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* You can never have enough tools

Posted on December 5th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Would you agree with that or not Ted, Roy?

I got a bargain with these 5 Britool spanners for 99p Yes there are still bargains on ebay. They were local to me so I didn’t have to pay any postage.

5 Britool Spanners

Sizes (ALL A/F):

2RB5662 9/16″, 5/8″

2RB6275 5/8″, 3/4″

4205 1/2″, 9/16″

4209 9/16″, 5/8″

4211 19/32″, 11/16″

also been buying some reading material for the holidays

1966 MF Supplement

Description: Massey Ferguson Range Supplement Sales brochure covering the MF35 Loader, 17 Trailer, 18 Trailer, 702 Transport box, 701 Transport box, 723 Post hole digger, 721 Multi purpose blade, 727 Subsoiler, and 65 Rotary Cutter with pictures and spec on the machines  dating back to 1966.


I really pushed the boat out on this one. I just hope it’s worth it. I’ve only ever seen a photo and short video for the Ferguson training school. I’m desperate for any information I can get on the place. If I had a time machine it would be the place I would go an attend one of the courses.

Stoneleigh Brochure

Stoneleigh Blurb


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* Paul’s Restoration Challenge (second attempt)

Posted on January 6th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Last year I posted some great pictures from a reader who was hoping to restore TEF-20

That particular deal fell through but undeterred Paul’s partner has come to the rescue and bought him for Christmas a TEF-20. Strange my wife given the chance would like to sell my tractor and all my Ferguson stuff. It’s amazing how things change.

So on with the new challenge for 2012.


Hi TimHow are you?Hope you are keeping well and you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year.Just thought I would let you know that those 2 tractors I was hoping to aquire fell through.

However on the plus side, my partner has bought me a TEF 20 which is now currently in pieces in my barn! (photos attached)

You might also be interested in the head holder for a Ferguson – Designed and approved by Ferguson which I have never seen before but works very well in pressing the valves out that my friend ( Vintage Tractor restorer ) has acquired over the years of working with tractors!


From the photo’s this one looks a little easier to restore then your last Specimen.
I love those pictures of the Cylinder Head tool. I have seen it before in the Britool tools catalogue, who originally supplied most of the tools for Ferguson. The badge looks fab.
So are you having the tractor restored by someone or will it be you restoring it?

Britool Ferguson Tools

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* News Update

Posted on June 3rd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News.

Diesel Injector spanner

Ferguson Diesel Spanner

I have had delivered today the Diesel Injector spanner I won on eBay. This is another of the original tools supplied with a Diesel Ferguson tractor I think from the parts list it is item 107613, Spanner – Special Ring.

I first found out about this spanner from  oz wrenches scroll down the page and you will see how the spanner is used.

I must get in contact with the owner of the site again and ask  ” How does he get his spanners black and shiny?” is it just paint?

Post Hole Borer at Beamish

Beamish Auger

I would love to have been there. Chris said he’d drilled about 8 holes and it was easier than trying to dig them by hand. I wanted more pictures and video. Chris took this picture with his phone, more hopefully to follow. Chris also said the holes where a bit big for what they wanted but with this being the only auger they had it was better than nothing.

Transport Box Parts

Transport Box Parts

I have been drawing parts on the computer so that a friend could make them up for me. I love to get the parts laser cut if I can as they are so much neater than me making them. I also needed some welding doing and I’m not great at welding YET!  drawings available soon on the (Transport  box page)

Spring tine parts,

I have also asked another friend who has access to strips of  EN45 spring steel if he could make 2 spring tines for the spring tine cultivator, one has always been missing and the other snapped whilst I was dismantling it. His company also make shovels, the tractor kind not the hand tool kind. He thinks he might be able to get hold of the odd nine for me.


As I get more used to the ways I can post to twitter I’m getting more into Twitter. It allows me to post short quick posts, now I know how it works. The posts I make appear in the  grey box on the right and are more frequently posted than these main articles.

Steiner tractors

I have never heard of this company. It’s an American parts company with a massive internet site. I was first mad aware of them from a posting on the FoFH forum about the smiths hour/rev meter.

