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* Number Plate Modification

Posted on June 2nd, 2015 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Until now I thought that modifications to the Lucas rear number plate bracket of a TE20 were done on an ad hoc basis. The photo below would prove otherwise. The picture comes from the Ferguson disk plough instruction manual and shows the rear of the tractor. It shows an extra part to the bracket allowing the rear light and number plate light to shine down instead of up. It also looks that the number plate itself has been moved up relative to the supporting bracket on the side of the mudguard.

I have noticed through my own and other peoples experience that if the light was attached below the number plate as is recommended ( the hole can be seen in the photograph) then the mower and other implements hit the reflector as they are raised to the transport position.

So does anyone have any more info or images of what the bracket modification looks like, was it an extra piece of sheet metal or a modification to the existing number plate section?

your thoughts please, better still do you have any pictures?

Until I have a definitive answer on what a bracket should look like I’ve made my own (see the images below). you can also download a copy of the drawings from the link so you can make your own if required. let me know if you make one and send me in a picture. I’ll be posting pictures of mine once it has been laser cut, painted and fitted.



Above showing the assembled number plate bracket



Above showing an exploded view of the new bracket



above A flat pattern template of the new bracket



Above dimensions of the new bracket


Download a PDF of the bracket here: TOP LIGHT BRACKET

[update 07/09/2016]

I’ve been asked for a dxf file of the part so it can be cut out with a laser or plasma. So here you are. I made the original from 3mm steel but I think that is to much. As MKII, I would use 2mm or even 1.5mm.

Download a DXF of the bracket here: TOP LIGHT BRACKET DXF (ZIP)


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* Lucas FT57 Original

Posted on November 7th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

FT57 Original

I bought this week an original Lucas FT57 headlight as fitted to a Ferguson tractor. It still has most of it’s grey paint on.

Look closely at the lens and the bar that runs on the inside of the lens.


I do currently have an FT57 headlight fitted to my tractor but it wasn’t originally fitted to a Tractor. Look closely at the second picture of the light fitted to my tractor. note the lens and lack of bar inside the light.



SO now the dilemma, the light I currently have fitted has been chromed and although not original adds a bit of bling to an otherwise grey tractor. I think I’ve got used to the shiny chrome. so should I replace it with the FT57 I have just bought and move the chrome one to the plough light at the back or replace it with the newly purchased original FT57. Or what I think I’m going to do is replacing the internals of the chrome light with the Original lens and bar inside. Then use the original outer and not right internals on the plough lamp at the back.


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* Lucas FT57 Bulbs

Posted on September 4th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

The bulb on the Cyclops headlight has gone at some point since I last had the tractor out. It is amazing the price difference for a bulb on the internet. This is the specification of the bulb that fits my bulb holder. It is distinctive that the two lugs that stick out of the side of the bulb that hold the bulb in are different sizes with one being twice as long as the other.
Bulb Specification:
Bosch BA20s, (20)=20mm diameter, (S)=Single fillement  12 Volt, 45 Watts
Cheapest place I could find:

£1.90 (each bulb)  + 3.75 p&p
I got 3 bulbs as I hate paying P&P

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* The Lucas Lighting Set No. 302

Posted on August 22nd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under Lighting, Manuals.

The reign of the Lucas Cyclops lighting set came to an end in 1953 with the United Kingdom Road Transport Lighting Act. The replacement was two headlights with integrated side lights and a whole different bracket to attach the number plate at the rear. How do I know this? I’ve received a 12 page document issued my Lucas containing fitting instructions for the 302 lighting set. It makes for fascinating reading.

Cable Routing

The above image, just one of many from the document, shows the routing and position of the No. 302 lighting system. What is equally interesting to me as a diesel tractor owner is the routing of the battery cables and clips between the two Lucas 6 volt batteries. The image also shows the optional hinged seat bracket. I just can’t put this document down and keep picking it up to check or investigate any number of aspects.

I find this next picture astounding, it shows the position the front lights should be mounted if a loader was fitted. It uses the standard brackets turned upside down and bent to suit.

A big thank you to Mr G. Reeve for contacting me with this item.

I have had two original instruction sheets sent to me. I don’t need two and wondered if anyone wanted to buy one of these original Lucas documents? If you are interested then please get in touch. – item has now been sold

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* FT57

Posted on April 20th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under Lighting.

I am the very proud owner of a FT57  a 7″ diameter headlamp as fitted to the bonnet of Ferguson Tractor.

You can see it here with the bracket attached to the base. This bracket attaches to the front of the bonnet.

The light looks Fab in chrome but it should be grey! I just don’t know I can bring myself to paint it.

How did I come to own the light. I had an email from a reader Nick Lovell. He got in touch asking if one of the readers would be interested in the lamp. Unfortunately the lamp advert never made it for you lot to think about buying as I bought it. I was particularly impressed with Nick’s outlook. He didn’t want to sell the item on eBay as he didn’t want it to go to the highest bidder but someone who would appreciate it. I hope I can do that Nick.  Nick is setting up a website to sell vintage car parts. He says its a pass time and the money isn’t the main reason for doing it. ”  prefer to put the right part on the correct vehicle and as long as I cover my costs, thats fine as this is a hobby mainly and gives me satisfaction when I can achieve that.”

Nicks website I’ve asked him to get in touch if he has any other lighting items suitable for a Ferguson.

Thanks Nick.

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* Lighting

Posted on January 30th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

I’ve updated the lighting page. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment to this post. click on the comments button just below this post and check out the new lighting section on the right.

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