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* Beautiful

Posted on June 23rd, 2015 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.


I got back from a friend on Friday some 10 U-bolts and 20 Ferguson 5/8″ UNF nuts he had blasted for me. My daughter took them out of the box and placed them on the table. I thought she had made a lovely pattern.

But what this does mean is the spring tine cultivator, 9S-KE-20, is nearly finished. I worked out the other day that the 9S-KE-20 has a width of 86″ and a 9-KE-20 has a width of 94″. I know the 8K-KE-20 also had an “S” model with the same measurements so I wonder how many other implements did? Both these implements use the standard Ferguson tool frame used by the ridged and others. Anyone got an “S” on their Ferguson brass information plate?


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* 9S-KE-20 Restoration one step closer

Posted on February 9th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

My 9S-KE-20 Spring tine cultivator is tonight one step closer to being finished. The garage is a cold place at the moment with overnight temperatures down to -9C in places of late, it’s no fun restoring a tractor or implement. I have distracted myself by trawling eBay for parts and a search the other day came up trumps ofter a year of looking. I’ve been after 2 spring tines to replace a 1 missing (when I collected it)  and 1 damaged tines(due to old age/rust.

I’m now the owner of not 2 but 9 extra tines and a load of other bits including the steerage fin, which was also missing and I wasn’t going to fit.

9 Extra spring tines

There is also another balance spring and some ridge/potato planter parts.

Offered on eBay from the same seller at the same time was another bundle of useful looking Ferguson and none Ferguson parts. I thought that as I’d have to go out of my way to collect the one lot I might as well get two lots, if I could secure the items in the second photo for a reasonable price. I did and I’ve been to collect them all tonight.

Useful Ferguson Parts

Now I know the adjustable drawbar is not an original Ferguson item but I have yet to examine the rest of the items in detail.


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* Thank you Bob

Posted on October 20th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.


I’m over the moon with this set of pictures. One leg down 8 more to go. I then have the frame to paint and assemble as well. It looks fab and the nice new black reversible shovels are all down to a Friend Bob who dropped 6 of them off tonight.  He also supplied the plough bolts 7/16″ x35mm (that’s what it said on the packet). Thank you Bob. I feel really ungrateful but I could do with 3 more shovels to complete the 9 in total that I’ll need for the whole implement.

One Leg Complete


An update from Bob he intended to send 9 shovels. So he’s sorting the remaining 3 out. That’s fantastic news.

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* Nuts and Bolts Help

Posted on October 17th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

A-TE-59, 5A-EE-B20

I have to write this information down or my head is going to explode. I’m searching for nuts and bolts for several items and it’s difficult juggling it all in my head at the same time. (Yes I do only have a small brain)

Stabiliser Brackets



(click to enlarge picture)

The picture shows a set of original Ferguson cast stabiliser brackets in undercoat paint. If you look closely you will see RH stamped on the one on the left (above the lower hole). You can also notice the poor quality in the corners of the castings.

The stabiliser brackets I bought so many months ago now look resplendent in there final coat of Ferguson grey. I am resourcing the bolts that hold them in place below the mudguards.  I got the bolt  lengths completely wrong in my first article on the subject.

Stabiliser Detail

There are,

Item 8, 3 off 5/8″ UNF x6.1/8″ Long Hex bolts (with 1.1/16″ A/F head)

Item 9, 3 off 5/8″ UNF x6.1/8″ Long Hex bolts (with 1.1/16″ A/F head)

The problem with the above 2 items is they won’t fit the ferguson spanner as modern equivalents will have a 15/16″ A/F head size. So my dilemma is, do I buy now ones and put up with them not fitting. or do I buy longer bolts, cut the head off, thread them and screw on one of the 1.1/16″ nuts that I sell, then weld the nut on?(A lot of work)

I think I have to have the heads to fit the spanner even with the work involved. I know Patrick at fergiland used to sell the bolts which he has specially made but the supplier has not wanted to produce any more.

Item 7, can be purchased as a sparex part S.49169 and is about £2.50 each.

I have the pins, chain and split pin, items 2-5.

Does anyone have a spare, or have the dimension for item 10 the anchor the mower attaches to?


I couldn’t resist this small format Instruction manual I found on eBay even though I have the earlier large format Instruction manual & separate parts manual. The later small book combines the two and is in a lot more portable format. Pure extravagance.

9S-KE-20 Instruction Manual

So now I’m looking for parts.

9S-KE-20 Tine Detail

From the above parts list I’m looking for

item 9, 9 off 7/16″ UNF x 1.3/4″ Cultivator Bolt

item 10, 9 off 7/16″ UNF x 1.3/8″ Cultivator Bolt

I’ve found some MF part numbers for the above items as either a cultivator bolt, or a plough bolt. Ideally I’d want Cultivator bolts but I’d settle for plough bolts.

