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* TEF-20 auxiliary diesel tank

Posted on March 9th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Tonight using the auxiliary diesel tank fitted to my TEF-20 became one step closer to happening. This evening I have purchased an original solid steel pipe that connects the auxiliary diesel tank to the lift pump.

Engine Rebuild Finished

From the photo above you can see the ugly orange gas pipe that was fitted when I bought the tractor that takes fuel from the main tank straight to the lift pump bypassing the Auxiliary tank altogether. The Auxiliary tank is missing from the picture but it should sit behind the main tank. With the tank removed you can see the round hole in the supporting framework where the feed from the main tank enters the Auxiliary tank.

Not all TEF-20’s have a lift pump. The early model 1951-(late 1953/early 1954) did not. When going up hill or down hill the smaller auxiliary tank fed the injector pump much better. The feed out of the bottom of the tank is comes from someway up inside the tank. This space allows the bottom of the tank to collect water and sludge and keep it out of the filters and pump. I was lucky the auxiliary tank was fitted when I purchased the tractor. They are commanding a good price. The one on my tractor is pitted with holes that need filling before i can use it again. No doubt the focus of a future post.

Hi Tim.
speaking of auxiliary tanks, was going to braze the base to fix the multitude of holes.However, when I dropped the fuel filters and saw what they contained, I figured I couldn’ t put it back into service without doing something about the junk inside and so for better or……..
Now to put it back together.!
Jerry Galvin
And after all that searching I see I could have bought a pipe years ago as a new part is being sold by among others
SilverFox Tractor Spares LTD who also sell a reproduction Auxiliary tank Mind I don’t think I’d bother at those prices! might be cheaper to find a second hand one.

Still to find

I still have one piece of pipework to find to complete the system it is item 8 from the list below.

TED have you got one?

Fuel System Detail


The below shows the complete fuel system and is then from the ,20, parts list, Massey Ferguson Publication 819 167 M1  Fuel System All

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* 7 Hour Tractor

Posted on March 7th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

I’ve added a page with some amazing pictures of an amazing tractor that only has 7 Hours on the clock.

I love the way it is so imperfect.


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* S.M.C Pt. No. F 4297

Posted on February 25th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

This has to be one of the quickest turn arounds for me. The part was waiting for me on Thursday night when I got home from work and now Friday evening and the part is fitted after being painted. Not bad for a 24 hour turn around.


I feel totally justified in buying the part as well. I always thought the shaft I had fitted wasn’t the correct length (not overall but to the marker cut into the shaft) and I was right. The one I was replacing I bought only a few years ago I think it is from a different tractor maybe a 35? Below shows the picture of the New, grey painted shaft n the right and older Zinc coated one on the left. The picture bellow that shows a close up of the difference in the notch height from the top.

New and Old


The only thing I’m gutted about is the seller plastered brown tape all over that lovely original box! then stuck it in another packet to post it, shame. Still you can just make out the label through the packaging tape in the picture below. I didn’t know that the Standard Motor Company supplied spare parts but who else would as they were the company making the tractors. It must have been a lucrative business.

Original Part Box

I never would have thought I’d be fitting an original NEW out the box parts to a 58 year old tractor!

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* Garage time update

Posted on January 10th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

The last couple of nights in the garage have been very productive. This has been the first chance I’ve had to get back into the garage after the Christmas holiday.

Matt has come to the rescue again and rethreaded the mudguard bolt for me. then he has welded the top and skimmed it up with the lathe. Thanks Matt. Some paint to be applied then they can be fitted to the mudguards along with the stabiliser brackets.

This now means the mudguard bolts will be able to be tightened by the Ferguson spanner

Nev –  still no sign of the parts from Australia. You don’t think the Somali pirates have them do you? I’m sure they will turn up soon.

3 Bolts with correct Heads

Bolt Head Turned Down

Bolt Head Thread Detail

Recently I also picked up an inlet manifold for a TEF-20 with the Venturi assembly still attached. As a bonus it also has a heater plug attached with the brass screw that holds the wire on. The brass screw was missing from my heater plug, not any more. My plan is to overhaul the Venturi assembly and replace it with the one on my tractor as it is very worn and sucking a lot of air in.

TEF Manifold

Venturi Assembly

Heater Plug Screw


Finally tonight I have cleaned up the oil pressure gauge I purchased recently and fitted it to the tractor. Wow it really finishes the dashboard of nicely.

Oil Gauge Dash 1

Oil Gauge Dash 2

If I carry on at this rate I will have it finished before 2013!

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* Original: Oil Pressure Gauge

Posted on December 21st, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News.

I have finally managed to get hold of an original oil pressure gauge for a Ferguson TEF. It’s the last item I need to complete my original looking dashboard. The current gauge I have is coloured and was fitted to later tractors.

