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* Newby Hall 2012

Posted on June 11th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Saturday the 9th June 2012 I will remember as one of the biggest ever Ferguson collective sales I have ever known about.
Cheffins Sale Cumbria
It was up in Cumbria and I was in two minds whether to go or not. In the end with all the press the event was attracting I decided I wouldn’t as I’m sure the event would attract high prices.
Some very highly desirable items were up for sale the very rare game flusher included! There was at least one of just about everything on offer.

Instead I made the annual trip to Newby Hall. I wasn’t disappointed.

It seens the hype about the Auction was just that, HYPE, the reports I’ve heard back tell of very hight prices (the game flusher made £8000, surely not worth it) and a lot of average items.


Ferguson Club Logo I can’t say I went to Newby Hall in my official capacity as South Yorkshire and Derbyshire area representative as it isn’t my area although I did spend a lot of time at the Ferguson Club tent and display which was again this year next to the Friends of Ferguson Heretage display. It was hard to know where one display stopped and another started. Lots of great Ferguson & Massey Ferguson tractors on display and a great collection of implements to match. (photo’s + Video to follow)

I had a fab time and the weather was sunny with just a few showers. I had a great chat with Julie Browning and Peter Smith who bought their Continental engined with magnito ignition and a disk terracer, an implement I have never seen before. They have a collection not to far away from me in Sheffield and I hope to visit at the next available opportunity.


I know it’s not a Ferguson but the oil coating on this Zetor sparkled in the sunshine.


This was the scene that created me on approaching the Ferguson Club area.

Continental Disc Terracer

Continental Disc Terracer 2

Ferguson Brown

Potato Planter

Auto Planter

Transporter Box

This looks like a reproduction Transporter Box. I’ve seen them for sale in the tractor magazines. I really fancy making my own though.

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* Not Great but Fantastic Newby

Posted on June 15th, 2010 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

FoFH Stand from behind Panorama

Last weekend The family and I went to the 5th Annual Vintage Tractor show at Newby Hall, Ripon. For me the event ticked all the right boxes. It was local (less than one and a half hours travelling time) The weather was Fab (wall to wall Sunshine), my wife could meet up with her family who also lived locally 9Durham), there were lots of Ferguson tractors (more than 65 TE, FE 35 and MF35’s on show) FoFH and The Ferguson Club had a stand. So that was all the great stuff so what made it fantastic? Well Brian Pickering, Membership secretary  for the Ferguson club organised a drive by of Ferguson tractors in the main ring at 3pm on the Saturday. They were short of drivers to chauffeur the tractors in and out of the ring. So I thought I should volunteer when asked to help. Who wouldn’t want to drive a TE-F20 around a vintage tractor show in the sun for an hour or so?

I took over 150 pictures on the day  and Video as well. This article shows just a small percentage of the day. The long panorama shots, with some great detail, will open bigger when you click on them.

From the Back of my Tractor

For me the Ferguson club stand was the highlight of the day, lots of tractors lots of interesting implements I just wish I’d have had more time to look at them all and chat with the owners.

A busy Ferguson Club Stand Newby 2010

A Bust  Ferguson Club stand

Ferguson Club Stand

 Ferguson Row

 A line of Fergusons waiting to go into the main ring.

Lineup Behind

Lineup in Front

 An unusual Ferguson that was built for the MOD

Military Ferguson

3Ton Trailer

3cwt Trailer

My steed for the day a 1956 Diesel with a serial plate number more then 500,000


More Video and pictures to follow

A review of the weekend from the Yorkshire Post.

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