball bearings needed for the brakes) need to be found

Coated 2 brake drums and 1 brake back housing with cleaner.

Day 3.

Studs arrived from Fergiland – clean up   find nuts and lock washers
Purchased 2 new ball bearings from a local cycle shop. .25″ diameter and 5p each.
Dismantled the brake back plate on the right hand side. slow progress other than that.
Day 4.

Haven’t remove remaining studs from half shaft. I’ve started panicing as this needs to be done before I can refit all the parts tomorrow!!

  • clean up the half shaft end.

I have cleaned and reassemble brake back plate RH. The supporting pins that hold the brakes in position are in a really poor condition. I don’t have any replacements.  I haven’t really achieved much tonight. I’m off to bed tired and disheartened.

Day 5.
Gather togther the following items that I will/might need today.
Items to take
  • Heat for stud
  • Rags for cleaning (thanks Tom).
  • shim+ Gasket
  • Inner Seal
  • Parts
  • Paint
  • Masking tape
  • Emery paper
  • Bucket & cleaner
  • Tools
  • Split Pins
  • Grease, Grease Gun
  • ruler, spirit level, engineers square
  • rubber mallet
  • String

I’m off to see a friend this morning who is going to help with the stud extraction. I feel I need a second opininon on the matter before I completely damage the hub. Within half an hour of arriving the firs stud is tapped 7/16″ UNF and ready to go. The problem with the last on is I’ve broken off a hardened stud extractor in the centre of the stud. We drill either side of the thread. This damages some of the thread but most is still usable. lots more broken drills, blunt chiesels, hammered fingers but the stud is finally out. It’s now 11am.

Jobs to do onsite
  • Clean trumpet housing RH LH
  • Remove stud (with heat) RH stud extractor tool? Managed to hammer out without heat.
  • Clean brake backplate still attached to tractor LH
  • Clean Half shaft end & hub LH
  • Remove inner seal RH
  • Slacken mudguard bolts grease then retighten LH RH

The above jobs took about an hour so by 1pm I am ready to start fitting the half shaft and new brakes, for this I am going to be under guidance from Ted who has worked on Ferguson’s al his life.

We are going to follow the steps in the Ferguson instruction manual section Q Brakes, with a few highlights from Ted along the way.

Still left to do replace split pins in rear lower link and turn them the right way round.

Cost of the Job.

QTY Item Description Cost
6 Half shaft studs Fergiland.com £27.60
4 Brakes Shoes relined locally £40
4 Floating Spring locally £26
2 Gaskets locally
2 0.003″ shim (3 thousenths of an inch) locally
1 Inner half shaft seal locally  £10
1 Grey Primer Halfords £7.49
1 Black Enamel Top Coat Halfords £7.99
6 Beers gifts £10
5L Cleaner/Degreaser Screwfix £5
2 6.3mm .25″ ball bearings Cycle Shop 10p

9 Responses to “Ferguson Brakes”

  1. Malcolm Timns Says:

    Thank you for a problem I have had trying to fit a new Ratchet foot brake spring Etc. I did not know you had to drill through the pedal to fit the new spring, you have saved me 2 days of finding a way of fitting it, again THANK YOU

  2. jim fairhurst Says:

    Item 19 in the parts diagram, (Wave washer) any idea if anybody supplies these and where to get them.
    rgds jim.

  3. john beck Says:

    Hi, any idea where I can get parts 18, 19 and 20 =-


  4. Malcolm Timns Says:

    I and my neighbour Graeme fitted new linings and fixed the ceased near side. We noticed that one of the brake drums was cracked so 2 new brake drums ordered with new nuts and studs 16 altogether from Agriline. They sent 8 front and 8 rear but after a phone call they sent me the other studs by next day. My neighbor Graeme fitted the new linings on himself, clever lad, but when we came to fitting the new studs we found they did not have the cut out which allowed them to be pulled right home onto the casing, they were also slightly to big so off to the grinding wheel. Both back wheels now brake independently but have got to adjust them slightly, all the fun of being a classic tractor owner which I now share with my neighbour. We use the tractor to pull a trailer with road plannings on to repair our lane.
    !952 Ferguson T20

  5. William Allan Says:

    Hi I have fe35 tractor it runs well but recently discovered the right hand half shaft is leaking oil is a straight forward job or would you recommend me getting tractor mechanic to do the repair.
    hope to receive a reply.

  6. ploughmyfield Says:

    Like all things its easy if you know how. but if it’s something you are unsure about I would definitely get help. your brake linings will also need replacing. I’d recommend renewing both half shaft seals and brake linings. otherwise as soon as you’ve done the one the other one will star leaking.

  7. Joakim Says:


    How do I know my half shaft needs replacing?
    I am sure about to replace the inner shaft gasket, but not sure if that will stop any leaking.

    I also discovered a whoooole lot of small metal chips gathered behind the gasket, possibly from the transmission gearing?

  8. Jeremy Gordon Says:

    I know this conversation has been over for a while now, but I was wondering how easily you replaced the half shafts. I am trying to get mine back in (TE20) and they stick with a few cm to go. Did you just pull them in with the studs or is their another method ?
    Thank you

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