Now all I have to do is find an online source for Ferguson parts where I can enter the MF part numbers.


Sparex again have the parts.

item 9, S.21467 come in packs of 10, I’d need 2 packs

item 10, isn’t listed but  1.1/2″ long is S.21466 come in packs of 10, I’d need 2 packs

The above can all be ordered online from

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* Readers Replies 1

Posted on October 3rd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.


I’m getting behind in a number of requests for information. So I’ve decided to post them all together in one go. Now I have a new baby to look after as well as my first son time is even more limited and I’m still on paternity leave!

Diesel Cable Bracket

bracket image

I have had a request for a drawing of the cable clip I made that holds the steel conduit from the battery to the start in place.

Jack Measurement.

information to follow

Question from a reader.

have recently inherited my late best freinds Fergy. Its been neglected since winter last year and subsequently the block has cracked. I would love to restore the tractor for use on our small holding, especialy for bringing the turf down the moutain.The engine was a good runner last year so I sould imagine some parts are are still fit for purpose. Please let me know if you can help me source either a replacement engine or block. Thanks. Robbie Blackley

Wow you have set yourself a challenge. There are a number of questions you need to answer before going any further. first off, how much money where you thinking of spending? Second how much spare time do you have? What type of engine block is it? There are 6 all together that yours could be I think . Fuel type is the easiest place to start. diesel, petrol, TVO? 6 volt or 12 volt electrics The best thing to do is take a load of pictures and send them to me. left side right side, under the bonnet, back, front, close up either side of the engine. That will do for starters.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. As far as identification is concerned its a deisel 4 cylinder aprox. 1948. I am going over to my place, a small ireland of the coast of Donegal called Arranmore,  later in October and will get loads of pictures. Money not much of and I don’t want a show piece so I only want to spend enough to get it going again. I’ll probably do most of the work myself during my holidays on the ireland. By the way I live in Scotland. Thank Robbie.

Beamish Auger in action again

This is an amazing Auger. At some point in it’s life it has lost the two original cast arms that stick out from the tractor. The current two arms have been fabricated not cast. Again just a picture Chris hasn’t work out how to take movies with his phone, one day!

Beamish Auger

Fabricated Arms

After posting this item charles has been in touch with some words of wisdom. I don’t know everything and don’t claim to. This website is a journey. It’s a discovery, for all I hope.

Tim,  welcome back from the recent hack and congratulations on the new family addition.The post holer at Beamish is very similar to mine and yes they are an amazingly powerful machine ,the DFE20 as it was designated always had fabricated steel lift arms,the cross member differed over the years and according to which country they were made in. Some cross members ,particularly the English made ones were cast and hansome in design , the Australian and other overseas models used the same  British made gear box and lift arm design but used a simpler more utilitarian cross member as shown in the attached pictures. The fabrication of arms and cross member and in some cases the auger itself , at least here in Australia was in order to satisfy local content laws and avoid import tarrifs. Beamish’s auger looks to be complete  ,it just has arms that were repaired a little crudely at some time. The instruction book for it suggests that the arms are suitable as a lifting crane! perhaps that is how the damage occurred. I believe a slip clutch was available for this implement , I have never seen one and would love to source one in order to protect the gearbox from overload.
Regards Charles

Post holer No 2


Update implement is now back from the shot blasters and it’s come up much cleaner than I thought.

(before and after pictures)

S9-KE-20 Before

S9-KE-20 After

Not from a reader

OK first let me start with a question.


I’ve purchased a length of steel conduit to go from the battery to the starter motor. The conduit however doesn’t go all the way to the starter motor and stops early. Can someone please leave a comment with the length the conduit should be and also the length of the wire from battery to carter motor. Mine i fear is anything but the original length.

and the place I got the conduit is…… search for the work conduit

I have also purchased smaller bore conduit to run wire from the mudguard lights to the switch on the dashboard. There should be enough of the large diameter stuff to protect the lighting wires under the front axle (as original).

I have bought a Ferguson mower (Again)

(Details to follow)



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* News Update

Posted on September 7th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Toolbox fitted

I Finally got the tool box fitted to the radius arm of my TEF-20 tonight. below picture showing the before and after. I should have fitted the tool box to the left hand rear mudguard as my serial number dictated. It was only later in production that the tool box was fitted to the radius arm. Later FE-35’s also had their toolboxes fitted to the radius arm.
Tool Box Before

Before as it arrived.

Tool Box Fitted

Tool Box as fitted tonight.

9S-KE-20 Update

Its amazing how small a Ferguson implement shrinks down to once  you’ve taken it apart. Here is my S9-KE-20 all ready to go off to the shot blasters,.




