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* My First Plough Match

Posted on October 22nd, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Saturday 20th October 2012 is a day I will remember for a long time. I drove my tractor and plough to Norton Plough match. It’s about the closest event to me and as I don’t have a truck or trailer the closest to drive to. The weather was glorious as you will see from the photos. Being prepared I’d put on loads of clothes for the cold and waterproofs in the bag just in case. In the end I was taking jumpers off as it was too warm. I’ll be expanding this post but for now take a look at some of the pictures. A big thank you to Roy for standing around all day and taking the pictures. I was so busy there is no way I would have been able to do it. Where does the time go. it was only a 33ft wide plot.










There were 15 in the Vintage hydraulic class 4, I came 10th. I am so pleased. I’m itching to have another go and learn from my mistakes.

I think the new tyres may have helped with traction. Below is a picture of the tyres fitted to the hand painted rims waiting to be fitted to the tractor. I splashed out and went for Goodyears. I just think they look the best.

New Goodyear Tyres

I’d also like to thank my sister-in-law, Rhiannon for sending me this wonderful long (66ft) tape measure it came in very handy on the day. and it was made in Sheffield. I’m sure it made the difference.


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* First plough match here I come.

Posted on September 4th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

D-Day is the 20th October 2012.

I have entered The 121st Norton Plough match near to my home. There isn’t a Ferguson class so I’m entering the Vintage Hydraulic (Class – 4) I’ve been gathering together as much information as possible to make sure I get it right on the day. I’ve found this site very useful. Ferguson class rules (Society of ploughmen supported) I’ve also been studying like mad two sections of this DVD. TE-20 the art of ploughing I find I learn more watching than reading about it. I’ve been offered some sighting poles and a long tape measure. now I need to get some practice in.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Hi Tim

It was nice to meet you at Newby, a face to a name. Your website is a regular.

I was interested in your entry to the ploughing match.  Regarding Ferguson ploughing, I spent a lot of time commercial and match ploughing and later organising matches.  

In spite of this and the ploughing match rules, one point has always left me puzzled.  In the Ferguson ploughing manual and instruction books there was always two wheel marks at a finish, as was with any 2 or even 3 furrow plough.  This is penalised in ploughing matches so therefore one has to move the plough along the crossbar, many match ploughs are modified to make this easy. The Ferguson requires slackening the U bolts and carefully resetting.

Also the match method of setting a rig differs from the Ferguson manual method.

Please don’t let the above confuse you, get out there and do your best. I am sure you will enjoy yourself.

All the very best.



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* 118th Norton Ploughing Association plough match 2009

Posted on October 19th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Saturday 17th October 2009 saw the 118th Norton Ploughing Association plough match just south of Sheffield. Roy went along and was kind enough to send in some photo’s I was unable to attend as I was at attending their ploughmatch on the Sunday.

Hi Tim

Norton match was very good the weather and ground superb. I spoke to Maurice Butcher he drove the Bedford lorry at WILSON & SON (Ferguson dealers in Sheffield) for 2 or 3 years in the late 1950’s he know Frank Wilson of course and Freddie Wilson. Freddie was the son of Frank. Kenneth Wilson was listed as a director of Wilsons in the 1950’s Kellys directories as was their  father Alfred E. Wilson.


One of the competitors used this Ferguson TE-D20.  I think the grey item cable tied to the front is to attach a marker to line up on the first run. Getting the first run as straight as possible is one key parts to a good plough score all the other furrows are based on that first one. The Number plate of this tractor is very close to mine an age related plate I believe.

Here is the plough at the back of that tractor. A Ferguson 2 Furrow with front furrow adjuster. The most interesting thing about the picture I think is the inserted item. It looks like some sort of attachment to hold the implement up without engaging the hydraulics whilst moving between jobs. I don’t think it was a Ferguson item but I did see one of these for sale on eBay recently.

Another Ferguson 2 furrow plough. This one I’m not sure would be allowed into the Ferguson class as it has a couple of banned items fitted. 1. the adjustable top link. 2. A stabalizer bar fitted to the left lower link arm.

Checkout the rules of the Ferguson class (now officially recognised my the society of ploughmen) here if you do want to enter a Ferguson class and there is one available at your next plough match.

Ferguson Tractor & Ferguson Plough rules

This looks like an FE35 with a Ransome plough, probably entered into the Vintage Hydraulic class.

And finally the “get the job done” solution, this modern alternative to vintage ploughing. It just doesn’t look the same as a nice Ferguson and 2 furrow plough.

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