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* Original: Oil Pressure Gauge

Posted on December 21st, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News.

I have finally managed to get hold of an original oil pressure gauge for a Ferguson TEF. It’s the last item I need to complete my original looking dashboard. The current gauge I have is coloured and was fitted to later tractors.

It was also fitted to the TED and TEA models. A lower pressure 0-40 PSI gauge was fitted to the TE20 Continental engine model. The best news of all it cost less than the price of the reproduction examples I have seen.

How do I know its original? It is a white faced gauge. 0-100 PSI. The dial pokes through the face and the hole is a crescent shape. It has two rivets  at the bottom left and right. The font and style of text is consistant with other gauges fitted to original tractors I have seen

So A job for over the¬†Christmas period, fitting it. It’s tricky getting your hands round the back of the left hand side of a TEF dashboard as the Auxiliary fuel tank is in the way, so it should be fun. A five minute job that might take all day!

TEF Oil Pressure Gauge Front

TEF Oil Pressure Gauge Back


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