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* A-TE-61 Installed

Posted on July 18th, 2014 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

A couple of nights ago once all my other jobs where completed I had time to fit the newly arrived hinged seat to my tractor. I was in two minds when the seat arrived, should I paint it or not? After oiling the hinge, washing the seat completely and giving it a rub over with a scotch bright cloth I decided it didn’t look to bad and I was going to put a cover over the seat anyway. So I left it as it arrived.

Overall I’m really pleased with it. I do still have some questions though. Why is the seat a different design to the original Ferguson seat was it a modification to the original or was it supplied as a completely new item. I suspect it was a new item to replace the original seat and spring, why do I think that? I can’t find any weld where the original spring would have been modified with the extra shape. There are additional holes in the part of the spring that bolts to the tractor. originally it was at the seat end the adjustment for seat position was. The weld on the seat looks to neat for an on farm job! see what you think from the comparison picture below.

A-TE61a A-TE61b A-TE61c A-TE61d A-TE61e A-TE61f A-TE61g A-TE61h

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* Cigarette Lighter

Posted on November 24th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Cigarette Lighter2

This has to be the strangest Massey Ferguson Accessory I have ever seen! (F.F. = Factory Fitted, * = Supplied By Machine Sales, Coventry)

I recently picked up a Massey Ferguson Accessories Manual, Publication number UKMF786/86G/50M


The Cigarette lighter features as one of the items you could buy as a factory fitted accessory. I wonder how many were sold? Does anyone have a picture of one fitted to there Tractor?


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* Ferguson Accessory Range

Posted on January 27th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

As most people know by now I just don’t have the space to collect all those lovely Ferguson implements, or another tractor for that matter. Not wanting to miss out on the buzz of search for, discovering and obtaining Ferguson items I’ve decided to collect as much as possible from the Ferguson Accessory Range.

Below is a list of some the Part Numbers and Descriptions that I have found so far

Part Number Description
A-TE-59 Stabilisers
A-TE-61 Hinged Seat and Feetrest Assembly
A-TE-65 Rear Wheel Weights, Set of Four
A-TE-66 Belt Pelley
A-TE-68 Tractor Cover
A-TE-70 Tractor Jack
A-TE-74 Steel Wheels, 40″ x 10″
A-TE-77 Tyre Inflation Kit
A-TE-78 Dual Wheel Attachment Kit
A-TE-83 Vertical Exhaust Pipe, Diesel
A-TE-87 Lighting Set Full (cyclops)
A-TE-90 Automatic Hitch Assembly
A-TE-103 Tractor Seat Cushion
A-TE-113 Tyre Tracks
A-TE-118 Epicyclic Reduction Gear
A-TE-128 Tractor Brake Latch

If you can help by adding to the list with a part number and description then please get in touch, check the full list from the link below.
What was A-TE-1?

The Full list can be found at this Page I’ve created Accessory List

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10-AE-28, 2 Furrow Plough
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C-UE-21 Crane
T-JE-A20 Transport Box
S9-KE-20, Spring Tine Cultivator - to be added
K-JA-30, 2 TON Trailer


Ferguson Spanner
A-TE-61 Hinged Seat and Feetrests
A-TE-66 Belt Pulley
A-TE-70 Tractor Jack
A-TE-78 Dual Wheel Kit
A-TE-87 Lighting Kit, Full
A-TE-A90 Pick Up Hitch - to be added
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