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* The Lucas Lighting Set No. 302

Posted on August 22nd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under Lighting, Manuals.

The reign of the Lucas Cyclops lighting set came to an end in 1953 with the United Kingdom Road Transport Lighting Act. The replacement was two headlights with integrated side lights and a whole different bracket to attach the number plate at the rear. How do I know this? I’ve received a 12 page document issued my Lucas containing fitting instructions for the 302 lighting set. It makes for fascinating reading.

Cable Routing

The above image, just one of many from the document, shows the routing and position of the No. 302 lighting system. What is equally interesting to me as a diesel tractor owner is the routing of the battery cables and clips between the two Lucas 6 volt batteries. The image also shows the optional hinged seat bracket. I just can’t put this document down and keep picking it up to check or investigate any number of aspects.

I find this next picture astounding, it shows the position the front lights should be mounted if a loader was fitted. It uses the standard brackets turned upside down and bent to suit.

A big thank you to Mr G. Reeve for contacting me with this item.

I have had two original instruction sheets sent to me. I don’t need two and wondered if anyone wanted to buy one of these original Lucas documents? If you are interested then please get in touch. – item has now been sold

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* 9S-KE-20 Manual

Posted on April 23rd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, Manuals.

As you may or may not know last year I was given a 9S-KE-20 spring tine cultivator. Having this website sometimes has it’s advantages.

Free Implements

I asked and one of the FoFH members kindly sent me a photocopy of the instruction manual for the implement. I never thought I’d get an original Instruction manual.

Then last week I saw one on Flee Bay but it went for £33 a price that is just to rich for me. Now what normally happens in these situations is everyone that owns one of these items then sees how much they are worth and a flurry of others then appear. My theory was correct and within a week 2 other copies of the Instruction manual were listed, one of which I now own. I plumped for the earlier larger format (8.5″ wide by 10.75″ high) manual from 1948, which incidentally is Ferguson Publication document 16 (FP/16/5/5,000/4/48).

9S-KE-20 Instruction Manual Cover

9S-KE-20 Instruction Manual Cover

It was originally supplied by

If anyone has any more information about Norfolk Tractors LTD I’d love to know more.

I’ve also collected a parts manual for the same item.

I still have 2 spring broken to be replaced so if you have an parts please let me know.

Happy Easter one and all.

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* News – Interesting Links

Posted on June 25th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, Manuals, News.

A couple of interesting links to mention to you today.

Electronics Manual

The first is a Finish site where I have found a whole ferguson Tractor manual available for download. It is 46MB in size and over 460 pages. It is similar to an electronic copy I have and print out to take into the workshop to stop my paper original copy getting covered in grease and oil. and the item to download is “FE 20 TE Service Manual”

Pictures Available

I am trying to create an online picture resource of interesting ferguson pictures. It would be useful to have a pictorial representation of an original ferguson item to check yours against, remember where to put so and so. The hope is I will add more as Time goes by. If you have a set of photo’s you think others would be interested in then please get in touch and if suitable I will get them added. I hope soon to add, 2 furrow plough, TE-F20 engine rebuild and dismantle.

Two are available so far.
1. Ferguson 3 Ton Trailer –  a friend is rebuilding his 3 Ton Trailer and I thought it would be a good idea to take some pics along the way.

2. Ferguson TE-F20 Engine – after completing the rebuild of the engine I just wanted to add some pictures of it to the web. If there is something not right with the way it looks please tell me.


* Plough Manual

Posted on December 11th, 2008 by ploughmyfield. Filed under Manuals.

I know people search this site looking for plough information. 
So here is a gem of a link for you. I have Nev to thank for this. Nev from the FoFH forum. He came across a link to a site which has on it lots of ferguson manuals. It seems to be an American site as most of the manuals are from the ford ferguson days.

There is one manual about the servicing of a ferguson mouldboard plough. It is listed page by page. I’ve stitched the pages together and saved them as a PDF document. It makes Fascinating reading. lots of terminology, problem solving setup. 

I’ve never seen a Ferguson manual like this. does one exist?

Download Manual Here

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