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* Newby Hall 2012

Posted on June 11th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Saturday the 9th June 2012 I will remember as one of the biggest ever Ferguson collective sales I have ever known about.
Cheffins Sale Cumbria
It was up in Cumbria and I was in two minds whether to go or not. In the end with all the press the event was attracting I decided I wouldn’t as I’m sure the event would attract high prices.
Some very highly desirable items were up for sale the very rare game flusher included! There was at least one of just about everything on offer.

Instead I made the annual trip to Newby Hall. I wasn’t disappointed.

It seens the hype about the Auction was just that, HYPE, the reports I’ve heard back tell of very hight prices (the game flusher made £8000, surely not worth it) and a lot of average items.


Ferguson Club Logo I can’t say I went to Newby Hall in my official capacity as South Yorkshire and Derbyshire area representative as it isn’t my area although I did spend a lot of time at the Ferguson Club tent and display which was again this year next to the Friends of Ferguson Heretage display. It was hard to know where one display stopped and another started. Lots of great Ferguson & Massey Ferguson tractors on display and a great collection of implements to match. (photo’s + Video to follow)

I had a fab time and the weather was sunny with just a few showers. I had a great chat with Julie Browning and Peter Smith who bought their Continental engined with magnito ignition and a disk terracer, an implement I have never seen before. They have a collection not to far away from me in Sheffield and I hope to visit at the next available opportunity.


I know it’s not a Ferguson but the oil coating on this Zetor sparkled in the sunshine.


This was the scene that created me on approaching the Ferguson Club area.

Continental Disc Terracer

Continental Disc Terracer 2

Ferguson Brown

Potato Planter

Auto Planter

Transporter Box

This looks like a reproduction Transporter Box. I’ve seen them for sale in the tractor magazines. I really fancy making my own though.

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* 7 Hour Tractor

Posted on March 7th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

I’ve added a page with some amazing pictures of an amazing tractor that only has 7 Hours on the clock.

I love the way it is so imperfect.


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* Something to fix

Posted on March 6th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News, TE-A20.

This is a nice local project I’ll be following with interest as I know the owner of the tractor well. This tractor was a donor of one of the swing out side light for my tractor (there was only one fitted). If only I could get Mike to part with the headlight!

Hi Tim,
I’m not sure how long it’s been since I first corresponded with you over Mikes Fergie but something has finally happened!  I managed to recover it of their lawn on Saturday, without creating any large divots (luckily for me). Due to some trailer confusion we then rigged it up to a solid tow bar and towed it behind my land-rover down the road to my parents garage. Luckily its not far and we did not meet any police!We then managed to get it back down the drive with only about 6 ft to hand crank it (in gear) to get it inside.Anyway I thought you would like to know that things are finally moving.
I’ve not got any specific plan but I’m aiming to get it starting and running on the button first as it was only running on the hand crank last time. A new loom is needed and an overhaul of the dynamo too. I’m hoping I’ve got a decent 12V starter that will fit from my landrover.
New tyres are also going to be high on the list as one ripped and exploded when I pumped them up!! Do you have a good source for these? Looking at the prices I might have to keep my eye out for some used ones. Also do you have a petrol Fergie? The carb & stop linkage’s don’t seem to work nor make sense so I’m going to need to find one to have a nosey round! Anyway,
All the best.

More info in these articles.  – Lots of photo’s here

My advice

Remove the fuel tank and connected fuel system items including the carb and clean then thoroughly and replace. Yes it is a bit tricky setting up a carb but I’m sure there should be some info on the internet or maybe one of the readers could comment? Connected to this is also the air cleaner and air flow into the carb.

Which type of Carb do you have?

Clean the distributer and check the points/rotor arm.

Purchase a new wiring loom and some spark plugs (be careful with plugs as Mike’s engine has been changed to run on TVO, I think you need a different length plugs?.
Don’t worry about the dynamo but get hold of a Lucas/Ferguson starter and bolt it on. (be careful there are 6 volt and 12 volt units available).

You will be able to pick up some second hand types and there is a chap out in the peaks I can give you a number for.

You will also need a good battery!

Make sure everything is clean as you go and you are happy when you put it back on.

A very interesting project and I look forward to seeing how you get on.


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* Happy Birthday

Posted on February 19th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Happy birthday to me. To celebrate I’ve bought myself a present, an original Ferguson part to fit to my tractor. It cost me more money in postage than it did to buy. It’s part number 4297 the Shaft from the levelling box to control the height of the right hand lower link arm. Essential when ploughing. (I don’t think my modern replacement currently fitted is the correct length!)

4297_levelling Box Shaft

Engineer 1260

I’ve been reading a proper website this week on the subject of Ferguson Tractors. It’s Jeff or 1260Engineer.

Jeff’s Blog

I’ve known Jeff for a few years from his days at Holland Brand where he was one of the engineers. Jeff’s background is Airplane’s and he brings a refreshing preciseness to all he does, reading his blog posts will confirm this. I last referenced Jeff’s website in an article in 2009

I get really inspired and depressed at the same time when I read all the wonderful things Jeff is doing and the time it must have taken, knowing I am lucky if I can grab a couple of hours a week in the garage. It’s taken me a good few weeks to fit two stabiliser brackets. The jobs seem to be growing.

Well done Jeff Keep up the great work, another TE saved from distraction. 687,00 hits in a year! are you sure  that’s more than 1882 hits a day!