In the USA there was a similar gauge  but it connected to the tractor’s dynamo in a different way. The current price iIve seen one of the Smiths gauges and cable and clips and dynamo attachment was £1000. so at £140 including UK delivery from the states I wondered if a bracket could be made up to get the gauge working with a UK dynamo. I’m still investigating this as I now need to know how fast the different gauges revolve at! Watch this space. also on this page are instructions on fitting and a nice original brochure

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* Tools Updated

Posted on March 16th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

I can’t believe the price of Ferguson Related spanners! I get the impression I’m partly responsible for the price of spanners. 3 months ago I hardly saw Ferguson spanners and tools for sale on eBay. Then a couple of articles and a bit of investigation and suddenly spanners everywhere, with a price to match. Maybe it has always been that way and I’ve only just noticed it!

I took a chance on this one. Has any one got any idea what it is? It has the correct sizes to fit ferguson nuts, it even has the marks on the side for furrow depth. Is is modern or old? Anyone with info please.

Other Ferguson Spanner

My current collection of Ferguson spanners.

Top: came from the production line at banner lane and was used by one of the fitters. It has been through the chrome bath so many times

Middle: Newly aquired, not sure what it is.

Bottom: one of the newly available Ferguson spanners from MF.

Ferguson Spanners

Grease Gun.

If you have seen my article on original tools supplied with a ferguson tractor you will recognise this item. I am informed this is the type of grease gun supplied in the tractors tool kit. Tacalemit  No 3021, with he blue spot on the end.

Grease Gun

Still more to collect, But that’s half the fun.

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* Original

Posted on February 16th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

In my next article I will be trying to answer the question what was originally supplied with a TE-20 tractor? I’ve had an email from a reader asking what was originally supplied. This photo from the Newark show is my starter. I also know items where listed in the parts manual. Hopefully I can get to to bottom of it. If you know leave a comment about this post.

Ferguson Supply Original

Shown in the photo above are the contents of an original Ferguson toolbox as detailed in the parts manual.

Common For TE-20, TEA-20 and TEF-20 Tractors

Part Number Description
1395 Wrench – 5/16″ x 3/8″ Hex. open end
1396 Wrench -Adjustable
1398 Bar – Tommy
1399 Driver – Screw
1401 Pliers
1449 Spanner  – Tube 7/16″ Hex
4161 Wrench – 7/16″ – 5/8″ Hex. open end
4164 Handle – Starting

For TE-20 only

Part Number Description
1397 Spanner – Tube – Plug and 7/16″ Hex (TE-20)
4315 Gun – Grease.

For TEA-20 only

Part Number Description
1814 Spanner – Tube – Plug (TEA-20)
4315 Gun – Grease.

For TEF-20 only

Part Number Description
2481 Wrench – 5/16″ Socket Screw
103626 Spanner – Open Ended 1/4″ Whit x 7/16″ American. Hex.
103627 Spanner – Open Ended 7/16″ Whit x 5/16″ Whit. Hex.
105137 Tube Extension – Starting Handle
107613 Spanner – Special Ring
201410 Staring Handle Assembly
59429 Gun – Grease.

TE-20, TEA-20 info from Tractor Parts List 1949, TEF-20  info From FP321/1955

Also what does an original Ferguson tool box look like. What did the dashboard of a TEF-20 look like.

Here is a great Link from George Radion at It has information on Ferguson spanners and original equipment supplied with your tractor including the tool box. Thanks George. Great website Very clear, very informative.

[25/07/2011] update

Hi, you brought your injector spanner of me earlier in the year, just
wondering if you could let me know some details on the screwdriver
that was in the kit? Make, Length etc.

Hi Neil
Sorry Neil I don’t have any further information on the screwdriver or the Adjustable Wrench or pliers.

Would anyone else like to comment?

Sorry to bother you yet again, I bet your getting fed up of hearing from us, but I thought this photo might be of interest. I read your article on what tools originally came with a T20 and thought “I notice some of those tools”, I was soon down in the garage and found some. I know the grease guns are not correct but they are the same make and era, all I need now to complete the set that came with the TED 20 is the Ferguson spanner (7/16″ x 5/8″ I think) and that’s on the way.
Ben's Ferguson Tools

Hi Ben That’s looking good.
The Ferguson spanner is normally quoted in Across Flats A/F sizes and is 11/16″ x 1″1/16. I hope it is a Ferguson spanner you have purchased as a normal 5/8″ spanner might not fit a ferguson bolt head.

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