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* T-JE-A20 (MF 701) Link Box, Transport Box, finished

Posted on July 27th, 2014 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

I am so pleased with the results  of this project. It’s taken ages and in the end it took much longer than I ever imagines it would. Its like an Oscar speech, I have so many people to thank who have helped.DSC_6738 DSC_6742 DSC_6743

For thoughs not familiar with the Link box ( and I can’t imagine that is many of you) The implement connects to the two lower link arms and has nothing to do with the top link at all.


Two brackets then swing over the middle of the lower links and stop the box from swinging off the back. The brackets then have two clips which keep the brackets in place.


The final part of the jigsaw puzzle was a reproduction implement plate from Chris at Vintage Brass Plates. I didn’t know the serial number of my box but I knew the implement type, T-JE-A20. I recorded from the original box the position and size of the plate as all that was left of the original plate was the 4 rivet holes. I contacted Chris


Above the reproduction plate cupplied by Chris in the position the original plate was located.

Chris Let me know the details of a sitable plate “For a standard 4 rivet Ferguson implement plate the price is £30 The plate  includes adding implement type and serial number, if known. Rivets and postage and packing (within UK) are also included although a bag of 10 rivets can be purchased separatly for £3. Many customers may not know the serial number, but they nearly always want a model number adding. Regarding numbers, the numbers on the new plates are not stamped, but instead are etched into the plate when it is made. This allows me to match the style and size of numbers / lettering with those on the original plate I have more than 20 different styles of 4 hole implement plates on file. See some examples here. Most of them are brass but I have also seen a few originals made from aluminium

As everything is made to order, turn around in about 2 weeks. If you can send a picture of you existing plate I can match the new one to it.”

I ordered from Chris 4 plates in total. As you can see from the image below I have purchased two different styles, one with the original black background and one to try to make it look older without the black inlay.


I can’t imagine calling any Ferguson restoration complete without the addition of one of these plates. It’s just a shame I didn’t know the serial number of this implement.


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* T-JE-A20 (MF 701) Link Box, Transport Box, Supplemental

Posted on July 1st, 2014 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

I’ve been asked by a couple of people if I would upload some drawings for the sheet metal work for a Link Box.

Here you go. Click on the link below to download the files as a PDF. They are not to scale and are for reference only. These are the dimensions I used, please check them thoroughly before you commit to cutting any metal.

Door Pattern

Front Body


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* T-JE-A20 (MF 701) Link Box, Transport Box, Update5

Posted on June 18th, 2014 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

That’s now 2 coats of Bonda Primer added to the link box. I’m going to start on the grey topcoat next week once I’ve allowed the primer to dry for 7 days as it suggests on the tin.

DSCN8260 DSCN8262

As you can see from the first picture the holes are drilled for the door pins and clips. The welding unit I have is useless to say the least and I’m having trouble getting hold of a good MIG welder to finish off the door, I need to weld in place the pins and latches. A couple of weeks now and I should be able to use this implement. I’ve asked Chris at to supply an authentic brass plate as there was no sign of one on the original box I was given.

I took the box to work on Friday and asked Paul a couple of units down from where I work if he could weld the door parts for me. This first picture shows one pin tacked in place and the second one ready to be tacked.

Door Start


Once the two pins into the bottom and the two spring clips there tacked into place Paul could relocate to a flat surface and complete the job.

Door Weld

Than it was just a case of making sure nothing had moved. I tried the door in place. It fitted really well.

Door Finished

Now its a rub down and a primer coat then reassemble the spring clip mechanism to finish the job.

So close now Update 6 must surely be pictures of the finished item?

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* T-JE-A20 (MF 701) Link Box, Transport Box, Update3

Posted on October 20th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

The Link Box construction is finished. the photo’s below detail the 1″ square angle being welded on Today. It Was Tim (champion welded that did it not me) A big Thanks Tim for finishing it of Yesterday, I don’t know when I would have been able to. The back door is still to do. and the whole thing needs painting. I’ll try to get a picture of the box on the tractor.

Box Edge1


Box Edge2

Box Edge3 Box Edge4

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* T-JE-A20 (MF 701) Link Box, Transport Box, Update2

Posted on October 6th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

So this is how Saturday started with a shell of a Link box ready to be welded.

