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* Languishing Mower, 5A-EE-B20

Posted on July 31st, 2016 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.



As much as I love collecting Ferguson implements I love to see them working even more. So when I had the chance to put back to work a rear mounted Ferguson mower 5A-EE-B20 (Sometimes referred to as the Bagpipe mower, as it looks like a set of Bagpipes when not attached to the tractor) I jumped at the chance. So when a friend said he needed to cut down the thistles in a couple of fields he owned and did I know anyone with a mower I stepped in. Luckily I had such a mower stored in a barn in Durham.

IMG_0614 IMG_0615

No wonder these mowers got replaced by a better model, this one was a nightmare to setup. I should imagine once it was on the tractor you’d leave it there as long as possible. It was definitely NOT a 2 minute job to attach it to thew tractor. But saying that it was probably much faster than the alternative a horse powered mower or even worse hand powered scythes.

Mower Blade

A blade on the mower kept catching on the shim at the near end of the bar. We discovered the blade tooth was cracked and was catching. Roger found a bag of original mower teeth and rivets. Soon the offending tooth had been replaced. the mower ran smoothly after the fix.

You can see in the picture above how much the tooth on the left has been warn or sharpened compared to the now tooth on the right. The new mower tooth had originally been manufactured in Sheffield as you can see from the box. I bet that company is no longer in existence?

Mower blades

A couple of pictures below of the mower in the vertical transport position. I have left the swath board in Durham after removing it before transporting back to sheffield. Next time I’m up I’ll fetch it back and attach it. Still for cutting thistles I’m sure it isn’t an essential item.



Here is a Video of the mower being tested in the workshop, then out in the field.

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* Mower Fix

Posted on February 7th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Hi Tim,A snippet of info you might wish to include at’ ploughmyfield’

The hub was missing on the rear of the main shaft when I got the mower. A hub C/W grease nipple for a MF65 will fit. See photo.

How’s the Sheffield dealer hunt coming along?

Kind Regards

Tim Webb

Substitute Mower Part

Thanks for the article Tim, Sheffield dealer hunt is going well, had a telephone conversation last night that leads me to another line of enquiry. More info to follow!

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* Part AEEA3815 – Mower Bracket

Posted on January 27th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Tim chizz, you asked for a drawing of the mower bracket that Nev so kindly sent me all the way from Oz, here it is. Download the PDF below.

AEEA3815 Image

AEEA3815 Mower Bracket

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* Mower Fitting

Posted on October 30th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.



I’ve spent the morning putting together the mower behind the tractor.

I didn’t fully test it as I’m missing some important items, the bracket under the right hand stabiliser bracket, The bolts for the left hand stabiliser. The tractor wheels should definitely be set to 52″ centres as at their narrowest 48″ the brake away bar and balance spring catch on the right hand wheel.

Richard is right when fully raised the mower catches on the number plate light.

And to think yesterday it looked like this.

Mower In Transit


I can’t wait to assemble the remaining parts and test the mower out in the spring.

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* Mower Connection

Posted on October 26th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

All Ferguson Mowers are not created Equal!

I looked at the mower for the first time on Monday night and it looks fab and complete, I am looking forward to getting it home to Sheffield later today.

There is one interesting and unexpected item with the mower I have purchased the point at which the knife joins the drive is via a ball Joint (attached to mower) and blacket (attached to the blade).

looking in the mower instruction book it details the same connection as just described. Looking at the ferguson on the farm DVD volume 1 Harold Beer’s mower has a different connection as detailed in the picture below. Anyone care to comment?

So up until a week ago I thought all mowers connected to the cutter bar as shown in the picture below.

Mower Blade Connection


The below picture shows the connection on my mower.

Mower Connect

within an hour or so of posting I have had this excellent reply

Hi, I have the Ferguson 5A-EE-B20 mower the same as yours and from your description it has the same method of joining the cutter bar to the drive bar (labeled Thompson coupling in the manual) with the cutter bar having a bracket with two holes in that is joined to the drive bar’s ball by a two plates that bolt either side of the cutter bar and form a cup for the ball from the drive bar. As i also have the Lucas lighting kit I feel I should point out a problem that seems to happen on my tractor when the mower is attached, the chain that is that is hooked to the bracket on the back axle on the tractor will
strike the rear light when the mower is raised so it is necessary to either remove the light before fitting the mower or relocate the light to above the number plate as was done on my tractor (can supply pictures), I don’t know if this happens on other tractors but expect it will. I am looking for some cutter sections for my mower as most are very warn do you know of anywhere that will supply compatible sections.Regards Richard

Thanks Richard, I’ll keep an eye out for the mower hitting the light. It recommends connecting the left hand stabiliser bar to stop the mower moving laterally. Do you use the stabiliser with your mower?

