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All Ferguson Mowers are not created Equal!

I looked at the mower for the first time on Monday night and it looks fab and complete, I am looking forward to getting it home to Sheffield later today.

There is one interesting and unexpected item with the mower I have purchased the point at which the knife joins the drive is via a ball Joint (attached to mower) and blacket (attached to the blade).

looking in the mower instruction book it details the same connection as just described. Looking at the ferguson on the farm DVD volume 1 Harold Beer’s mower has a different connection as detailed in the picture below. Anyone care to comment?

So up until a week ago I thought all mowers connected to the cutter bar as shown in the picture below.

Mower Blade Connection


The below picture shows the connection on my mower.

Mower Connect

within an hour or so of posting I have had this excellent reply

Hi, I have the Ferguson 5A-EE-B20 mower the same as yours and from your description it has the same method of joining the cutter bar to the drive bar (labeled Thompson coupling in the manual) with the cutter bar having a bracket with two holes in that is joined to the drive bar’s ball by a two plates that bolt either side of the cutter bar and form a cup for the ball from the drive bar. As i also have the Lucas lighting kit I feel I should point out a problem that seems to happen on my tractor when the mower is attached, the chain that is that is hooked to the bracket on the back axle on the tractor will
strike the rear light when the mower is raised so it is necessary to either remove the light before fitting the mower or relocate the light to above the number plate as was done on my tractor (can supply pictures), I don’t know if this happens on other tractors but expect it will. I am looking for some cutter sections for my mower as most are very warn do you know of anywhere that will supply compatible sections.Regards Richard

Thanks Richard, I’ll keep an eye out for the mower hitting the light. It recommends connecting the left hand stabiliser bar to stop the mower moving laterally. Do you use the stabiliser with your mower?

[update 28/10/2011]

For £7 and I’m a little wiser as to when the changes took place. Arriving in the post this morning was an original Ferguson Rear Mounted Mower Instruction Book, It is dated March/1954. In the parts list it has a couple of great entries.


The knife is also shown as two items Thompson Coupling(early design) Pitman Coupling (Later Design). so the next time you look to buy a knife on eBay or at a sale, beware there are two types.

Cutter Bar & Knife Assembly



3 Responses to “Mower Connection”

  1. Richard Says:

    Yes i use the stabiliser on the left hand side as otherwise the mower would move around during use making it very difficult to use. Would it be possible for you to upload so pictures of the swath board and its metal work as mine is incomplete and i’m looking to fabricate the missing part.



  2. Simon Says:

    Hello Tim and Richard,

    the midmounted mower (FE79) has also the same conection as on the picture. The FE79 is introduced in 1955. Regards Simon.

  3. Adrian Says:

    I’ve got two mowers the same as yours. one is working and the other will eventually be working when I get around to sorting it out. They both have the same connection as yours, the rubber collar has got “Lockheed” printed on it. I had to really tighten and lock the bolt on as it kept comming off. Blue threadlock seems to have cured it. The first time I tried the mower it worked fairly well, I didn’t have a Fergie toplink with the hooks nor the stabiliser bar. The toplink makes a huge difference as does the stabaliser bar but I susspect that the one I have is not the correct lenght (to long) if you find one that is the correct lenght let me know and I can check mine. Thanks Adrian

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