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* Harvest & Ploughing

Posted on September 4th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.


I’ve had 2 days of fun with Fergusons. On Saturday 31st August 2013 I was invited by Seb Littlewood, Head of Rural Life, to drive a TED-20 belonging to Beamish Museum. The event, Agricultural power from the past aimed to have many agricultural demonstrations going on around the site over the four days. My small part was driving a Ferguson and 3ton trailer with various loads of cereals to stores and threshers etc. It was a fab day and a lot was achieved.

Me PLoughing

On Saturday 31st August -Sunday 1st September Brian Pickering, Ferguson Club Vice Chairman, organised a working weekend just outside Boroughbridge. I was able to take my TEF-20 and a 10″ 2 furrow General Purpose plough along. As it wasn’t a competition I was free to experiment with lots of different settings ahead of the ploughing events coming up in the next couple of months. A big thanks to Brian for organising This event, looking forward to seeing you at Newark

You can see a full selection of photo’s on the ploughmyfield Flickr site Harvest & Ploughing Flickr Page


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* 15% off Parts + Free Delivery

Posted on September 14th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

2nd Local meeting a success.

Ferguson Club LogoThursday 13th September (The Second Thursday in the month) saw the 2nd meeting of the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire Ferguson Club members at the Royal Hotel in Dungworth I was honored to welcome our first guest, Nick Batelle, from Old20 Tractor parts to the event. He bought with him an exclusive offer to members and we also got our hands on the new All Ferguson Parts Catalogue launch.


Members enjoying a pint
Nick enjoying a chat with members and sampling the world famous Royal Pies a hit with all the members and tasting the award winning locally brewed Bradfield Brewery beer

Old20 Ferguson Parts
The cover of the New Old20 Ferguson Parts Catalogue. All members were some of the first in the country to received their copy. The catalogue also includes replacement parts for the Ferguson Plough something that might come in handy with my forthcoming plough match looming!


So if you are a Ferguson Club member + you live in the South Yorkshire or Derbyshire area you can until the end of September get 15% off parts + Free Delivery on Old20 Tractor parts (see below for full details)


For the new area rep within the Ferguson Club I would bid him welcome and wish him well.Old 20 Parts is a long time supporter of the Ferguson Club and has for several years offered members a 15% discount on all of our Ferguson & Massey Ferguson Parts. 

As an introductory offer to the members within Derbyshire and South Yorkshire I would be happy to make a further offer of free delivery on all these products as well as and including lubricants and paint.


It will be necessary to quote the following Order Ref: FC09NB and their membership number. This offer will run throughout September 2012 and allow the members to plan their Autumn and Winter projects.


Ordering can be done in all the usual ways, by phone, on-line, by post.


Finally don’t forget we have an office in The Bakewell Livestock Centre which enables items to be collected on Mondays throughout the year. We do of course need to know what you need on the Friday before your visit.


Please allow 7-10 days for free delivery items

Best Regards


Nick Battelle..

If you’d like to come along to the next get together whether you are a Ferguson Club member or not it will be on Thursday 11th October at 7.30pm, the royal Dungworth. Please get in touch to let me know you are thinking of coming and I can give you more details + the Pie menu.

Thanks for everyone who attended this meeting some great ideas of what to do at future get togethers.

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* Anniversary

Posted on July 21st, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

This year sees some milestone dates.

75 years of the Ferguson Brown

I don’t really know much about the Ferguson brown era other than they where produced up the road in Huddersfield. It is the the Ferguson Club who is promoting the 75th anniversary this year. I understand the Ferguson Club stand at the Newark show will make the Ferguson A or Ferguson Brown it’s featured tractor this year. I think they are trying to get as many together as possible. 12th-13th November £10 a ticket (£8.50 in advance)

60 years since the first TEF-20 was produced at Banner Lane

There haven’t been any records  for 1951 production at banner lane to survive. I therefore have no way of knowing when the first TEF-20 came off the production line, so having a think about it. I wondered if I could have a guess at a date. There were 73,498 tractors produced in 1951. Or  201.4 tractors per day. Starting at serial number 167,837 I think the first TEF-20 was 200,000? so that is 32,163 tractors worth of production fron January 1st 1951 or at 201.4 tractors a day thats 160 days meaning  Saturday 9th June 1951 tractor 200,000 was produced. Anyone know of any other way?

25 years of The Ferguson Club

The annual get together was held earler this year at Beamish. I was unable to attend but I see the 2012 annual general meeting and members weekend will be in SHEFFIELD on 20th-21st of April. I will be going to the Whole weekend.



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