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* 9S-KE-20 Restoration one step closer

Posted on February 9th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

My 9S-KE-20 Spring tine cultivator is tonight one step closer to being finished. The garage is a cold place at the moment with overnight temperatures down to -9C in places of late, it’s no fun restoring a tractor or implement. I have distracted myself by trawling eBay for parts and a search the other day came up trumps ofter a year of looking. I’ve been after 2 spring tines to replace a 1 missing (when I collected it)  and 1 damaged tines(due to old age/rust.

I’m now the owner of not 2 but 9 extra tines and a load of other bits including the steerage fin, which was also missing and I wasn’t going to fit.

9 Extra spring tines

There is also another balance spring and some ridge/potato planter parts.

Offered on eBay from the same seller at the same time was another bundle of useful looking Ferguson and none Ferguson parts. I thought that as I’d have to go out of my way to collect the one lot I might as well get two lots, if I could secure the items in the second photo for a reasonable price. I did and I’ve been to collect them all tonight.

Useful Ferguson Parts

Now I know the adjustable drawbar is not an original Ferguson item but I have yet to examine the rest of the items in detail.


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* Arrival of parts

Posted on June 23rd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Original Tool Box

I keep asking myself the question, “am I mad or stupid or am I doing the right thing?”  I bought not so long ago on eBay an original Ferguson tool box to go on my tractor.  A slight issue arose that, the tool box was still attached to the radius arms and offered as a complete item. I didn’t need the radius arms and arranged with the seller for him to post me the tool box and clips still attached for free and he could keep the arms.

Tool Box Still Attached

So now the toolbox has arrived and it looks Fabulous. It’s now going to take a lot of hard work to make it look nice and shiny.

Tool  Box Front

Tool Box Back

So now the question. Why am I going through all this when I could just buy a new, reproduction tool box that wouldn’t need much doing to it and would cost less? All I would have to do is  rub it down and paint is. Not remove the layers of old paint surface rust an grime, then prime, then paint.

To me the original one still has far more appeal. It was once on a tractor, it was made for the tractor. Some how it seems more right? does anyone else think like this?

New Tool Box
This picture shows the type of item that can be bought cheaper and new on eBay.


A big thank you to Matt for welding the chains for me. I have now completed a few original looking chain sets which attach to the top link. The idea dehind them was you never loos the pins that go trough the top link as the chains prevent them getting lost.

Not many of these seem to have survived I imagine they broke, ware out or got damaged. The pin and latch pin I got from Dunlop tractor parts (northern Ireland) who had a stand at the Newby Hall show I attanded a couple of weeks ago.

Transporter Box hooks

This section I’m hoping isn’t going to turn into a rant. The pin in the picture below which cost 30p from Dunlop Tractor spares. I bought 10 as I thought they where such a bargain, Should be fitted to all Ferguson tractors. DON’T fit the pins with the round ends. Anyway, removing the pear shaped end it can be attached to the hooks on the transporter box (Link Box)

by using the pear shaped ends instead of the round ones you guanentee there will be no rotation and the end won’t fall out.

Transport Box Clip Up

Transport Box Clip Down

below you can see someone who was used the round ends on the hooks for there Transport Box

Transport Box Hook

Speculative Purchase

I bought this spring not really needing it. Do you know what it does?

Top Link Spring

Well it attaches a heavy implement to the tractor, just below the top link on the fixed pin. You also need to use the toplink to connect to the implenment at the same time.

In the Potato Planter instruction book it is listed as a balance spring in the parts list.

Balance Spring

To me it seems to aid the toplink sensing with heavy implements added, such as The potato planter.

Spring in place

I’ve seen it used on other implements aswell. It’s the kind of item that you would look forever to find when you need one. It’s going to be hanging in the garage until I need it.

I did then spot a more complete one once I’d bought this one.  But I think it’s just a metal bracket at the end that’s missing from the one I bought and it shouldn’t be that difficult to fabricate.

Item then found on eBay in a more complete condition!

Hi Tim,
You are correct, the spring does assist sensing. It is best used on
very light draft requirement implements such as the weeder and
steerage hoe. It pulls the top link into the compression spring
(effectivly weakening said spring) enabling the implement to follow
ground contours even more acurately. A heavey draft implement such as
the plough does not require such fine control and indeed would have
impaired performance if it were deployed.
The assister spring enhances and fine tunes the level of
‘fingertip control’ within the ‘Ferguson System’.
It has often been misunderstood and discarded as a nuisance to fit.
Tim Webb.

Implements the spring was fitted to…..

  • P-PE-B20, PPE20, Potato Planter, Non chitted
  • M-KE-A21, Weeder
  • ID-KE-20, D-KE-20, IB-KE-20, B-KE-20, Steerage hoe Rigid & Independent gang
  • G-BE-20, G-DE-20, Disc harrow, offset

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* Bars, Stays and Top links

Posted on February 26th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Recently I purchased a couple of stabiliser bars to go with the stabiliser brackets I have also aquired. I bought them on eBay and in the same lot was a top link. I didn’t think much of it as from the picureand the description it didn’t look in great shape and I also already have a top link. Apart from the rack fitted at one end for use with some implements including the rear mounted mower there was a chain fitted to the other end.

Stabiliser Bars

I have been fascinated by the chain as it looks original. It stops you losing from the top link  the top link pin that connects to the implement and latch pin that goes through the pin to stop it coming out. by chaining them all to the top link. It uses a small metal bracket (details below) The bracket is chained to the link at one end with one of the 11/16″ coach bolts that also holds the two top Link sections together at the other end. 5 links along the chain splits into 2 and 3 links along the clevis pin is attached. 5 links in the other direction is the implement pin. Well I think it’s 5 links along as that bit was missing.

To Link Chain 

Chain Only

Chain Bracket Detail
1/8″ is a bit thick and it’s more like 0.1″. on the fold line the shape is bent up by 15 degrees or so.

I haven’t seen a complete chainassembly as an item you can purchase from the usual suppliers. It certainly would add that realistic finishing touch. I wonder if they were no good which is why they have all been lost or maybe they where too fragile?

I’m going to have a go at making a good copy and price it up as to how much it will cost as another item in the shop. Don’t hold your breath.

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