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Posted on January 31st, 2009 by ploughmyfield. Filed under General, TE-A20.

I’ve been round to see a friends Tractor. It hasn’t run for a year or so and the green moss is staring to grow on it. Mike says he had it running a couple of years ago.


Mikes Tractor

Mikes Tractor

It has the plate TE-A130359 so originally it was a straight petrol. I originally went to look at the tractor several years ago as it has most of the lighting kit. I have been researching the plough lamp bracket as I’d like to go back into production with a repro version. Mikes tractor still has the bracket, but not the rear number plate bracket.


Cyclops Light and one side light

Cyclops Light and one side light


Bonnet Up

Bonnet Up

I keep on trying to get Mike to sell me the one side light he does have. The other has been broken off at some point. Mike still accuses me of taking it. 

As I started to look round the tractor I found it more and more interesting. It has at some point been converted to TVO I think. why do I think this. Well there seem to be a lot of shims under the head gasket. About 5mm worth. This would make the bore 85mm instead of 80mm.

Interesting Engine

Interesting Engine

It looks as though it has the remains of the back of the manifold shield you normally see on a TE-D. I don’t know what a TE-A or TE-D exhaust should look like so I can’t tell you if this is the right one.

Exhaust ManifoldIt has the cross over switch to change the fuel supply from petrol at startup to TVO once warm. I didn’t look at the dash to see if it had a temperature gauge!
Fuel cross over switchSo I have no idea why it has a diesel Fuel tank fitted.

Diesel Fuel tankThe exhaust elbow has a support bracket on it. I’ve never seen that either.

Exhaust ElbowAnd I’m not sure if this as a 12Volt dynamo? can you tell me, please leave a comment below.

12v Dynamo?

There will be more pictures of the lighting kit which I believe was fitted when the tractor was new in the lighting page to the right.

Thanks Mike for letting me get the information I need. Watch this space for plough lamp brackets on sale soon.

9 Responses to “Mike’s Tractor”

  1. mike browell Says:

    My pleasure Tim

    I guess you’ve put these pics on record so I can’t accuse you of pilfering spare parts! I wonder where the starter motor has gone – it used to have one!

    I’m now shamed into thinking I might have to tidy the Fergy up – maybe just a lick of paint on a nice warm summer evening.

    You’re welcome to borrow any of the bits to make copies

    Mike Browell

  2. ploughmyfield Says:

    I Should think so to Mike,
    There are people out there who would love to own such a piece of history, and make sure it’s mechanically sound!

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  3. foggy67 Says:


    This dynamo is a 12V one, made by Lucas. It has a small oil tank on the porous bronze bush.

    Good web site anyway.

  4. Chris Says:

    I think you will find the number plate brackets are already on the market, as are the sidelight brackets.

  5. ploughmyfield Says:

    Hi Chris,
    Yes I am aware that other people are manufacturing these. infact I have pointed people to other manufacturers if I have none in stock. Have you seen the quality of the parts others have been supplying? Fergilands plough lamp brackets are made of 2 pieces of metal welded together. If you’re going to make a copy at least copy it correctly. I can put you in touch with anyone of the people I have sold to and I’m sure they will all be 100% happy with the products I supply. Cheers

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  6. René de Bruin Says:

    This is the 6V dynamo, the 12V hinges from the top, these do at the bottom. They are also slightly “fatter”, use different brushes and springs. (its a C45X, the 12v are C39 or C40)

  7. René de Bruin Says:

    The extra plate under the head lowers the compression ratio, nothing else. It’s to stop the TVO from self igniting under the pressure. (like diesels are made to do) That usualy happens before it’s supposed to and results in damaged engines.

  8. Sandy Says:

    Hi Tim,
    Mike pointed me to your site, I carried out some work on Mikes tractor a few years ago, including un-seizing the engine.
    The exhaust elbow was fitted with the new exhaust – its an after market one.

    Glad you have thrown some light onto the modificatins as I was slightly confused with the differences to the diagrams and pictures I was working to.
    It seemed to run fine on petrol, although it never moved more than a couple of feet either way.

    Oh, and for the record I still have the starter motor following bench testing – don’t want Mike trying to get revenge!


  9. Jean-Paul ESTIVIE Says:

    I did appreciate the various photos with the single front head lamp (cyclop).
    Can I use one of these photos for an article to be printed for a french magazine? Do you agree for one of your photos been published in a french magazine?
    Of course your name will be written under the photo and of course a magazine will be shipped for free to your home.
    Waiting first for your ageement and waiting for your full address.
    Jean-Paul ESTIVIE

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