Start Shell

First to get tacked on was the front section which fitted like a dream. just a bit of hammering in the corners to bring them closer to the curve on the main box. I have heard that on some transport boxes the whole front was attached to the main section and just folded at the bottom leaving the two flaps on the side to be welded on. Has anyone got any pictures of this type of box?

Tacking The front one


Now the back frame. First we drilled out some holes to spot weld through the box to the frame underneath. The back frame was bent slightly hence the large amount of clamps to make sure it touched the sheet metal work. It wasn’t me but another Tim who did all the welding. He was fantastic and so fast. Much neater and more accurate than me!

Back Frame

So now we worked forward tacking on the frames as we went. It’s amazing how rigid the shape became the more support that for added.

The three frame members are the only original parts of the box I collected a couple of years ago to survive. I was keen to keep as much as possible but the sheet work was more holes than material!

Supports all on


Now we put in place the brackets on the front that attach to the lower link arms. We used a G-clamp to start with to check the position. The position was out by  1/4 ” but that wasn’t the biggest problem. The brackets aren’t bent enough at 18 degrees and they clash with the levelling arms.

front hooks


They need bending to at least 22 or 25 degrees.

Hook detail not right

On the whole though the box looks superb in place on the tractor and it all seems to be in proportion and looking right.

It was a strange concept putting the pins in the other side!


For some reason I stopped taking photo’s probably as time was tight. The 1″ angle along the edges was cut and tried in place. It hasn’t been fitted as there is a piece needed along the front that can’t be fitted until the brackets have been bent more on the front as the angle is cut to accommodate them. We didn’t have a heat source to heat the brackets up enough, so this will be done later this week.

Tim also completed the welding as so far all you can see is the tacks to keep the whole thing in place. It was a great Saturday morning and  great to work with someone else. My normal working practice is an hour in the garage after tea on my own. I can’t wait to get back to Tim’s to finish off. Look out for update 3 coming soon…..


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* T-JE-A20 (MF 701) Link Box, Transport Box, Update

Posted on October 3rd, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Over 3 years ago I picked up a couple of free implements from someone moving house, see the article here Free Implements Article

This weekend coming I am looking forward to welding up the transporter box I collected 3 years ago. I have this week taken delivery of the sheet metal work to go with the frame that I rescued from the old box.

Link Box 1


Luckily I have a big car and collecting the link box metal work from the fabricator wasn’t a problem.


Link Box 2

The detail above shows the close tolerances between the back of the box and the door that stops things falling out.

Link Box 3

Already shot blasted and painted in primer the support frame pieces on the right of this picture are ready to be welded on. I’ve tried everything in place and it looks like a good fit.

I have also to weld on the front the latches made earlier in the year. The latches hold the box onto the lower link arms and stop it from swinging.

Link Box Clip Comparison  Link Box Latch

Transport Box Hook


Above is what the finished latched should look like once welded in place.

Link Box Repair

Above shows the box as it was collected by me.

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* Thank You Matt

Posted on August 4th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

I big thank you to Matt who lives up the street from me who has made me some parts using the laser cutter at the place where he works.

First think he made was a support tube for the main cable from the battery to the starter motor. I never had one when I bought the tractor. Only the Diesel models have this bracket as the batteries (2x 6volts originally) were mounted off the trumpet housing. Also a thank you to Colin Taylor for sending me an original one I copied the dimensions from.

Cable Clips

I’ve painted one of them and dded it to the tractor. below you see the before and after pictures. One painted part in an otherwise paintless tractor.

Before No Clip

Above before with no clip the wire is just hanging.

and below after with the wire nicely held in position.

After nice and tidy


Matt has also made me some spacer items for the spring tine cultivator. The rusty one is the original I measured. The nine new ones are the ones he has made which fit in between the spring tines and allow them to move independently of one another.

