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* Newark Inspiration

Posted on November 11th, 2014 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.


This was the view as I entered The FoFH tent at this years Newark Vintage event 2014.

It’s amazing what a little visit to a great tractor event can have. Top of the list for this year was a shopping list of things to get. Buying them here saves on the Postage and helps pay for the ticket. I also pre ordered a couple of items to guarantee they would be in stock.

So from the photo below the Cat 1 linkage pins were on the list. I had no Idea I would find a track rod end in the sort out on Sunday. A keen eyed friend spotted the original Transporter instruction book on one of the manual stands, that was a real bonus. I also collected 5litres of SAE40 oil as a top up for the back end of the hydraulics.



It was great to see so many familiar faces and have a good chat. I can see why the group from Ireland come over in a mini bus and stay for the 2 days. I think it went back twice as heavy as when it arrived. How did Sam get those 2 MF65 bonnets back with him?

below I’ve added some photo’s that interested me, Everyone has there own take on what is interesting.

I didn’t pick up a program but can anyone please tell me who was the owner of tractor 200 and does anyone have any contact details for them. Its not the 135 I’m interested in but more importantly the implement behind the tractor..


Behind the 135 was a very original looking transporter.

I’d love to get some pictures of the underneath of the box if at all possible.




and yes I know its been far to long since my last post. sometimes life just gets in the way of the things you would rather be doing.

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* Ferguson Brown Pictures

Posted on January 13th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

A big thank you to phill @Old20Parts for stitching these photo’s of Ferguson Brown’s from the FoFH tent at last years Newark show. After upgrading my computer the program I used to use has vanished.

I would advise you to click on the pictures to see them in their full glory!

Ferguson Browns  1

Ferguson Browns  2

Ferguson Browns  3

Ferguson Browns  4

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* Roy’s Toolbox

Posted on November 24th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

From the 2011 Newark Tractor show Roy bought a toolbox for his TED-20. It should be mounted on the left side of the battery carrier frame just in front of the dashboard.

Rather than looking for an original toolbox Roy was happy to purchase a replica. He chose the offering from Patrick, and got a great show deal. Tip: Not only will you save Postage & Packaging buy buying at a show (offsetting the entry price) getting your parts from a show also offers you the opportunity to look at and feel the items and check it’s quality and suitability. You can’t do that when buying over the internet. There is also the probability that the seller may have an atractive show offer available making it cheaper than buying normally.

All the reproduction toolboxes Roy and I saw at the show have the lid hinge running the full length of the box, unlike the original toolboxes. Another feature of the original box saw the catch was riveted on as opposed to welded with the modern box. Oh yet and the modern one is painted red.

“The bolt holes on the original where off to othe right side. This box has then centrally positioned. When fitting if it fouls the dashboead I’ll drill some more holes offsett.” Roy commented

New Tool Box

So Roy also bought two copper rivets and has added them to his new toolbox to make it look a bit more authentic.

ToolBox Rivets

And he’s made a great job of painting it grey

Grey Toolbox

Nice job Roy, I wait for the photo from Roy of the toolbox fitted to his tractor.

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* Newark 2011

Posted on November 21st, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

It’s taken about a week to start writing this article after attending this years Newark Vintage Tractor show 2011. It’s taken this long to digest and reflect on what I saw and also speak to friends and get their opinion of the show. Roy myself and for the first time my three and a half year old son Oliver visited the show on the Saturday.

This years show for me has been a different experience having my son with me. It’s put a different spin on the things that we looked at as my son’s choices seemed to take a preference over mine. For example I’ve never looked at the model tractors in the past but my son took a shine to every stall selling model tractors or cars, asking if I could buy that one for him! That said I’m sure he takes better pictures than me. My favourite tractors are Fergusons but my son loves the green and yellow of John Deere’s so this years show was for him as the chosen showcase make in the long marquee was the green perils.

Oli John Deere

This small number will set you back about $350,000!

His favourite other tractors where one with lots of wheels and a Bedford truck. Pictures only shown here to keep the peace as He won’t talk to me if I don’t add some of his pictures.

Oli John Deere 2

The truck picture was taken by him and several others I have used, david Bailey move over.