John I. Fearn (Agricultural) LTD

I am making progress with the history of a second Ferguson dealer although my search has been limited to the internet and a couple of phone calls.
see the section on the Right under Dealers for all the information I have discovered to date.

Fearn webpage (in production)

720/721 Manual Confusion.

I have to say Massey Ferguson & Massey harris implement numbering is so confusing. I was looking for an implement manual 720/721 cultivator and came across a 720/721 Low volume sprayer, 720 mounted spinner broadcaster. 720 snow thrower, 720 disc harrow. Why did they all have the same number? can anyone please give reason behind the numbering? I can’t. Oh well I now have a 720/721 Massey Ferguson low volume sprayer manual, Great!!

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* Garage time update

Posted on January 10th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

The last couple of nights in the garage have been very productive. This has been the first chance I’ve had to get back into the garage after the Christmas holiday.

Matt has come to the rescue again and rethreaded the mudguard bolt for me. then he has welded the top and skimmed it up with the lathe. Thanks Matt. Some paint to be applied then they can be fitted to the mudguards along with the stabiliser brackets.

This now means the mudguard bolts will be able to be tightened by the Ferguson spanner

Nev –  still no sign of the parts from Australia. You don’t think the Somali pirates have them do you? I’m sure they will turn up soon.

3 Bolts with correct Heads

Bolt Head Turned Down

Bolt Head Thread Detail

Recently I also picked up an inlet manifold for a TEF-20 with the Venturi assembly still attached. As a bonus it also has a heater plug attached with the brass screw that holds the wire on. The brass screw was missing from my heater plug, not any more. My plan is to overhaul the Venturi assembly and replace it with the one on my tractor as it is very worn and sucking a lot of air in.

TEF Manifold

Venturi Assembly

Heater Plug Screw


Finally tonight I have cleaned up the oil pressure gauge I purchased recently and fitted it to the tractor. Wow it really finishes the dashboard of nicely.

Oil Gauge Dash 1

Oil Gauge Dash 2

If I carry on at this rate I will have it finished before 2013!

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* Paul’s Restoration Challenge (second attempt)

Posted on January 6th, 2012 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Last year I posted some great pictures from a reader who was hoping to restore TEF-20

That particular deal fell through but undeterred Paul’s partner has come to the rescue and bought him for Christmas a TEF-20. Strange my wife given the chance would like to sell my tractor and all my Ferguson stuff. It’s amazing how things change.

So on with the new challenge for 2012.


Hi TimHow are you?Hope you are keeping well and you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year.Just thought I would let you know that those 2 tractors I was hoping to aquire fell through.

However on the plus side, my partner has bought me a TEF 20 which is now currently in pieces in my barn! (photos attached)

You might also be interested in the head holder for a Ferguson – Designed and approved by Ferguson which I have never seen before but works very well in pressing the valves out that my friend ( Vintage Tractor restorer ) has acquired over the years of working with tractors!


From the photo’s this one looks a little easier to restore then your last Specimen.
I love those pictures of the Cylinder Head tool. I have seen it before in the Britool tools catalogue, who originally supplied most of the tools for Ferguson. The badge looks fab.
So are you having the tractor restored by someone or will it be you restoring it?

Britool Ferguson Tools

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* Original: Oil Pressure Gauge

Posted on December 21st, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, News.

I have finally managed to get hold of an original oil pressure gauge for a Ferguson TEF. It’s the last item I need to complete my original looking dashboard. The current gauge I have is coloured and was fitted to later tractors.

It was also fitted to the TED and TEA models. A lower pressure 0-40 PSI gauge was fitted to the TE20 Continental engine model. The best news of all it cost less than the price of the reproduction examples I have seen.

How do I know its original? It is a white faced gauge. 0-100 PSI. The dial pokes through the face and the hole is a crescent shape. It has two rivets  at the bottom left and right. The font and style of text is consistant with other gauges fitted to original tractors I have seen

So A job for over the Christmas period, fitting it. It’s tricky getting your hands round the back of the left hand side of a TEF dashboard as the Auxiliary fuel tank is in the way, so it should be fun. A five minute job that might take all day!

TEF Oil Pressure Gauge Front

TEF Oil Pressure Gauge Back


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* 5A-EE-B20 Ferguson Mower

Posted on October 10th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

So this is my second attampt at owning a Ferguson mower. I regretfully scrapped the last one as it was seized and rusty. I didn’t remove many parts before the scrap man took it away. I know now I should have kept it and tried to restore it.

This one however looks in a much better condition. It has been collected by a friend an I haven’t seen it myself yet.

From the photo’s I can see. the PTO is there, Tie Rod, Optional Parking stands, Swage board, 2 knives in a wooden holder.

Also supplied with the mower is a box of bits. Hopefully I should have some more info and pictures soon.

Mower Picture 1

Mower Picture 2

Thanks Chris for this photo.

It shows the spring and break away bar

Mower Parts



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* New Arrival

Posted on September 26th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

If you’ve sent me an email in the past week I’m sorry for not replying yet, things have been a little bit frantic with the arrival of my second child.
So how much Tractor time will I hope to get in the coming months? Not very much has to be the answer.


* Welcome Back

Posted on September 26th, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under News.

Welcome back after a week of “downtime” the site is back up and running again.
Thank you for all the messages of support and help. Normal service has hopefully been resumed.


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