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I love to see what other people have been making. If I have some information that will help them complete their mission and I can help I will.

In one such case I was contacted some weeks ago by Paul Stevens. He was asking about the Ferguson crane page http://www.ploughmyfield.com/Crane.html and specifically some of the dimensions on one of the sketches. I was able to help. Paul said he had found part of an original crane on a scrap heap (a lucky man) and wanted to fabricate the rest himself. I’ve had one or two correspondence with Paul and He has sent me some great photos of the crane restoration. I thought they were worth sharing. And I’m so jealous of the fab looking workshop he has access to.

My name is Paul, I have been reading about some of your projects and one that caught my eye was the Ferguson Crane, some time ago I found the top sliding beam for a Fergie crane on a scrap yard, sometime later I found what looked like the bottom linkage but has been damaged beyond use.

And that’s where I started from your sketch I have made the main part for the top beam and have found material to make up the linkage part, but that’s where I run into problems, your sketches are not quite clear on the spacing’s, you show a dimension of 23″ or 28″ and the height of 12 1/2″ plus 2 1/2″. Can you confirm what these should be?

Its not a bad workshop, not mine but is on the farm were I work, I have worked in Steel fabrication most of my life”

WP_20150707_12_56_02_Pro WP_20150707_12_56_08_Pro WP_20150715_11_52_09_Pro WP_20150715_11_52_13_Pro WP_20150715_11_52_23_Pro WP_20150715_11_52_29_Pro WP_20150715_11_59_08_Pro WP_20150715_11_59_19_Pro WP_20150715_12_01_19_Pro WP_20150715_12_01_26_Pro WP_20150715_12_01_48_Pro WP_20150717_14_05_30_Pro WP_20150717_14_06_08_Pro WP_20150718_16_08_46_Pro WP_20150718_16_10_15_Pro WP_20150718_19_23_55_Pro WP_20150718_19_23_58_Pro WP_20150718_19_24_08_Pro WP_20150718_19_33_53_Pro

Hi Tim,

I have been busy and not much more to do on the crane, just the tube supports to cut and weld, also weld the lower support frame. I have attached some low res photos, once I have finished I will send you the hi-res photos and a write up. All the best Paul


WP_20150719_10_49_57_Pro WP_20150719_10_50_03_Pro WP_20150719_10_50_30_Pro WP_20150719_10_50_37_Pro

And here is how Paul created the main box section shapes for the lower part of the crane.


WP_20150620_19_53_06_Pro WP_20150620_19_54_05_Pro


And Paul gets involved in other modifications as requested for ferguson tractors.

“Hi Tim,

Here are a few photos of some of my projects.

Last year I made the sack lifter from photos I found on the internet.

I am also working on narrowing a Fergie by cutting 2″ per side out of the rear trumpets, half shafts and brake shafts. My dad has a problem get his Fergie in and out of the garden. but due to work on the farm it is waiting on the work bench for welding.

Plus I am also trying to complete the Fergie crane.

all the best



WP_20150722_11_48_40_Pro WP_20150722_11_48_52_Pro

WP_20150722_11_49_04_Pro WP_20150722_11_49_10_Pro


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