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* A-TE-61 Installed

Posted on July 18th, 2014 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

A couple of nights ago once all my other jobs where completed I had time to fit the newly arrived hinged seat to my tractor. I was in two minds when the seat arrived, should I paint it or not? After oiling the hinge, washing the seat completely and giving it a rub over with a scotch bright cloth I decided it didn’t look to bad and I was going to put a cover over the seat anyway. So I left it as it arrived.

Overall I’m really pleased with it. I do still have some questions though. Why is the seat a different design to the original Ferguson seat was it a modification to the original or was it supplied as a completely new item. I suspect it was a new item to replace the original seat and spring, why do I think that? I can’t find any weld where the original spring would have been modified with the extra shape. There are additional holes in the part of the spring that bolts to the tractor. originally it was at the seat end the adjustment for seat position was. The weld on the seat looks to neat for an on farm job! see what you think from the comparison picture below.

A-TE61a A-TE61b A-TE61c A-TE61d A-TE61e A-TE61f A-TE61g A-TE61h

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* A-TE-61 Complete

Posted on July 4th, 2014 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.


So I’ve had for a while a very good reproduction set of footplates that would have been fitted to a TE-20.

My set came from Phil at  There are some great pictures here of the footplates once they where painted and fitted.

Well now I’ve added the hinged seat to my collection to go with the footplates.  I went to visit a guy recently who had a hinged seat fitted to his TEF-20 and it looked great. The TE-20 seat was very different to the 35 hinged bucket seat. originally a TE-20 seat had the hinged part welded to it and the spring underneath was…… I don’t know that yet. Was it a new spring or a welded section added or possible a section bolted on. I’ll find out when my seat arrives. A hinged seat came up on eBay and I was the highest bidder. I can’t wait to fit it. You can read below what Ferguson thought the hinged seat would offer the tractor driver.

Here are some pics of the seat to come.

Folding Seat7Folding Seat6Folding Seat5Folding Seat4Folding Seat3Folding Seat2Folding Seat1


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* A-TE-61

Posted on July 4th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Finished From Above

Ferguson Accessory A-TE-61 “Hinged Seat and Feetrest Assembly” is the subject of this post and one mans generosity.

I bought on eBay last summer a pair of footrests some people call them footplates.

The front had a straight sheet of metal sticking up. On other footplates I had seen folded over ends that attach to the foot pegs that stick out from the side of the tractor.

Upon further investigation I learned these bought footrests belonged to an MF65 tractor. I also found out that by removing the front section (attached by two rivets) I could replace them with the curled over fronts.

Rather than making them myself I contacted Phil Kolbe of to see if he had a pattern and could make me the front sections. He could if I could send him a drawing, which I did.

But then I discovered the footplates in the picture above weren’t originally fitted to a TE-20. The first footplates had ridges diagonally along there length and no holes. The type in the picture above were more commonly fitted to FE 35 onwards.

I spoke to Phil Kolbe again, “Yes” he could make me the items from my drawing but did I know he already made reproduction versions of the footplates fitted to a TE-20! “No” I said what do you mean mine aren’t originals. I did some digging around and he was indeed right.

I enquired how much it would cost to have a set made. Phil Very kindly offered to give me a set on the understanding that I would write an article about them.

I saw Phil at the Newark Tractor show 2011 and collected the footplates in person.

Phil Kolbe

I requested the footplates without any undercoat (undercoat normally added) as I wanted to prepare the footplates as best I could to get the best finish possible. Even without paint I got the wire brush on them to remove all blemishes, Oil and grease. Then a coat of etch primer. followed by 3 layers of Ferguson Grey.

Don’t they look sensational. My four year old son loves then as it’s much easier to step up into the seat now.

A big thank you to Phil Kolbe of for giving me the footplates. Phil also supplies parts for Ferguson Trailers & Link boxes as well as Footplates for TE-20, MF35 and MF35 (Duel Clutch)

Now I’ve got to start investigating the second part of the A-TE-61 Ferguson accessory, The Hinged Seat.

From the comments on this post. YES the front section should curl backwards and not forwards as it did in the later model. I have seen many examples of this type to support it’s shape.

Hinged seat info now coming in thanks to Alistair (TEFBodger from the FoFH Forum) my plans to add a section on the right to a page about the seat. Thanks Alistair.


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* Footplates Yes or No?

Posted on July 21st, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

I again have bought some more Ferguson Parts on eBay. I really should spend more time in the garage fixing the parts I have got rather than trawling eBay looking for others. It’s just easier sitting in front of a computer rather than doing some proper work in the garage.

These footplates looked too good to be true, I also got them for a bargain price.(The price doesn’t mean anything if it’s not the right item)

The more I looked at the picture the more things didn’t look right.

For a TE-20 footplate the front top section bends over the foot rests but these are straight.

Looking at other footplates these could possibly be from an  MF165. I wondered if anyone could comment.

In the ferguson Accessory range they were item A-TE-61 and came with a hinge for the seat. to allow the driver so stand up instead of sitting down all the time.

I thought that maybe changing the front section and adapting it to fit a TE-20 would also be possible.


So what do you think, footplate a menice or a god send?  Add a comment below with what you think, click on the work comment below this post.

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