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* Something to fix

Posted on March 6th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News, TE-A20.

This is a nice local project I’ll be following with interest as I know the owner of the tractor well. This tractor was a donor of one of the swing out side light for my tractor (there was only one fitted). If only I could get Mike to part with the headlight!

Hi Tim,
I’m not sure how long it’s been since I first corresponded with you over Mikes Fergie but something has finally happened!  I managed to recover it of their lawn on Saturday, without creating any large divots (luckily for me). Due to some trailer confusion we then rigged it up to a solid tow bar and towed it behind my land-rover down the road to my parents garage. Luckily its not far and we did not meet any police!We then managed to get it back down the drive with only about 6 ft to hand crank it (in gear) to get it inside.Anyway I thought you would like to know that things are finally moving.
I’ve not got any specific plan but I’m aiming to get it starting and running on the button first as it was only running on the hand crank last time. A new loom is needed and an overhaul of the dynamo too. I’m hoping I’ve got a decent 12V starter that will fit from my landrover.
New tyres are also going to be high on the list as one ripped and exploded when I pumped them up!! Do you have a good source for these? Looking at the prices I might have to keep my eye out for some used ones. Also do you have a petrol Fergie? The carb & stop linkage’s don’t seem to work nor make sense so I’m going to need to find one to have a nosey round! Anyway,
All the best.

More info in these articles.  – Lots of photo’s here

My advice

Remove the fuel tank and connected fuel system items including the carb and clean then thoroughly and replace. Yes it is a bit tricky setting up a carb but I’m sure there should be some info on the internet or maybe one of the readers could comment? Connected to this is also the air cleaner and air flow into the carb.

Which type of Carb do you have?

Clean the distributer and check the points/rotor arm.

Purchase a new wiring loom and some spark plugs (be careful with plugs as Mike’s engine has been changed to run on TVO, I think you need a different length plugs?.
Don’t worry about the dynamo but get hold of a Lucas/Ferguson starter and bolt it on. (be careful there are 6 volt and 12 volt units available).

You will be able to pick up some second hand types and there is a chap out in the peaks I can give you a number for.

You will also need a good battery!

Make sure everything is clean as you go and you are happy when you put it back on.

A very interesting project and I look forward to seeing how you get on.


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* Beamish Plough Match 2009

Posted on October 19th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News, TE-A20, TE-D20.

Picture by kind permission Motorman Tel’s Flickr Site

Usually only a Horse ploughing match, this year Beamish decide to show what replaced horses on the farm. Enter me. I was asked to demonstrate using the museums TE-A20 (TVO converted) Ferguson and my 2 Furrow plough. I had so much fun. A big thank you to Beamish for letting me be there.

The day started very much earlier than the opening picture. I Had travelled up from Sheffield the day before and spent the evening chatting to the plough match competitors. I was told it was a very friendly sort of an event.  At about 7:30am I made my way to where the tractor was stored. Why did I get up so early when the ploughing didn’t star until 10:30am. I had to build my plough before I could use it.

Armed only with two trusty Ferguson spanners and a pot of grease It took about an hour to put the whole thing back together. I’m glad I remembered to  take a couple of pictures of it all assembled to know how to reassemble it from pieces.

Not bad for £75 Well that’s what I paid for it originally. I’d struggle to get one as good for £275 now. The mouldboards and skimmers and coulters are covered in grease from the last time I used the plough It is not rust on them.

Ferguson Tractor Jack

With the plough assembled with plenty of time to spare I could experiment with the Ferguson Tractor Jack I had bought as Auction a couple of months earlier. I can’t remember why I only bought the back section. I have the front. With the right lower links fitted to the tractor (the original lwer links not new replacements like my tractor) it was easy to attach the jack.

So then the moment of truth the lift. Needless to say it all went according to plan both back wheels off the ground ready to either change the wheels or alter the track width.

It works and it works so well. You can see a movie below of the lowering process.

With the Tractor filled with TVO it was off to the plough field.

First Job marking out. one stake at either end and one in the middle. I measured from the next plot over about 15ft. I’m not sure in a real plough competition what this distance should be. I was on the start of a row and was only ploughing as a demonstration.

I am not sure what happened the as I made several passes up and down the field but somehow in the excitement and concentration I forgot to get off the tractor and take some pictures.

I was following the opening on Stubble start as recommended by the ferguson manual. opening on Stubble

This is a marke cotrat to opening on Grass. opening on Grass

So the first time I remembered to take some pictures I had completed the “Open”.

More to follow tomorrow night


* Readers Tractor

Posted on October 19th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, Lighting, TE-A20, Visitors.

Tim ,

Came across your website on the net and was blown away by the depth of information and work put into restoring your Fergie ….well done I have found it very informative.

My son and I have 4 vintage tractors at present which we show occasionally in Scotland included within which is now a Grey Ferguson TED 1950 a picture of which is enclosed. The tractor is by and large original and includes full original cyclops light kit and number plate / light , ferguson hour meter , stanhay handbrake (picture enclosed) , original pattern tyres and an original ferguson rear view mirror.

We are feeling our way with Fergusons , this tractor had been stored for a number of years however I understand that one or two of these bits may be quite collectible.

Keep up the good work

Richard Bennie

My reply

Hi Richard,

Glad you like the site,

would it be OK to publish the email you sent on the website with the pictures you supplied?

Please send more pictures of all of those special accessories for your ferguson you mentioned.
I know it’s a subject all the readers are interested in.

can we have some upclose pictures of the wiring for the lighting Kit please. Where it goes inside the bonnet, where it goes along the engine, at the back of the dash, to the back mudguard.



Richard  sent some more pictures back. I don’t think the plough lamp or number plate bracket is wired up as i can’t see any of the wires.