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* Magic with A Ferguson spanner

Posted on August 25th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Tonight I’ve been dismantling the 9S-KE-20 spring tine cultivator ready for shot blasting and priming. It was easiest to attach it to the tractor and work on it at waist height. But how to do that without starting up the engine!

A wise old owl showed me this neat trick recently and I wanted to share it. The trustee old Ferguson spanner out again. What would I do without it.

So Tim Chisell I hope you’ve read this, I’m almost ready to hand you the parts for blasting. When can you collect them?


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* Thank You Matt

Posted on August 4th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

I big thank you to Matt who lives up the street from me who has made me some parts using the laser cutter at the place where he works.

First think he made was a support tube for the main cable from the battery to the starter motor. I never had one when I bought the tractor. Only the Diesel models have this bracket as the batteries (2x 6volts originally) were mounted off the trumpet housing. Also a thank you to Colin Taylor for sending me an original one I copied the dimensions from.

Cable Clips

I’ve painted one of them and dded it to the tractor. below you see the before and after pictures. One painted part in an otherwise paintless tractor.

Before No Clip

Above before with no clip the wire is just hanging.

and below after with the wire nicely held in position.

After nice and tidy


Matt has also made me some spacer items for the spring tine cultivator. The rusty one is the original I measured. The nine new ones are the ones he has made which fit in between the spring tines and allow them to move independently of one another.

S9-KE-20 Tine Spacers

T-JE-A20 Transport Box

I made a number of drawings for the Transport box for the hook that connects the box to the tractor. I now thanks to Matt have a right and left handed one waiting to be welded back onto my new Link Box skin once I get one fabricated. The drawings can be found on the transport box page Here

Link Box Clip Comparison

Link Box Clip Another View

Link Box Parts

Link Box Latch

I see that Phil at is now reproducing complete Transport Box replicas. I should imagine he would be able to supply just some of the parts if needed.




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* 9S-KE-20 Manual

Posted on April 23rd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, Manuals.

As you may or may not know last year I was given a 9S-KE-20 spring tine cultivator. Having this website sometimes has it’s advantages.

Free Implements

I asked and one of the FoFH members kindly sent me a photocopy of the instruction manual for the implement. I never thought I’d get an original Instruction manual.

Then last week I saw one on Flee Bay but it went for £33 a price that is just to rich for me. Now what normally happens in these situations is everyone that owns one of these items then sees how much they are worth and a flurry of others then appear. My theory was correct and within a week 2 other copies of the Instruction manual were listed, one of which I now own. I plumped for the earlier larger format (8.5″ wide by 10.75″ high) manual from 1948, which incidentally is Ferguson Publication document 16 (FP/16/5/5,000/4/48).

9S-KE-20 Instruction Manual Cover

9S-KE-20 Instruction Manual Cover

It was originally supplied by

If anyone has any more information about Norfolk Tractors LTD I’d love to know more.

I’ve also collected a parts manual for the same item.

I still have 2 spring broken to be replaced so if you have an parts please let me know.

Happy Easter one and all.

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* Free Implements

Posted on September 23rd, 2010 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

This is a picture Colin in Ireland sent me.  A man called David from Worcester was moving house and wanted this 9S-KE-20 Spring Tine, Cultivator and Link box to go to a good home so he got in touch with Colin through Colin’s webpage. Living in Ireland It would be difficult for Colin to collect. So with David’s permission Colin asked if I could find a use for them. How could I turn down free implements. I had to hire a trailer and a round trip of 230 miles but free apart from that.

Cultivator Spring Tine

It took a couple of weeks to organise everything as David had moved out and a new owner Mike had moved in. I eventually contacted Mike and he was happy for me to collect the items. Mike and his son even gave me a hand loading the items. It was a lovely spot under some trees in a 3 acre orchard full of fruit trees. I was in full day dream mode on what I’d do with 3 acres and a Ferguson tractor!

Trailer Packed

I got everything home and now I just had to work out where everything was going to go as I only have 1 small garage.

Frame Stored

Packed Garage

8 Tines

The tines are stored under the tractor for now all 8 of them. there was one missing when I collected it.


As I am one tine short (just the two curved metal sections) if anyone has an used or spare spring tine for the 9S-KE-20 or S-KE-20 I would be very interested in speaking to you.

I would also like to get hold of an original Spring tine cultivator 9S-KE-20 or S-KE-20 instruction manual. Have you got a duplicate or one you no longer need? Please get in touch.

And finally the points at the end of the springs are technically know as shovels and are available in 2.5″ , 2″ and smaller widths does anyone know where I can buy 9 new replica  shovels?

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