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* French T-bar for the TE 20

Posted on September 8th, 2013 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Hi Tim,A few months ago I sent you the picture of the french T-bar for the TE 20 and FF 30. Seems like noone in the UK knows this T-Bar, so probably they were only sold in France. In the meantime I have made a reproduction of this T-bar for my french-made FF 30 GS, with the help of another “Ferguson-addict” from France who sent me a lot of pictures with all the dimensions required to make it. I’ve attached a picture of the T-bar and another one of my completely restored FF 30 with it’s (luxembourgish-made) trailer.I’ve also got a complete hitch assembly for my TEF. It’s the first version with the push-button, like the one on your homepage. The Ferguson-plate on the stay is still in place and in good condition. The only problem is that the button is missing, and I had to do some cutting and welding on the T-bar because it was modified by the previous owner. But now it looks like it should do, and I only have to reproduce the button.
Therefore I wanted to ask if you could send me a detail-picture of the button with it’s dimensions?Thank you and best wishes from Luxembourg
Tim H.Hoffmann1Hoffmann2




Thanks for taking the time to write, I’ll measure up the button tomorrow night and send you pictures and measurements. A friend of mine borrowed my t-bar a couple of weeks ago for exactly the same purpose.







Never noticed this before but the button looks very much like a Ferguson plough Disk Hub Washer. Here is a picture of one from the Westlake ploughs website. The only thing I’m not sure about is the size without measureing them.


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* French Ferguson T-Bar

Posted on December 1st, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

French Auto Hitch

Hello Tim,

I have a question to which you may be able to give an answer. In the french parts book of the MF 837 trailer I found another type of T-bar for the pick-up hitch. The parts book says that there were various versions of the T-bar for the FF30, the 35, the 65 and the narrow versions.

Do you know if these hitches were also sold in the UK? I only found some pictures on french internet sites, but nothing from England. I’ve attached a scan of the drawing of the T-bar. Do you know anything about these hitches?

Thank you and best wishes
Tim H.

Hi Tim,

As I said in my email to you “this is a new one on me”. I find the diagram in the top right hand corned A, B, also intriguing. I just hope someone has some more information/Pictures of the item.

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* 3 Ton Trailer Complete

Posted on June 22nd, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News.

Well the title isn’t exactly right. It’s amazing how many other items were supplied as part of a new ferguson 3ton trailer delivery. I now have everything, except the trailer. By that I mean all the many items supplied with the trailer that were actually attached to the tractor so you can lift, pull and tip your MK2 3ton trailer. I even have an original instruction book.

The original manual measured 7 1/2″ x 5 1/2″  and consisted of 23 pages

Take a look at these diagrams from the original 3ton trailer manual. The diagram shows a very early hitch. The brackets and hook were later modified. I have fitted the second, more common, version of the brackets. I also have the FE/MF35 hook fitted as the earlier Ferguson TE-20 hook was thinner.

Now take a look at these  pictures I took of my tractor, below. I have gathered these items together over a period of several years. Trying to buy them all at once can prove expensive. Recently the autohitch part has been fetching very high prices on the internet and at auctions. Recently the tipping pipe has also seen prices double or tripple for an off tractor example. I believe as people have got hold of the autohitch they are now looking for the pipe.  The last piece of the set I aquired was the tipper pipe that connects from the tractors hyrdaulic pump  to the trailers hydraulic ram via a hose to raise and lower the trailers body.  I swapped one of my number plate holders with Roy for the pipe fitted to his tractor when he bought it. A none tipping trailer was also available which didn’t need the tipper pipe.

Tipper pipe showing the end that connects to the trailers flexible hose. This has masking tape over the end to stop it getting dirt in.

Connection of tipper pipe to the back corner of the tractor’s hyrdaulic pump. The thread needed to connect to the tractor is listed in Ferguson manual as two sizes, a: 1/2″ BSF at 16 threads per inch (TPI), b: 1/2″ UNF which has 20 TPI.

The combination of the Auto hitch I have is unusual. the t-bar (lying in the floor in the middle) is from a TE-20. You can tell this as it has the destinctive button shape half way along used to engage the latch which when pressed lowers the hitch. Or when raised locks the hitch in the up carrying position.  The hook (hanging down from the tractor) is from and later FE/MF35 it was fatter than the skinnier TE-20. I have a TE-20 hook but prefer the later fatter type.

As part of Item 4 from the second diagram there is a stud which screws into the tractor rear housing.

Hitch Stud

The stud measures roughly 2.5″ long has at one end 1″ long x 5/8″ UNC thread (screws into tractor rear housing) and at the other end 1″ long x 5/8″ UNF thread (takes a standard Ferguson Nut)

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