* Mike’s Tractor -Update

Posted on February 6th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under TE-A20.

This is a subject that has had a lot of feedback (comments) on this site so I thought after getting an email from the person who skillfully managed to get it running some time ago you might like to know what was needed to get it running.

Hi Tim, 

I’ve always been tinkering with cars and oily things, as I kept on fiddling with the tractor every time I went round Mike asked me to have a look one day. So I did.

When I found it it was in a similar state to as it is now, all green and mouldy.

We cleaned up the paint work as best as possible then stripped the top off the engine.

The bores had water in them, and the engine oil was milky with water.

We assumed that this was due to the exhaust being missing so the rain had filled the cylinders through the open valves as these were messy as well.

After talking to Mike we set about trying to clean it all up without carrying out a major overhaul.

The bores were filled with light oil, and gradually the engine was rotated backwards and forwards to scrape the bores clean, surprisingly they seemed to be in OK condition and the gunk/corrosion was not actually in the bore material, more sort of on the surface.

The valve’s were cleaned up and refitted – no lapping or anything was carried out.

Oil and filter were changed for new.

All refitted with new gaskets.

The carb was stripped and cleaned and rebuilt with a new gasket kit.

The plug’s were new as were the HT leads.

We started the beast using a battery booster pack connected to the battery leads, and then hand-cranked it. I think we also used my old land rover’s battery at one point – but it never started using the switch.

It took quiet a while and a lot of sweat to get it started the first time, after that it started after the first couple of attempts.

There is no key for the ignition, but it does work – just use a screwdriver to turn it.

We moved it backwards and forwards as far as the garden allows and I think the brakes worked then.

All the gears seemed to work, and the rear hydraulics lifted OK, and fell under weight (me or Chris) which I think is normal?

After running it for the first time at tick over, we changed the oil again to hopefully flush out the remaining moisture.

Starting on the switch;

I’ve tested the starter and it spins on the bench, I think we tested it via some jump leads on the tractor and it span the engine but slowly.

I therefore presumed it was the starter switch that was at fault or needed adjusting, that was my next task before winter set in!


The linkages for the Carb are slightly dubious, I reconnected them as they were, but they never seemed right as there is no way to force it back closed – it seemed to rely on gravity and friction to close the throttle. No diagrams that I had showed that area in detail unfortunately.


Missing parts; No there’s no battery for it. The air box and hose are in the battery space I think. I definitely have the Starter motor which does run and turns the engine – but slowly.

If there are any other parts that I’ve removed (I cannot remember anything else off hand though) they will be in Mike’s garage on the shelves on the left hand side as you go in.


I’ve not touched the gearbox or hydraulic unit’s so the oil is presumably very old!


Phew, hopefully some of that was useful to you.

I’m glad you knew what the head spacer was for, it confused me when I did the head so I just assumed it must have had some work done to the block at some point. I put it back under the assumption that it ran with it before so it’ll run again. Presumably removing it would help it run on petrol?


Oh, we pumped loads of fresh grease into all the ball-joints and steering linkages as well, they seemed to be serviceable!


Is there really a squirrels nest in the bell housing? Or is that Mike winding me up!!


I did try and persuade mike to build a pergola to give it some protection and me some shelter. I do find myself perusing e-bay looking at Fergies now……..

We also aimed to get it to a show, the Venture Scouts in Woodseats organise a pretty good show in June and they asked for it to attend – sadly I ran out of time to get it roadworthy.


All the best,



forgot to say, I also fitted the new exhaust and elbow, a new glass filter bowl + gasket.

The manifolds were shot blast and painted with high temp paint although you can not tell now!


Thanks for that Sandy, very interesting reading . Good luck with the Fergie hunt. I do have a Fergie manual you may like to have a look at which may help with any jobs in the future. I’d like to see if we couldn’t get Mikes tractor working in the summer and actually out of his garden!


* Mike’s Tractor

Posted on January 31st, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, TE-A20.

I’ve been round to see a friends Tractor. It hasn’t run for a year or so and the green moss is staring to grow on it. Mike says he had it running a couple of years ago.


Mikes Tractor

Mikes Tractor

It has the plate TE-A130359 so originally it was a straight petrol. I originally went to look at the tractor several years ago as it has most of the lighting kit. I have been researching the plough lamp bracket as I’d like to go back into production with a repro version. Mikes tractor still has the bracket, but not the rear number plate bracket.


Cyclops Light and one side light

Cyclops Light and one side light


Bonnet Up

Bonnet Up

I keep on trying to get Mike to sell me the one side light he does have. The other has been broken off at some point. Mike still accuses me of taking it. 

As I started to look round the tractor I found it more and more interesting. It has at some point been converted to TVO I think. why do I think this. Well there seem to be a lot of shims under the head gasket. About 5mm worth. This would make the bore 85mm instead of 80mm.

Interesting Engine

Interesting Engine

It looks as though it has the remains of the back of the manifold shield you normally see on a TE-D. I don’t know what a TE-A or TE-D exhaust should look like so I can’t tell you if this is the right one.

Exhaust ManifoldIt has the cross over switch to change the fuel supply from petrol at startup to TVO once warm. I didn’t look at the dash to see if it had a temperature gauge!
Fuel cross over switchSo I have no idea why it has a diesel Fuel tank fitted.

Diesel Fuel tankThe exhaust elbow has a support bracket on it. I’ve never seen that either.

Exhaust ElbowAnd I’m not sure if this as a 12Volt dynamo? can you tell me, please leave a comment below.

12v Dynamo?

There will be more pictures of the lighting kit which I believe was fitted when the tractor was new in the lighting page to the right.

Thanks Mike for letting me get the information I need. Watch this space for plough lamp brackets on sale soon.


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