S9-KE-20 Tine Spacers

T-JE-A20 Transport Box

I made a number of drawings for the Transport box for the hook that connects the box to the tractor. I now thanks to Matt have a right and left handed one waiting to be welded back onto my new Link Box skin once I get one fabricated. The drawings can be found on the transport box page Here

Link Box Clip Comparison

Link Box Clip Another View

Link Box Parts

Link Box Latch

I see that Phil at is now reproducing complete Transport Box replicas. I should imagine he would be able to supply just some of the parts if needed.




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* Arrival of parts

Posted on June 23rd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Original Tool Box

I keep asking myself the question, “am I mad or stupid or am I doing the right thing?”  I bought not so long ago on eBay an original Ferguson tool box to go on my tractor.  A slight issue arose that, the tool box was still attached to the radius arms and offered as a complete item. I didn’t need the radius arms and arranged with the seller for him to post me the tool box and clips still attached for free and he could keep the arms.

Tool Box Still Attached

So now the toolbox has arrived and it looks Fabulous. It’s now going to take a lot of hard work to make it look nice and shiny.

Tool  Box Front

Tool Box Back

So now the question. Why am I going through all this when I could just buy a new, reproduction tool box that wouldn’t need much doing to it and would cost less? All I would have to do is  rub it down and paint is. Not remove the layers of old paint surface rust an grime, then prime, then paint.

To me the original one still has far more appeal. It was once on a tractor, it was made for the tractor. Some how it seems more right? does anyone else think like this?

New Tool Box
This picture shows the type of item that can be bought cheaper and new on eBay.


A big thank you to Matt for welding the chains for me. I have now completed a few original looking chain sets which attach to the top link. The idea dehind them was you never loos the pins that go trough the top link as the chains prevent them getting lost.

Not many of these seem to have survived I imagine they broke, ware out or got damaged. The pin and latch pin I got from Dunlop tractor parts (northern Ireland) who had a stand at the Newby Hall show I attanded a couple of weeks ago.

Transporter Box hooks

This section I’m hoping isn’t going to turn into a rant. The pin in the picture below which cost 30p from Dunlop Tractor spares. I bought 10 as I thought they where such a bargain, Should be fitted to all Ferguson tractors. DON’T fit the pins with the round ends. Anyway, removing the pear shaped end it can be attached to the hooks on the transporter box (Link Box)

by using the pear shaped ends instead of the round ones you guanentee there will be no rotation and the end won’t fall out.

Transport Box Clip Up

Transport Box Clip Down

below you can see someone who was used the round ends on the hooks for there Transport Box

Transport Box Hook

Speculative Purchase

I bought this spring not really needing it. Do you know what it does?

Top Link Spring

Well it attaches a heavy implement to the tractor, just below the top link on the fixed pin. You also need to use the toplink to connect to the implenment at the same time.

In the Potato Planter instruction book it is listed as a balance spring in the parts list.

Balance Spring

To me it seems to aid the toplink sensing with heavy implements added, such as The potato planter.

Spring in place

I’ve seen it used on other implements aswell. It’s the kind of item that you would look forever to find when you need one. It’s going to be hanging in the garage until I need it.

I did then spot a more complete one once I’d bought this one.  But I think it’s just a metal bracket at the end that’s missing from the one I bought and it shouldn’t be that difficult to fabricate.

Item then found on eBay in a more complete condition!

Hi Tim,
You are correct, the spring does assist sensing. It is best used on
very light draft requirement implements such as the weeder and
steerage hoe. It pulls the top link into the compression spring
(effectivly weakening said spring) enabling the implement to follow
ground contours even more acurately. A heavey draft implement such as
the plough does not require such fine control and indeed would have
impaired performance if it were deployed.
The assister spring enhances and fine tunes the level of
‘fingertip control’ within the ‘Ferguson System’.
It has often been misunderstood and discarded as a nuisance to fit.
Tim Webb.

Implements the spring was fitted to…..

  • P-PE-B20, PPE20, Potato Planter, Non chitted
  • M-KE-A21, Weeder
  • ID-KE-20, D-KE-20, IB-KE-20, B-KE-20, Steerage hoe Rigid & Independent gang
  • G-BE-20, G-DE-20, Disc harrow, offset

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* Transport Box page updated

Posted on June 8th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

I’m getting very behind as I have a lot of emails to reply to. John Webster your answers are on the linked page.

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