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Posted on February 16th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

In my next article I will be trying to answer the question what was originally supplied with a TE-20 tractor? I’ve had an email from a reader asking what was originally supplied. This photo from the Newark show is my starter. I also know items where listed in the parts manual. Hopefully I can get to to bottom of it. If you know leave a comment about this post.

Ferguson Supply Original

Shown in the photo above are the contents of an original Ferguson toolbox as detailed in the parts manual.

Common For TE-20, TEA-20 and TEF-20 Tractors

Part Number Description
1395 Wrench – 5/16″ x 3/8″ Hex. open end
1396 Wrench -Adjustable
1398 Bar – Tommy
1399 Driver – Screw
1401 Pliers
1449 Spanner  – Tube 7/16″ Hex
4161 Wrench – 7/16″ – 5/8″ Hex. open end
4164 Handle – Starting

For TE-20 only

Part Number Description
1397 Spanner – Tube – Plug and 7/16″ Hex (TE-20)
4315 Gun – Grease.

For TEA-20 only

Part Number Description
1814 Spanner – Tube – Plug (TEA-20)
4315 Gun – Grease.

For TEF-20 only

Part Number Description
2481 Wrench – 5/16″ Socket Screw
103626 Spanner – Open Ended 1/4″ Whit x 7/16″ American. Hex.
103627 Spanner – Open Ended 7/16″ Whit x 5/16″ Whit. Hex.
105137 Tube Extension – Starting Handle
107613 Spanner – Special Ring
201410 Staring Handle Assembly
59429 Gun – Grease.

TE-20, TEA-20 info from Tractor Parts List 1949, TEF-20  info From FP321/1955

Also what does an original Ferguson tool box look like. What did the dashboard of a TEF-20 look like.

Here is a great Link from George Radion at It has information on Ferguson spanners and original equipment supplied with your tractor including the tool box. Thanks George. Great website Very clear, very informative.

[25/07/2011] update

Hi, you brought your injector spanner of me earlier in the year, just
wondering if you could let me know some details on the screwdriver
that was in the kit? Make, Length etc.

Hi Neil
Sorry Neil I don’t have any further information on the screwdriver or the Adjustable Wrench or pliers.

Would anyone else like to comment?

Sorry to bother you yet again, I bet your getting fed up of hearing from us, but I thought this photo might be of interest. I read your article on what tools originally came with a T20 and thought “I notice some of those tools”, I was soon down in the garage and found some. I know the grease guns are not correct but they are the same make and era, all I need now to complete the set that came with the TED 20 is the Ferguson spanner (7/16″ x 5/8″ I think) and that’s on the way.
Ben's Ferguson Tools

Hi Ben That’s looking good.
The Ferguson spanner is normally quoted in Across Flats A/F sizes and is 11/16″ x 1″1/16. I hope it is a Ferguson spanner you have purchased as a normal 5/8″ spanner might not fit a ferguson bolt head.

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