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Posted on September 23rd, 2010 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

This is a picture Colin in Ireland sent me.  A man called David from Worcester was moving house and wanted this 9S-KE-20 Spring Tine, Cultivator and Link box to go to a good home so he got in touch with Colin through Colin’s webpage. Living in Ireland It would be difficult for Colin to collect. So with David’s permission Colin asked if I could find a use for them. How could I turn down free implements. I had to hire a trailer and a round trip of 230 miles but free apart from that.

Cultivator Spring Tine

It took a couple of weeks to organise everything as David had moved out and a new owner Mike had moved in. I eventually contacted Mike and he was happy for me to collect the items. Mike and his son even gave me a hand loading the items. It was a lovely spot under some trees in a 3 acre orchard full of fruit trees. I was in full day dream mode on what I’d do with 3 acres and a Ferguson tractor!

Trailer Packed

I got everything home and now I just had to work out where everything was going to go as I only have 1 small garage.

Frame Stored

Packed Garage

8 Tines

The tines are stored under the tractor for now all 8 of them. there was one missing when I collected it.


As I am one tine short (just the two curved metal sections) if anyone has an used or spare spring tine for the 9S-KE-20 or S-KE-20 I would be very interested in speaking to you.

I would also like to get hold of an original Spring tine cultivator 9S-KE-20 or S-KE-20 instruction manual. Have you got a duplicate or one you no longer need? Please get in touch.

And finally the points at the end of the springs are technically know as shovels and are available in 2.5″ , 2″ and smaller widths does anyone know where I can buy 9 new replica  shovels?

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