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I’m busy living at the moment so there isn’t much going on Ferguson wise but I have had this fantastic email from a reader I just wanted to share with you all.

Hello Tim
The ferguson is an old family tractor bought by my father for hay making in Surrey .The log book and serial numbers so it to be 1947 continental engine model though changed at some time to a standard engine originally sold to a lady farmer in Devon . I now live in Hertfordshire and enjoy doing local ploughing matches but fergusons really struggle due to the heavy clay in the area so the plan was hatched .

The sandwich is scatch built from 10mm plate and drive is duplex chain driven from an extended main gearbox to diff  i/put shaft with a sprocket welded over to a rangerover diff pinion housing with pinion grounded down  and a duplex sprocket welded back on  . Chain tensoning is taken care of by mounting the pinion housing slightly off centre to the mounting plate that bolts it to the sandwich box so by rotating the the housing the sprocket centres move apart. Front axle is a Rangerover back axle narrowed down and turned round to get the diff on the left side for ploughing and then the front swivle joints welded back on ,the half shafts are cut down to suit welded and sleeved for strength. As i drive to most ploughing matches drive is disconnected to the front axle by a freewheeling prop shaft joint by removing the four prop shaft bolts at the axle end the u/j spins on a short stub axle .Engaging require refitting the 4 bolts in a few minutes so normally the tractor stays in 2WD except at ploughing matches. Pto engagement is sill working by cutting and welding 2 pto housings and gears . The tractor ploughs really well shame I can’t ,the biggest difference apart from the grip is the stability ,the tractor wants to pull straight when ploughing and does’nt mark the ground with the rear wheel running on the land Hope the pictures attached are ok and the discription is ok.

Martin’s Photo’s

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9 Responses to “4WD TEA-20”

  1. Lennart Johansson, Sweden Says:


    I have one MF TED20 and some MF35. Want to rebuild a tractor with 4WD, Have you any further information

    Best regards


  2. Haften Says:

    Hello Lennart,

    There is a Black painted Ferguson 20 in Co. Louth, with a land Rover based front axle and proper ferguson type steering. It also has various other tidy looking modifications, and is to be seen at shows and road runs in the region, and was at Fingal show 2008.

    Irish Vintage Scene (IVS) magazine (www.irishvintagescene.ie) had a 5 page article in the november 2009 edition on this black Ferguson. This article was reprinted, along with a cover photo, in the Massey Collectors Association newsletter volume 12 issue 1 (possibly january 2010, certainly before April 2010) (www.masseycollectors.com).

    In Co. Down there is a 1951 20 TED, with 4 equal size wheels, again this is Land Rover Based. There is a small photo of it in a report in IVS of January 2009, on the Seaforde, Co. Down vintage working day. The tyres are muddy so it had been busy.

    There is another small photo in April 2010 IVS working a 3 furrow plough at the County Down Traction Engine Clubs’ Mount Stewart event in 2009.

    while there may be others, both these conversions are well worth looking at.

  3. Paul Dobson Says:

    Dear All
    I use my tef 20 for forestry work and this also at times struggles. This would be aconversion that I would like to attempt over the winter. Are there any drawings available to fabricate the pieces I would require ?
    Any help would be appreciated.


  4. Jack Boedigheimer Says:

    A very clever and well carried out piece of work. Are there any more photos of where the axle attaches to the tractor ? It appears to be much heavier built than the original but I can only see a little bit of it in these pictures…

    Thank you
    Jack B
    Saint Paul, Oregon

  5. tony Says:

    hi there im building a 4×4 ferguson tef 20, should be finished it in a couple of weeks, can send some pics if anyone interested.

  6. Rors Says:

    Hi Tony
    Did you build you 4wd 20 i am trying to build my dads 165 in to a 4wd i would appreciate any help
    Thanks Rory

  7. stu Lowe Says:

    I am at present building a ferguson 4WD with a daihatsu 2.8 turbo engine and a sandwich plate design utilizing a land rover transfer box. the ratio was tricky but have the data and autoCAD drawings of every step so i can reproduce a second tractor.

  8. Sean O'Callaghan Garage Says:


    I am interested in your cad drawings for the conversion you mention above, especially the bell housing plate for the engine. Im recently finished a david brown 995 project and would like to begin a project similar to the above for a show at home next year. Btw are you familiar with ferguson 20 conversion With a nissan patrol engine in existence.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. peter Says:

    Stu Lowe,
    If you get this message I would appreciate any info on the tractor you built .
    I am attempting to build a 4×4 tractor hae 2.8 Daihatsu engine I will use



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