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* Brakes – That work

Posted on July 24th, 2016 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.


Over a year ago I fitted new brakes to my TE-F20 tractor as the old ones were saturated in hydraulic oil from a leaky seal on the trumpet housing. Don’t worry I replaced the seals at the same time and cleaned the whole break area of oil. Today I finally fitted new brakes and they work a treat. the old liners I originally fitted were bonded to the shoe and the material they are made from seems very hard. Last year at Newark (November)  I picked up from Sam Neill (The FOFH area representative for Northern Ireland) some really soft liners & copper rivets. He had bought them over from Ireland on the Tour bus. (leaving more space for them to take purchased items home with him) I found on eBay 4 brake shoes for £10, they actually included all the parts for the brakes apart from the drums. Next step was getting them shot blasted, painted and the new liners riveted on. The riveting process was a learning curve and the last shoe was better than the first!

As my family is away today and I’d completed all my tasks, shopping, mowing the lawn, washing etc I had enough time in the afternoon before going to the cinema to fit the new brakes. I used the trusty Ferguson jack to lift the back end up using the ferguson hydraulics and removed the wheels. I had help from Roger and Fred and the job was achieved in no time with a bit of friendly banter. I am super pleased with the results  as the tractor now stops within about 2 tractor lengths whilst driving in 4th gear at full speed, Result. Just in time to drive to the 85th Ashover show at the start of next month.

IMG_0601 IMG_0602

To fit and adjust the brakes I followed the section P information in the Ferguson Manual, Invaluable.

The main area of adjustment once all was back together was stopping the tractor pulling to one side. This is achieved by slackening off the side that the tractor pulls towards, then have another go


Eventually I could lock the wheels of the tractor and the front didn’t pull left or right. Another job sorted and I feel much happier that the tractor will now stop when I put my foot on the brakes!

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* TEF-20 Brakes

Posted on February 21st, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

It was my birthday on Saturday and so I was allowed a pass out for the day by my good lady wife to tinker with my tractor to my hearts content, unfortunatly the 3 inches of snow we awoke to on Saturday morning put pay to my plans.

I did manage to get out on Sunday for a couple of hours. The main aim of the day was 1. swap the wheels onto the 48inch centre settings to see if the tractor would go into the garage any easier and 2. investigate the brakes of my TEF-20 something I have to confess I haven’t ever touched since owning the tractor some 6 years ago.

Things all went well.

I initially used the Ferguson tractor Jack to remove the back wheels. unmelted snow from the day before is still visible on the ground.

One Wheel Off

I started by looking at the right hand brake. the one I thought I would have a problem with. I have seen Hydraulic oil dripping down the wheel centre when the tractor has been parked in the garage for a while. A sure sign that the seals on the trumpet housing are leaking. So I wasn’t expecting what I actually found.

Right Brake Drum

Both brake drums where covered in oil. These are the later Floating Cam type of brakes.

Floating Cam Brake Parts

Rear Axle Parts

On closer inspection something didn’t look right. there was a great chunk of gasket material hanging down inside the unit.

Right Brake Gasket

Righ Brake Gasket Other Shot

What a botch job by a previous owner.

There wasn’t much more I could do at this point. I didn’t have the time or space or parts to fix the problem. This is a job for a warm summers weekend I think. I did check the adjustment of the brakes and all was working fine.

Both Wheels Off

So just enough time to take the other wheel off. A note here the modern trolley jack under the tractor was just in case and took no weight.

The other side was dry as a bone. I opened it up a little and all seemed well. I know this side of the tractor is stopping well.

Left Brake OK

So finally to swap the rims and centres around and put her back in the garage. After all that there is a little more room in the garage as a result. I can’t wait to get new 11.2 x 28″ types on the back once the rims have been painted in the summer.

Wheels Back On

48 inch Wheel Setting

So a shopping list for the summer.

A. Brake lining kit.

B. 2 x item 29. pinion Adjuster from the brake parts diagram both are a bit worn

C. In the instructions on refitting the brakes it says replace items 9, 7 & 27 the springs. Does anyone do this?

D. I’m hoping it is item 2 gasket housing outer from the rear axle housing part list that needs replacing and none of the shims as I understand they are expensive but also a set amount of shims is on each axle to allow the half shafts to float (not touch each other)

I already have the inner seals item 18 as my tractor is later than 325,000 when inner seals where added to trumpet housings. I am not going to replace the outer seals without first looking at the condition of the bearings.

Some black spray paint.

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* Ferguson Jack & 2 Furrow Plough

Posted on August 24th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News.

Ferguson 2 Furrow Plough
For over a year now my Ferguson 2F plough has been in the north east at Beamish Museum. This weekend I’ve liberated it.  With the Autumn ploughing under way in many areas and my tractors engine back together I am ready to practice my ploughing skills. The intension is to set the plough up using this excellent Ford Ferguson Manual.

Setup and servicing a Moldboard plough

Then as I don’t own any land I was hoping a local farmers would have some small fields they needed ploughing and let me plough them. This would allow me to practice and get them a free ploughed field.

I can catch up on the Ploughing competition rules here. The ferguson tractor with ferguson plough has it’s own set of rules

I don’t own a car with a towbar so transporting the plough was as much hassle as getting it there in the first place. I have to break it down into small enough pieces to carry it in the back of my estate car then re assemble it at the other end, not Ideal I know. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, after all this site is called plough my field and there hasn’t been much of they going on!

Ferguson Jack
Saturday 22nd August 2009 saw a Cheffins auction sale at the Harrogate showground. A friend went and I am now the owner of a working Ferguson Jack. The plate is missing from the back section, but is in place although unreadable on the front section. There where two types of jack produced for the TE-20 before a 3rd type for the FE35 was produced. The difference between the two types was the introduction of the TE-F20. Because the diesel model had battery boxes fitted to the trumpet housings of the rear axles the original design interfered with the battery holders so a re-designed version working off the connection point for the lower ling arms instead. This later modification ment the jack could be used my all types of TE20 tractor. I do own a ferguson jack already but as the front and back have been welded together and  number of holes drilled in the frames so that the former owner could turn them into a go kart it was going to require a lot of effort to turn it back into a working example.

I found it a great pain using a car jack to change the back wheels of the tractor when I recently had to swap the centres so that the originals could be shot blaster. Whe the originals to go back on and the current wheels needing to be painted I will be swapping wheels a lot in the coming weeks. The jack should make life a little easier and with the lack of space to collect implements then collecting accessories seems to fit better with my situation.

I presume an instruction manual was produced although I have never seen one. I will also try to track down at least a photocopy. Do you have a copy you can let me have please get in touch. As well as the original instructions on the jacks use I would also like to put together a short video demonstration its use.

Here you can see Colin’s Video of the Tractor Jack in action lifting all 4 wheels of the tractor clean off the ground.

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