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* Marvellous Mullahead Result

Posted on February 24th, 2014 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Ready for the Off

Ready for the Off

So here is the scene at about 7:30 on Saturday 22nd February. The tractors were loaded up the night before in the rain, but today I’m please to say the weather is calm and without a cloud in the sky, makes a change! We might not get wet today.

Snug as a Bug

Snug as a Bug

The Two tractors and one 2 furrow plough in the pictures belong to Colin Taylor (Cyclops, From the Friends of Ferguson Heritage Forum) a prolific and knowlegable collector of all things Ferguson. He is lending them to Bob (T20 Ploughman) and myself (floorboard) so that we can compete in the 99th Mullahead & District plough match



The tractors unloaded we are here early and get a good spot near the gate to go into the field. The lorry has some miss firing problems on the way and at one point I didn’t think it was going to make it. All the organisation and effort to get to Ireland and to fall at the final hurdle! Luckily it limped onto the side of the road in its designated parking spot.

Found The Plough

Found The Plough

My plough, and I do mean my plough for the event had been kindly driven across from England by Jim Elliott a x23 world plough champion. Thank you very much Jim. He was competing in the Swing class for horse ploughing, which was strange as he normally competes in the High Cut.



Here is the plough Jim was using alongside the Ferguson Plough. The two ploughs although they do the same job look very different.

And so to the job in hand. Ploughing.

It was a very generous 11am start time with 4 hours to complete the plot and some different rules compared to the ones I was used to namely…..

Two way ploughing scattering to the lesser number. 2 furrow fracture ploughing 4 rounds then scatter to the lesser number.


Here I an chatting To Cyril McGuiness (the winner on the day) I met Cyril in 2010 when I first went across to look at the match, I think he was ploughing that day with a tractor that cost him £50, or something like that.

Ready to Go

Ready to Go

So here I am ready to go. Poles lined up, front furrow raised ready for the Ferguson split. One slight unknown in this event the tractor was set to 52″ wheel centres. I have only ever ploughed to 48″ centres as recommended in the Ferguson manual when ploughing with a 10″ plough.

The Split, One Side

The Split, One Side

I was pretty pleased with my split on the second run until about 1/3 of the way along. at that point I think the plough must have raised or I was so busy concentrating on going in a straight line and the result was, an unploughed section in the middle.

The Split, The Other Side

The Split, The Other Side

Normally The judges would come round and mark the split at this point. In this match for some reason they didn’t?

Here (Grubber) has bought me on my opening split, It all started so well

So I was off the hook if a could get my first 3 furrows to fold in nicely, it would hide all this. I’m pleased to say it was the best Start I have ever done. All three tops lovely and level and quite straight.

The Open

The Open

So from now on the concentration really took hold and my camera didn’t come out of my pocket until the finish.

Thanks to grubber for taking these shots of me at work, see what I mean about the concentration.


The Finish

The Finish

The Finish, A Closer Look

The Finish, A Closer Look

The end the judges were looking from looked a lot better than this end. I was adjusting the front furrow depth all the way down which is why it looks so wonky all the way down.

And for the results. I came a very respectful 7th out of 17,with 76 points out of a possible 180 . I was over the moon with this result. This is the 4th time I have ploughed in a competition and about the 7th time I have ever ploughed. Things can only get better, I hope.

Here is a picture of Bob (T20 Ploughman) I think he was a bit miffed he came 10th .



Yes the tractor he is on is a little bit special.

DSCN8224 DSCN8221

And as for going home, Colin and his dad Sam changed the fuel filter on the lorry and it worked a treat all the way home.

Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel Filter Replacement

I’m hoping (Grubber) from the FoFH forum has some more pictures of me ploughing as he had a rather fancy camera and it was pointing in my direction a couple of times. maybe he can fill in the gap between start and finish! I am looking forward to next year already, If I can get a pass out!

Full Results Here

Well done to Jim Elliott for winning his class and coming second in the best turned out horses section. A huge thanks to Colin and Sam for making the whole thing possible.

As I entered into the Novice section I’d love to get hold of my score card for the event to see where I lost points. Then I could work on what i needed to practice for next time.

I did a drive by of all the finished plots I hope to have the video edited and on youtube soon.

I could think of no better way to spend my 40th Birthday!

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* Second Plough Match Completed

Posted on October 20th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

On Saturday the 19th October 2013 I completed my second ever ploughing competition. I have no trailer or truck I have to drive there on my tractor. That’s why its practically and financially the only plough match I’ve ever entered. There is no Ferguson class so I got lumped into the Vintage Hydraulic, Class 4. I say this through gritted teeth as I don’t think the judge this year was sympathetic to the purity of The Ferguson ploughing class. “dump that top link and get one of those screw types, you’ll get on better” was one of the comment he made. Don’t get me wrong he was very good and he even helped by giving advice along the way but I should imagine he has a fancy Ransome plough a Ford tractor to go with it.  I think next year I will have to consider going to Brailsford or Ashover matches which do have a Ferguson class. At least it will be more of a level playing field. Anyway I had so much fun although I do get worked up trying to get it right! I was pleased with my overall performance and I know where I can make improvements next time.

I’ve just found out the results, I came 7th out of 12 not bad for my second ever match.

NortonPloughPlot2013_4 NortonPloughPlot2013

And the finish which I completely messed up.


I’ve published a short Video, I didn’t have time to take pictures. It’s amazing where the 4 hours goes!

The tractor you can here is mine. I’m holding the camera so it’s not me in the yellow water proof suit that’s the guy ploughing plot 16 next to me.

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* 16-AE-20 Single furrow plough

Posted on September 8th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Above is a picture from the Westlake plough parts website. Some months ago I bought a Ferguson single furrow 16″ deep digger body plough. The brass Ferguson plate says the plough is number 211, I can’t believe that, but anyway I digress. The plough had attached to it a share with a detachable point. The point is replaced by nocking out a steel pin polling it in. Looking at the picture above Westlakes supply a new complete share. But would they have any detachable points?

I phoned them and they do. I will have to send my share off to them and from the selection of points they have in stock they will select the best one and fit it. This will cost £15 for the point, and the P&P to get it there and back if I had wanted a complete share hat would have cost £65 for a whole share.

There is a page to be made detailing the Plough restoration and it’s eventual putting back into service.

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* Harvest & Ploughing

Posted on September 4th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.


I’ve had 2 days of fun with Fergusons. On Saturday 31st August 2013 I was invited by Seb Littlewood, Head of Rural Life, to drive a TED-20 belonging to Beamish Museum. The event, Agricultural power from the past aimed to have many agricultural demonstrations going on around the site over the four days. My small part was driving a Ferguson and 3ton trailer with various loads of cereals to stores and threshers etc. It was a fab day and a lot was achieved.

Me PLoughing

On Saturday 31st August -Sunday 1st September Brian Pickering, Ferguson Club Vice Chairman, organised a working weekend just outside Boroughbridge. I was able to take my TEF-20 and a 10″ 2 furrow General Purpose plough along. As it wasn’t a competition I was free to experiment with lots of different settings ahead of the ploughing events coming up in the next couple of months. A big thanks to Brian for organising This event, looking forward to seeing you at Newark

You can see a full selection of photo’s on the ploughmyfield Flickr site Harvest & Ploughing Flickr Page


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