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* The Lucas Lighting Set No. 302

Posted on August 22nd, 2011 by ploughmyfield. Filed under Lighting, Manuals.

The reign of the Lucas Cyclops lighting set came to an end in 1953 with the United Kingdom Road Transport Lighting Act. The replacement was two headlights with integrated side lights and a whole different bracket to attach the number plate at the rear. How do I know this? I’ve received a 12 page document issued my Lucas containing fitting instructions for the 302 lighting set. It makes for fascinating reading.

Cable Routing

The above image, just one of many from the document, shows the routing and position of the No. 302 lighting system. What is equally interesting to me as a diesel tractor owner is the routing of the battery cables and clips between the two Lucas 6 volt batteries. The image also shows the optional hinged seat bracket. I just can’t put this document down and keep picking it up to check or investigate any number of aspects.

I find this next picture astounding, it shows the position the front lights should be mounted if a loader was fitted. It uses the standard brackets turned upside down and bent to suit.

A big thank you to Mr G. Reeve for contacting me with this item.

I have had two original instruction sheets sent to me. I don’t need two and wondered if anyone wanted to buy one of these original Lucas documents? If you are interested then please get in touch. – item has now been sold

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* Tractor Cover Modifications

Posted on January 13th, 2010 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, Lighting, News.

As a Ferguson tractor restorer I’ve had to learn lots of new skills in order to further the tractors restoration progress, Painting, rebuilding engines, driving, electronics, hydraulics. Tonight I think I’ve put into practice my most unusual skill sewing. Not sowing crops but with a needle and thread.

Late last year I was lucky enough to purchase a very good copy of a Ferguson tractor cover. The pattern had been taken from an original cover. There was however one thing missing. It had the Ferguson logo printed on both sides, It had cord to hold the cover down around the tractor, It ever had panels of soft cotton inside so the side lights would not get scratched. Missing was a slot at the end of the bonnet with a pocket to take the single headlight. I of course on my tractor have such a headlight. So the cover has been draped half heartedly over the tractor until now.

Yesterday I visited the person who sold me the cover and I took a pattern from his original cover which DOES have the pocket in.

Tonight I’ve been eagerly turning that paper template into a trial version of the light cover. I hope to make or have made a canvas version once I’m happy with the dimensions.

The start:

I found an old shirt with a whole in the arm that I wear whilst in the garage. Ideal for the job of being cut up and used as trial fabric.

The Pattern:

I cut out the panels to match the measurement I tool last night. The front is one panel, the back is in 3 pieces to match the curved shape of the back of the 7″ diameter FT57 lamp.


The three back panels have been stitched together first from the middle out to make them symetrical.

Finished Stitching:

Now the back is stitced on as well. The cover is inside out as the moment.


With the cover turned inside out so all the stiching is on the inside I tried the cover, it fits. The only change, I think I will allow more material all the way round the templates to allow for stitching but on the whole I’m please with this first attempt. now I have to find som canvers similar to the cover, unpick the stiching in the cover and sow the finished lamp pocket in.

15/01/2009 Update

I’ve updated the template and made all panels 1/2″ bigger to allow room for a seams to be added. The cover made from thin cotton is a snug fit so with stiff canvas the light might not have fitted over.

I’ve taken the cover and template to:
M & N Canvas Service LTD

They say it will take about a week to carry out the modifications. I was also told visually the new canvas will look brighter.

29/01/2010 Update

I’ve got the cover back and it looks fab. It’s not 100% as I wanted it but it’s close. The colour difference is the most noticeable  think at the moment. I also had my pocket larger than the normal/original one as the normal size tends to be to tight.

Here  is an original cover and pocket.


* Tractor spotting off duty

Posted on November 1st, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, Lighting.

I have spent a few days in the lake district with my family getting away from it all. It seems my tractor spotting obsession followed me. It has become apparent that tractors have got under my skin and into my veins. I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of this very original looking TE-F20. I didn’t find its serial number but it has a lift pump. I think the cab is a later addition as it has all the lighting kit on the back including plough lamp bracket.