It was also fitted to the TED and TEA models. A lower pressure 0-40 PSI gauge was fitted to the TE20 Continental engine model. The best news of all it cost less than the price of the reproduction examples I have seen.

How do I know its original? It is a white faced gauge. 0-100 PSI. The dial pokes through the face and the hole is a crescent shape. It has two rivets  at the bottom left and right. The font and style of text is consistant with other gauges fitted to original tractors I have seen

So A job for over the Christmas period, fitting it. It’s tricky getting your hands round the back of the left hand side of a TEF dashboard as the Auxiliary fuel tank is in the way, so it should be fun. A five minute job that might take all day!

TEF Oil Pressure Gauge Front

TEF Oil Pressure Gauge Back


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* Roy’s Toolbox

Posted on November 24th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

From the 2011 Newark Tractor show Roy bought a toolbox for his TED-20. It should be mounted on the left side of the battery carrier frame just in front of the dashboard.

Rather than looking for an original toolbox Roy was happy to purchase a replica. He chose the offering from Patrick, and got a great show deal. Tip: Not only will you save Postage & Packaging buy buying at a show (offsetting the entry price) getting your parts from a show also offers you the opportunity to look at and feel the items and check it’s quality and suitability. You can’t do that when buying over the internet. There is also the probability that the seller may have an atractive show offer available making it cheaper than buying normally.

All the reproduction toolboxes Roy and I saw at the show have the lid hinge running the full length of the box, unlike the original toolboxes. Another feature of the original box saw the catch was riveted on as opposed to welded with the modern box. Oh yet and the modern one is painted red.

“The bolt holes on the original where off to othe right side. This box has then centrally positioned. When fitting if it fouls the dashboead I’ll drill some more holes offsett.” Roy commented

New Tool Box

So Roy also bought two copper rivets and has added them to his new toolbox to make it look a bit more authentic.

ToolBox Rivets

And he’s made a great job of painting it grey

Grey Toolbox

Nice job Roy, I wait for the photo from Roy of the toolbox fitted to his tractor.

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* Stabiliser Bolts

Posted on November 20th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

I’ve tried everywhere to buy mudguard bolts with the correct head size. I have one on the way from Nev in Australia but I still need the other 3.

I’ve bought 3 x 7″ long 5/8″ UNF bolts. I’m going to cut the bolt head off and weld on 1.1/16″ A/F head nuts to make bolts that will fit the ferguson spanner.

Bolt Heads

I’ll post some more pictures as I convert them.

David (who is moving to Canada)  said he had gone through the same process and would send pictures.

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* Arrival of parts

Posted on June 23rd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Original Tool Box

I keep asking myself the question, “am I mad or stupid or am I doing the right thing?”  I bought not so long ago on eBay an original Ferguson tool box to go on my tractor.  A slight issue arose that, the tool box was still attached to the radius arms and offered as a complete item. I didn’t need the radius arms and arranged with the seller for him to post me the tool box and clips still attached for free and he could keep the arms.

Tool Box Still Attached

So now the toolbox has arrived and it looks Fabulous. It’s now going to take a lot of hard work to make it look nice and shiny.

Tool  Box Front

Tool Box Back

So now the question. Why am I going through all this when I could just buy a new, reproduction tool box that wouldn’t need much doing to it and would cost less? All I would have to do is  rub it down and paint is. Not remove the layers of old paint surface rust an grime, then prime, then paint.

To me the original one still has far more appeal. It was once on a tractor, it was made for the tractor. Some how it seems more right? does anyone else think like this?

New Tool Box
This picture shows the type of item that can be bought cheaper and new on eBay.


A big thank you to Matt for welding the chains for me. I have now completed a few original looking chain sets which attach to the top link. The idea dehind them was you never loos the pins that go trough the top link as the chains prevent them getting lost.

Not many of these seem to have survived I imagine they broke, ware out or got damaged. The pin and latch pin I got from Dunlop tractor parts (northern Ireland) who had a stand at the Newby Hall show I attanded a couple of weeks ago.

Transporter Box hooks

This section I’m hoping isn’t going to turn into a rant. The pin in the picture below which cost 30p from Dunlop Tractor spares. I bought 10 as I thought they where such a bargain, Should be fitted to all Ferguson tractors. DON’T fit the pins with the round ends. Anyway, removing the pear shaped end it can be attached to the hooks on the transporter box (Link Box)

by using the pear shaped ends instead of the round ones you guanentee there will be no rotation and the end won’t fall out.

Transport Box Clip Up

Transport Box Clip Down

below you can see someone who was used the round ends on the hooks for there Transport Box

Transport Box Hook

Speculative Purchase

I bought this spring not really needing it. Do you know what it does?