Oli John Deere Truck

Right now we’ve got the green ones out the way we can concentrate on the grey.

Going to the show on the Saturday means you go past the auction field on your way through the gate. Roy and I always have a look round to see if there is anything interesting. This Vineyard TE-20 caught my eye. It would go in the garage so much easier than a regular width TE-20. The owner was on hand to answer questions and it seemed to start and tick over well enough. Does anyone know how much it made?

Vineyard Ferguson TE-20

Along with all the John Deere tractors in the long marquee (which didn’t seem as full this year as in previous year) down the one end was one of the vintage clubs and this fascinating MF/FE 35. Again the owner was on hand to assure us it was a genuine tractor although it has had a respray. It was in a batch of about 50 tractors that got caught in the change over from grey/gold to grey/red. It just doesn’t look right!

One of 50 MF/FE 35

One of 50 MF/FE 35

I get a lot of people asking about tractor covers. This splendid example is available from The Ferguson club via their website. There are two versions with and without pocket for the cyclops headlight.

Ferguson Cover

This was a very professionally painted blue and silver TEA-20. So obviously not wanting to be grey it actually works as a colour scheme, for me anyway. Thanks for getting in touch Donald with a little background as to why you the tractor is painted those colours.

“Thanks for taking the picthure of my TEA-20 at Newark. It was the blue
and silver one on the Ferguson Club stand. The colours silver = 25years
and blue = the colour of the ferguson club letter heads, this year is the 25th anniversary
these colours did and do draw attenion to the tractor.
Paint was donated by WITHAM PAINTS AND OILS.
If i can be of any help in the future let me know.”

Donald Sapsford

Blue Ferguson

Pink Ferguson

“yes there was such a thing as a 132,also a 142. Both were made by Eicher in
Germany and badge engineered as MFs. In return MF sent 148 skid units to Eicher
to be dressed up as Eicher tractors.” Sammy Neill

“The 132 is actually an Eicher with MF tinwork on it.(hence the air cooled engine) ” René de Bruin

I’ve taken a lot of pictures of the Ferguson A’a on display. my aim is to generate a panoramic shot of the lot in one photo.

Ferguson A

The opinion from speaking to people,

most of us go to meet friends that you know will be going, collect some parts and have a look at some fantastic tractors. Overall in my opinion there seemed to be less tractors there this year. Less tractors isn’t bad, I didn’t have a chance to look at everything. Every tactor has a story and you could be chatting to the owner for half an hour or more. There where a lot more retail stalls there this year I thought, not all of themselling tractor related merchandise! It was a well attended show judging by how long it took to get in the car park and the amount of cars. It’s always worth pre booking your ticket, save a few quid on the door price and get in via a special entry, avoiding the ques. I am looking forward to next year already.

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* Newark Vintage Tractor Show 2010

Posted on November 26th, 2010 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

What a fab time was had by all at the Newark Tractor show 2010. I didn’t think it could get any better than last year. Pictures are available here Newark 2010

I picked up a grey canvas seat cover for my tractor from  Old20 parts. My bum is now a lot warmer.

I picked up some thicker gasket material as the tractor is leaking oil where the fuel lift pump joins the engine block. I just don’t seem to be able to get the fiddlie bolts tight enough. 

Transport Box info

I’ve been updating the link box page as I’ve been sent information/pictures about the barrow conversion from James, the barrow was part of the the Ferguson accessory range and converted the transport box into a Wheelbarrow. Phil at the is also  reproding the barrow conversion.

Earlier Article about the Ferguson Trailer shop 

I’d like to put together some drawings myself for people to have a go at making there own, It doesn’t look that difficult! A project for the new year.

Strange Item

Anyone know what this is? a reader sent in the picture. The item came with a MIL loader that was purchased but the reader doesn’t know what this bit is for, do you? I haven’t seen it on the MIL parts list either.

To me it looks as though the right hand end could go onto the tractor just below thw top link. with the left end having Ferguson 5/8″ Nuts.

 Please get in touch if you do know what it is.

Mystery Bracket

Oil Pressure Gauge info to Follow.

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