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* Readers Tractor

Posted on October 19th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, Lighting, TE-A20, Visitors.

Tim ,

Came across your website on the net and was blown away by the depth of information and work put into restoring your Fergie ….well done I have found it very informative.

My son and I have 4 vintage tractors at present which we show occasionally in Scotland included within which is now a Grey Ferguson TED 1950 a picture of which is enclosed. The tractor is by and large original and includes full original cyclops light kit and number plate / light , ferguson hour meter , stanhay handbrake (picture enclosed) , original pattern tyres and an original ferguson rear view mirror.

We are feeling our way with Fergusons , this tractor had been stored for a number of years however I understand that one or two of these bits may be quite collectible.

Keep up the good work

Richard Bennie

My reply

Hi Richard,

Glad you like the site,

would it be OK to publish the email you sent on the website with the pictures you supplied?

Please send more pictures of all of those special accessories for your ferguson you mentioned.
I know it’s a subject all the readers are interested in.

can we have some upclose pictures of the wiring for the lighting Kit please. Where it goes inside the bonnet, where it goes along the engine, at the back of the dash, to the back mudguard.



Richard  sent some more pictures back. I don’t think the plough lamp or number plate bracket is wired up as i can’t see any of the wires.


* News roundup

Posted on September 26th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, Lighting, News. trailer video (not 3ton trailer) available for you to take a look at. I must admit the presenter is a little easier on the eye than Harold Beer! I wonder when the DVD is going to be ready and how much it will cost?

Wheel Weight Purchase.

After a conversation with Colin Taylor he had the bright idea that I should be looking at collecting Ferguson accessories rather than implments. I barely have the room to store and work on my tractor let alone implements. I came across this ferguson front wheel weight with 4 bolt holes rather than the 3 bolt holes for the earlier front wheel weights and rims. So I’m on the lookout for another one. It should be cheeper to buy one rather than a pair. I’ll add it to my list of items to buy.

I can’t find any information about these weights anywhere. When where they introduced? Which models will they fit?  I know the earlier Ferguson wheels had only 3 bolt holes.  Anyone with information, advice?

Also Where can I get new bolts from the ends must be square to fit in the holes on the back. I’d like to use the weights in conjunction with my transport box to pick a bit more up in the box without the tractor front end lifting.

Lighting Wiring loom.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time recently trying to reproduce the wiring loom that came as part of the Joseph Lucas lighting kit. With the side lights I purchased I have one length of original wire which I have measured. I have then compared this against the wire in this picture.

I have then with the aid of a bit of string made a wire harness to test on the tractor.

BA Bolts

The 0BA bolts have arrived and they are very close to the originals. not exactly sure if they are the same as the originals seem to be worn.

(photo’s to follow)

Beamish Weekend + Vid
I spent a great weekend at Beamish where an agricultural weekend was held. A great FE35 and 3ton trailer in very original condition also two fordsons with very different specifications.

Using a TE-D20 to bale straw from the thresher.


* FT57

Posted on April 20th, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under Lighting.

I am the very proud owner of a FT57  a 7″ diameter headlamp as fitted to the bonnet of Ferguson Tractor.

You can see it here with the bracket attached to the base. This bracket attaches to the front of the bonnet.

The light looks Fab in chrome but it should be grey! I just don’t know I can bring myself to paint it.

How did I come to own the light. I had an email from a reader Nick Lovell. He got in touch asking if one of the readers would be interested in the lamp. Unfortunately the lamp advert never made it for you lot to think about buying as I bought it. I was particularly impressed with Nick’s outlook. He didn’t want to sell the item on eBay as he didn’t want it to go to the highest bidder but someone who would appreciate it. I hope I can do that Nick.  Nick is setting up a website to sell vintage car parts. He says its a pass time and the money isn’t the main reason for doing it. ”  prefer to put the right part on the correct vehicle and as long as I cover my costs, thats fine as this is a hobby mainly and gives me satisfaction when I can achieve that.”

Nicks website I’ve asked him to get in touch if he has any other lighting items suitable for a Ferguson.

Thanks Nick.

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