Top Link Spring

Well it attaches a heavy implement to the tractor, just below the top link on the fixed pin. You also need to use the toplink to connect to the implenment at the same time.

In the Potato Planter instruction book it is listed as a balance spring in the parts list.

Balance Spring

To me it seems to aid the toplink sensing with heavy implements added, such as The potato planter.

Spring in place

I’ve seen it used on other implements aswell. It’s the kind of item that you would look forever to find when you need one. It’s going to be hanging in the garage until I need it.

I did then spot a more complete one once I’d bought this one.  But I think it’s just a metal bracket at the end that’s missing from the one I bought and it shouldn’t be that difficult to fabricate.

Item then found on eBay in a more complete condition!

Hi Tim,
You are correct, the spring does assist sensing. It is best used on
very light draft requirement implements such as the weeder and
steerage hoe. It pulls the top link into the compression spring
(effectivly weakening said spring) enabling the implement to follow
ground contours even more acurately. A heavey draft implement such as
the plough does not require such fine control and indeed would have
impaired performance if it were deployed.
The assister spring enhances and fine tunes the level of
‘fingertip control’ within the ‘Ferguson System’.
It has often been misunderstood and discarded as a nuisance to fit.
Tim Webb.

Implements the spring was fitted to…..

  • P-PE-B20, PPE20, Potato Planter, Non chitted
  • M-KE-A21, Weeder
  • ID-KE-20, D-KE-20, IB-KE-20, B-KE-20, Steerage hoe Rigid & Independent gang
  • G-BE-20, G-DE-20, Disc harrow, offset

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* Tools Reply, Willie’s collection

Posted on June 8th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Willie writes,

The picture of 3 spanners on one of your web pages shows the centre spanner of a quite different profile.
(My original picture shown below)
Ferguson Spanners
The edges are raised but the spanner has the gradients stamped as per the other “usual” Fergy spanner shape.
I have one of these as has Tony Gilbert of Ausmech. (He says he has anyway).
I recall our neighbours in Perthshire, Scotland taking delivery of a Diesel FE35. Must have been 1956 and I was shown the spanner which came in the tool kit so I guess that`s when it was introduced.
The picture below shows the particular spanner
Willie Young
Tractor Spanners

Hi Willie,
Thanks for the feedback and the photo.
Willie would it be possible to get come close up pictures of the small spanner and the big one and maybe some general dimensions or a pencil rubbing so I know what size I’m looking for. What was the smaller spanner used for?



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* News Update

Posted on June 3rd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News.

Diesel Injector spanner

Ferguson Diesel Spanner

I have had delivered today the Diesel Injector spanner I won on eBay. This is another of the original tools supplied with a Diesel Ferguson tractor I think from the parts list it is item 107613, Spanner – Special Ring.

I first found out about this spanner from  oz wrenches scroll down the page and you will see how the spanner is used.

I must get in contact with the owner of the site again and ask  ” How does he get his spanners black and shiny?” is it just paint?

Post Hole Borer at Beamish

Beamish Auger

I would love to have been there. Chris said he’d drilled about 8 holes and it was easier than trying to dig them by hand. I wanted more pictures and video. Chris took this picture with his phone, more hopefully to follow. Chris also said the holes where a bit big for what they wanted but with this being the only auger they had it was better than nothing.

Transport Box Parts

Transport Box Parts

I have been drawing parts on the computer so that a friend could make them up for me. I love to get the parts laser cut if I can as they are so much neater than me making them. I also needed some welding doing and I’m not great at welding YET!  drawings available soon on the (Transport  box page)

Spring tine parts,

I have also asked another friend who has access to strips of  EN45 spring steel if he could make 2 spring tines for the spring tine cultivator, one has always been missing and the other snapped whilst I was dismantling it. His company also make shovels, the tractor kind not the hand tool kind. He thinks he might be able to get hold of the odd nine for me.


As I get more used to the ways I can post to twitter I’m getting more into Twitter. It allows me to post short quick posts, now I know how it works. The posts I make appear in the  grey box on the right and are more frequently posted than these main articles.

Steiner tractors

I have never heard of this company. It’s an American parts company with a massive internet site. I was first mad aware of them from a posting on the FoFH forum about the smiths hour/rev meter.

In the USA there was a similar gauge  but it connected to the tractor’s dynamo in a different way. The current price iIve seen one of the Smiths gauges and cable and clips and dynamo attachment was £1000. so at £140 including UK delivery from the states I wondered if a bracket could be made up to get the gauge working with a UK dynamo. I’m still investigating this as I now need to know how fast the different gauges revolve at! Watch this space. also on this page are instructions on fitting and a nice original brochure

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