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* Brake Latch Upgrade A-TE-128

Posted on January 14th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Parking Brake Latch

Brake Latch Fitted
I first saw the above Brake Latch modification about 7 years ago on a friends tractor. Later TE-20’s where fitted with this from the factory. It is possible to buy a kit to change the latch from the more common version that was fitted to the majority of Fergies. Originally to operate the brake you have to using your hand hold the latch in place as you put your foot on the brake pedal to take it off it’s a reverse of the process. Using the modified latch you flick the spring operated latch with your foot and then as you apply the brake the spring keeps the latch in place. To disengage use your foot to knock the latch off and away you go.

(picture of common latch)

I mistakenly bought just the spring (Sparex Part S.1766) 5 years ago on the internet without the latch and pawl thinking I’d bought everything I needed.
Sparex Spring Kit

Full Kit (Sparex Part S.43249) Latch, Spring, Pawl, Pin

My interest in the easier to use and safer brake latch was reignited recently with a post on the FoFH forum from a member who had been given one of the kits for Christmas and didn’t know how to fit it. There was advice and banter from the FoFH members on how to fit the kit.
There is a hole that needs to be drilled in the foot brake pedal to accommodate the spring and a diagram was used to demonstrate the location.

Hole Size
Image curtesy of René de Bruin (click to enlarge)

Having some of the parts I thought I’d have another go at making it work on my tractor . I have a friendJohn Gunnee with a big pillar drill so I took the brake pedal to him and he accurately drilled the 3mm hole in.

Then a couple of nights ago I spotted this on eBay as I was doing the usual Ferguson searches.
Foot Brake & Pawl

It says in the description it is an  “original MF Latch and Pawl”
It looks good and the only problem maybe how worn the pawl is. So when is arrives and I’ve sourced a pin I’ll let you know how I get on fitting it and how good it is.

19/01/2011 -Update

The eBay item arrived. when I opened the packet it looked way to big for my little tractor, but holding it up it appears to be the right size. I have to get a new pin to go through the centre as the existing one is to small. Where do I get a Pin from?

Hopefully this will be one of many articles looking at meaningful improvement you can make to your 60 year old tractor.


Clevis Pin Inches

The pin from above is a Clevis pin and they are readily available from a number of online places. The imperial equivalent is 5/16″ diameter x 1 1/4″ long.

I’ve assembled the upgraded latch with the old pin in for now to test how good it is. It’s good and it now needs a fresh coat of paint before I attach it back onto the tractor. Below you can see the latch inoperation on the tractor.


Brake Latch Upgrade. A-TE-128
Looking through the archive section of the FOFH website (only members of FoFH can browse the Archive section) I came across a brake latch accessory article (FP591) which was printed in June 1955 stating that “Now a standard fitting on all new Ferguson tractors this accessory is available as a kit for easy fitting to older tractors” The kit was Part number A-TE-128. So when did all new Ferguson tractors start to be fitted with the parking brake latch?

Readers Testemony
Hi Tim. I’ve just watched your video of the brake latch, I fitted one last year and it’s one of the best things I’ve fitted. With mine all I have to do to release it is flip it back and push down on the brake pedal. The spring then flips the catch back and you are away. I fitted mine because I had a slight run away with my Fergi when I inadvertently pushed the pedal down when I was getting off one day. Fitting the latch has cured this because if I tread on the pedal with the latch locked it just puts the brake on harder. I am also restoring a Link box but mine started off in better condition than yours. Keep up the great work with the website it is brilliant.Best wishes.Bob

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