[update 28/10/2011]

For £7 and I’m a little wiser as to when the changes took place. Arriving in the post this morning was an original Ferguson Rear Mounted Mower Instruction Book, It is dated March/1954. In the parts list it has a couple of great entries.


The knife is also shown as two items Thompson Coupling(early design) Pitman Coupling (Later Design). so the next time you look to buy a knife on eBay or at a sale, beware there are two types.

Cutter Bar & Knife Assembly


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* Thank you Nev

Posted on October 22nd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

Stabiliser Detail

I placed a post on The FoFH forum asking for help with item 10 from the above image.

I was looking for an original part, a modern replica or a drawing to fabricate one myself. what I’ve ended up with is an original & matching Ferguson spanner fitting 6.1/2″ long Bolt, item 8.

Nev's Bracket Drawing

This is thanks to Nev Carter who saw the post and offered one. Nev lives in Australia! so he is sending it all the way to the UK for me. I have of course paid for the postage but that’s all as Nev wouldn’t let me pay for the parts.

Thank You Nev, I’ll let you know when they arrive.

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* Nuts and Bolts Help

Posted on October 17th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General.

A-TE-59, 5A-EE-B20

I have to write this information down or my head is going to explode. I’m searching for nuts and bolts for several items and it’s difficult juggling it all in my head at the same time. (Yes I do only have a small brain)

Stabiliser Brackets



(click to enlarge picture)

The picture shows a set of original Ferguson cast stabiliser brackets in undercoat paint. If you look closely you will see RH stamped on the one on the left (above the lower hole). You can also notice the poor quality in the corners of the castings.

The stabiliser brackets I bought so many months ago now look resplendent in there final coat of Ferguson grey. I am resourcing the bolts that hold them in place below the mudguards.  I got the bolt  lengths completely wrong in my first article on the subject.

Stabiliser Detail

There are,

Item 8, 3 off 5/8″ UNF x6.1/8″ Long Hex bolts (with 1.1/16″ A/F head)

Item 9, 3 off 5/8″ UNF x6.1/8″ Long Hex bolts (with 1.1/16″ A/F head)

The problem with the above 2 items is they won’t fit the ferguson spanner as modern equivalents will have a 15/16″ A/F head size. So my dilemma is, do I buy now ones and put up with them not fitting. or do I buy longer bolts, cut the head off, thread them and screw on one of the 1.1/16″ nuts that I sell, then weld the nut on?(A lot of work)

I think I have to have the heads to fit the spanner even with the work involved. I know Patrick at fergiland used to sell the bolts which he has specially made but the supplier has not wanted to produce any more.

Item 7, can be purchased as a sparex part S.49169 and is about £2.50 each.

I have the pins, chain and split pin, items 2-5.

Does anyone have a spare, or have the dimension for item 10 the anchor the mower attaches to?


I couldn’t resist this small format Instruction manual I found on eBay even though I have the earlier large format Instruction manual & separate parts manual. The later small book combines the two and is in a lot more portable format. Pure extravagance.

9S-KE-20 Instruction Manual

So now I’m looking for parts.

9S-KE-20 Tine Detail

From the above parts list I’m looking for

item 9, 9 off 7/16″ UNF x 1.3/4″ Cultivator Bolt

item 10, 9 off 7/16″ UNF x 1.3/8″ Cultivator Bolt

I’ve found some MF part numbers for the above items as either a cultivator bolt, or a plough bolt. Ideally I’d want Cultivator bolts but I’d settle for plough bolts.

Now all I have to do is find an online source for Ferguson parts where I can enter the MF part numbers.


Sparex again have the parts.

item 9, S.21467 come in packs of 10, I’d need 2 packs

item 10, isn’t listed but  1.1/2″ long is S.21466 come in packs of 10, I’d need 2 packs

The above can all be ordered online from

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* 5A-EE-B20 Ferguson Mower

Posted on October 10th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

So this is my second attampt at owning a Ferguson mower. I regretfully scrapped the last one as it was seized and rusty. I didn’t remove many parts before the scrap man took it away. I know now I should have kept it and tried to restore it.

This one however looks in a much better condition. It has been collected by a friend an I haven’t seen it myself yet.

From the photo’s I can see. the PTO is there, Tie Rod, Optional Parking stands, Swage board, 2 knives in a wooden holder.

Also supplied with the mower is a box of bits. Hopefully I should have some more info and pictures soon.

Mower Picture 1

Mower Picture 2

Thanks Chris for this photo.

It shows the spring and break away bar

Mower Parts



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