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* Ashover show 2012

Posted on August 7th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Tomorrow 8th August 2012 is the 81st I’ll be driving my Ferguson the 23.1 miles there and back. I’m hoping the weather will be nice as the route is particularly exposed over the tops of the peak district.

Photo’s to follow and I’ll try to remember the tweets!

What a day. I left at 7am for the one and a half hour drive (14mph)to Ashover not wanting to miss the start at 9am. The weather was fab. The route takes you across the exposed tops of the peak district so good weather is essential. For most of my journey the clouds where below me in the valleys with just the ridge I was on visible snaking away in the distance.

The theme of this years show was Massey Ferguson 35x as it is the 50th anniversary.

Front and Back an impressive line up of 35 & 35x’s.

Also on display where FE35 tractors.

As this is a local show the majority of the Ferguson and Massey Ferguson tractors came from local dealers Samuel Wilsons & Sons, LTD and John I.Fearns both added dealer badges to there tractors. Wilsons a riveted on plate and Fearns a sticker.

Fearn Plate

I understand this Fearns example above is a reproduction. I spoke with a Mr N. Fox of Rowsley who said he had an example of an original and had made some accurate reproduction stickers. I will be contacting him.

Entry  No. 50, 1936 Ferguson Brown, Chris Astell of Pilsley.

Ferguson Brown Back

Ferguson Brown Front

No. 49, 1964 Massey Ferguson 35X & MF20 Bailer, A. Hollindrake of Peak Forest This tractor and implement won Best Tractor and Implement in show.

35 bailer 2

This 35 had a monster hitch on the back which should have been on a 135? what a great number plate as well the WJ indicating a sheffield registration in a time when DVLA offices where regional.

135 Hitch

This 1957 Ferguson FE35 owned by Mr. M.Ambrey of chesterfield had a Ferguson winch No. 100 attached to it with the plate below proclaiming it was manufactured by C. M. Hesford & Co. Ltd of Ormskirk  for Harry Ferguson LTD. Coventry


Winch Plate

There where other tractors present not just Ferguson, but I don’t like to talk about those here.All Sorts

I’m looking forward to next year already If only for the drive there and back no doubt I’ll not be able to get my tractor into the ring again.



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* Newark Vintage Tractor Show 2010

Posted on November 26th, 2010 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

What a fab time was had by all at the Newark Tractor show 2010. I didn’t think it could get any better than last year. Pictures are available here Newark 2010

I picked up a grey canvas seat cover for my tractor from  Old20 parts. My bum is now a lot warmer.

I picked up some thicker gasket material as the tractor is leaking oil where the fuel lift pump joins the engine block. I just don’t seem to be able to get the fiddlie bolts tight enough. 

Transport Box info

I’ve been updating the link box page as I’ve been sent information/pictures about the barrow conversion from James, the barrow was part of the the Ferguson accessory range and converted the transport box into a Wheelbarrow. Phil at the is also  reproding the barrow conversion.

Earlier Article about the Ferguson Trailer shop 

I’d like to put together some drawings myself for people to have a go at making there own, It doesn’t look that difficult! A project for the new year.

Strange Item

Anyone know what this is? a reader sent in the picture. The item came with a MIL loader that was purchased but the reader doesn’t know what this bit is for, do you? I haven’t seen it on the MIL parts list either.

To me it looks as though the right hand end could go onto the tractor just below thw top link. with the left end having Ferguson 5/8″ Nuts.

 Please get in touch if you do know what it is.

Mystery Bracket

Oil Pressure Gauge info to Follow.

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* Not Great but Fantastic Newby

Posted on June 15th, 2010 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

FoFH Stand from behind Panorama

Last weekend The family and I went to the 5th Annual Vintage Tractor show at Newby Hall, Ripon. For me the event ticked all the right boxes. It was local (less than one and a half hours travelling time) The weather was Fab (wall to wall Sunshine), my wife could meet up with her family who also lived locally 9Durham), there were lots of Ferguson tractors (more than 65 TE, FE 35 and MF35’s on show) FoFH and The Ferguson Club had a stand. So that was all the great stuff so what made it fantastic? Well Brian Pickering, Membership secretary  for the Ferguson club organised a drive by of Ferguson tractors in the main ring at 3pm on the Saturday. They were short of drivers to chauffeur the tractors in and out of the ring. So I thought I should volunteer when asked to help. Who wouldn’t want to drive a TE-F20 around a vintage tractor show in the sun for an hour or so?

I took over 150 pictures on the day  and Video as well. This article shows just a small percentage of the day. The long panorama shots, with some great detail, will open bigger when you click on them.

From the Back of my Tractor

For me the Ferguson club stand was the highlight of the day, lots of tractors lots of interesting implements I just wish I’d have had more time to look at them all and chat with the owners.

A busy Ferguson Club Stand Newby 2010

A Bust  Ferguson Club stand

Ferguson Club Stand

 Ferguson Row

 A line of Fergusons waiting to go into the main ring.

Lineup Behind

Lineup in Front

 An unusual Ferguson that was built for the MOD

Military Ferguson

3Ton Trailer

3cwt Trailer

My steed for the day a 1956 Diesel with a serial plate number more then 500,000


More Video and pictures to follow

A review of the weekend from the Yorkshire Post.

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